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Never Leave It to the Judges


Ballot box“Never leave it to the judges.” This admonition of every rule-based combat sport goes double for elections. John Roberts has already amply demonstrated that he is no William Rehnquist. If we leave the 2020 presidential and Congressional elections to the courts, John Roberts will deliver the result George Bush wants: a boot in the face of every voter who dared to vote for President Trump. There will be no repeat of the 9-0 Bush v. Gore opinion. We need far more than President Trump talking about the foreseeable disaster of mail-out vote fraud, which he keeps mislabeling as mail-in voting.

We need immediate administrative and litigation work that spells out the specific, historically documented threat of massive voter fraud and that seeks as a remedy a strict prohibition on issuing ballots to any person or address not validated this year as a live voter address. We simultaneously need to collectively get off our duffs and fight like we have a country to save.  I mean that we, you and I, have to be directly involved in getting every single possible real vote into the right box with the right candidates marked. Whatever the local rule, that is the game you and I must play or shut the federalism up!

As a casual fan of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), I have heard competent losers, after a bout went to the judges’ scorecard, say “I didn’t finish my opponent. You can never leave it in the judges’ hands.” Politics ain’t bean-ball, and there is no crying in presidential elections. Fight to win or don’t snivel about the results. It is not as if Democrats cheating is a new thing. As Salem Radio host Hugh Hewitt wrote in the summer of July 2004, the election after Al Gore and the Palm Beach Democrats tried to steal the 2000 election, If It’s Not Close, They Can’t Cheat.” The rest of the title? “Crushing the Democrats in Every Election, and Why Your Life Depends on It.” Yes. When your opposition is the party of two steps forward and one step back, of Rules for Radicals and Das Kapital, it actually, no kidding, for real is a matter of physical life and death for many in our lifetimes and of liberty or reeducation camps for many more. Until we reconquer our own nation’s culture, them’s the rules.

President Trump Triple Play Thursday


AG BarrPresident Trump started Thursday, June 25, with First Lady Melania Trump at the Korean War Memorial. He then flew to Wisconsin, where he first participated in a 43-minute Fox News town hall out of an airport hanger. This was led by Sean Hannity, who was relatively subdued, mostly keeping himself out of the way. I created a partial transcript for your quick perusal. From the town hall, President Trump shifted gears and went to a shipyard, where he enjoyed praising American skilled labor. On the same day, he had his Attorney General on both leftist and conservative shows, addressing the issue of street violence and lawlessness. Taken as a whole, there are signs President Trump and his team are sorting out how to effectively respond to this June’s events. Can he get far enough ahead in the decision loop?

Listen to President Trump’s very reasonable position on protest, agitators, anarchists, and monuments. It is squarely in the heart of American public sensibility. Then hear him praise ship workers and point to a great new naval shipbuilding future in the heart of swing state country. As a side note, Vice President Pence was ranging over other battleground territory this week, praising auto workers in Ohio and dropping in on a police shift brief to praise them and their department. On the same day, Attorney General Barr seems to be moving in the correct direction on stopping left-wing domestic terrorism, as does the Freedom Caucus, but where are Senate Majority Leader McConnell and House Minority Leader McCarthy?

Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany Remembers Other Black Lives Lost


Press Secretary McEnany put the pictures of police who have been killed this year in the faces of the White House press corps. She hammered the media on their wilful misrepresentations again and again even as they tried talking over her. “There has been a lot of misreporting.”

At the beginning of the briefing, she remembered a retired police captain, Captain David Dorn, a black man who was killed as he tried to prevent looting. Yes, there is a video of his murder and no I will not link it here. She closed the briefing by calling out the media for their silence on the killing of persons of color who were police officers. She did so without using the words “persons of color” or saying “all lives matter.” She simply told their stories as she put their photographs in the public eye. The jackals were not a bit contrite, howling another leftist attack line as she walked out.

Unequal Justice? I Blame Republicans.


I was struck by a side comment offered by Larry O’Connor, in the February 12, 2020 “Examining Politics” episode. In a segment on the Roger Stone sentencing recommendations kerfuffle, O’Connor, as podcast host, noted that he had been involved in civil litigation in the DC area some time ago. He settled the case, and…

He was told that he had absolutely no chance of prevailing with a DC jury, that his known political affiliation made him a guaranteed loser. Think on that for a moment. If true, it was an assumption in the local legal community, “everyone knows,” that if you are conservative you will not get justice from a DC-area jury. This effectively reduces the value of every conservative’s lawsuit to the nuisance suit level.

What does that mean? Say you have “black letter law” (the actual law, passed by the legislature and signed by the executive) on your side in a civil case. Say your facts are unassailable; you have everything documented in a form that the other side will have no chance of challenging. Say your damages are worth a million dollars. And yet, every lawyer you go to for help tells you, “sorry, but the real value of your case here is whatever the jerk’s insurance company will write off every day of the week as the cost of doing business.” You, a serious plaintiff, are reduced to the status of a slip-and-fall plaintiff, because of your political identity.

A Bit of Court Discovery


AG BarrBy way of PowerLine, “Flight of the Drama Queens,” I got to the Knowledge Is Good blog. Intrigued by a screenshot from the court schedule controlling the Roger Stone case, I went digging for the source. What a treasure trove for geeks like me (and maybe you); I give you three recent entries by way of Court Listener. From February 14, 2020:

TRANSCRIPT OF PROCEEDINGS in case as to ROGER JASON STONE, JR before Judge Amy Berman Jackson held on November 15, 2019; Page Numbers: 1-16. Date of Issuance:February 14, 2020. Court Reporter: Janice Dickman. Telephone number: 202-354-3267, Transcripts may be ordered by submitting the Transcript Order FormFor the first 90 days after this filing date, the transcript may be viewed at the courthouse at a public terminal or purchased fro m the court reporter referenced above. After 90 days, the transcript may be accessed via PACER. Other transcript formats, (multi-page, condensed, CD or ASCII) may be purchased from the court reporter.NOTICE RE REDACTION OF TRANSCRIPTS: The parties have twenty-one days to file with the court and the court reporter any request to redact personal identifiers from this transcript. If no such requests are filed, the transcript will be made available to the public via PACER without redaction after 90 days. The policy, which includes the five personal identifiers specifically covered, is located on our website at http://www.dcd.uscourts.gov. Redaction Request due 3/6/2020. Redacted Transcript Deadline set for 3/16/2020. Release of Transcript Restriction set for 5/14/2020.(Dickman, Janice) (Entered: 02/14/2020)

This is about releasing the court transcripts, which may not be very flattering to the Democrats in career prosecutor camouflage. Look for them to try to get favorable redactions of the transcripts.

Prospective Fact Check on Monsey Machete Attack


There has already been plenty of finger pointing over the attempted massacre of a group of Orthodox Jewish men in Monsey, New York. The FBI is now on the case. Whatever explanations are offered up, by whatever source, check them against the map and what we have been told about the location of the attack and the attacker’s life.

Man Bites Dog: NBC Conducts Real News Interview!


“We’re not going to cut corners…I see this thing [the Durham investigation] reaching an important watershed in the late spring [of 2020], perhaps early summer.” — Attorney General William Barr

Credit where credit is due. NBC News’ Pete Williams just conducted an entirely professional interview of Attorney General William Barr, 10 December 2019. Then NBC posted the entire interview to their YouTube channel, not chopped up to match their narrative.

Attorney General Barr Speaks up for Religious Liberty


AG BarrOn Friday, 12 October 2019, Attorney General Barr spoke at Notre Dame Law School. Notre Dame Law School advertises itself as America’s oldest Roman Catholic law school:

At the nation’s oldest Roman Catholic law school, students of diverse backgrounds are encouraged to broaden their social, spiritual, and personal lives while honing their intellectual and professional skills to serve the good of all.

Attorney General Barr took them seriously, and used the forum to deliver a call for defense of Christianity in the public square in the face of all-out attacks from militant secularists. I am pleased to see that the whole text of his remarks is posted on the Department of Justice website [emphasis added]:

Status and Statutes of Limitation


Barr Omar and EllisonIt is likely that Congresswoman Ilhan Omar got to this country at age 12 as a matter of immigration fraud by her father, got her citizenship at age 17 as a result of her father’s further immigration fraud, and committed immigration fraud herself in a sham marriage to a biological brother who wanted status in this country. AND. None of this, because of the way the laws are written, will likely result in her being stripped of her citizenship or facing any federal charges. What we can and should expect is a high profile public briefing by Attorney General Barr, laying out the facts and the law and, very importantly, tying the facts of this case to the massive fraud perpetrated on American citizens by Somali “refugees.” Attorney General Barr should then tie the massive fraud to our government agencies and to supposedly do-gooder non-governmental organizations, several with Christian churches in their names. In so doing, Barr should also address the way this past fraud has been revived and multiplied at our southern border.

Ilhan Omar likely got to this country at age 12 as a matter of immigration fraud by her father.

Scott Johnson and the Power Line team have done much of the heavy lifting on real reporting about Ilhan “Omar.” Most recently, he provided a useful summary of the cast of characters in the Ilhan Omar family drama:

[They] Must All Hang Together, or Assuredly [They] Will All Hang Separately (Comey, Clapper & Brennan Edition)


Attorney General Bill Barr Photo: Screenshot from CBSNews.com

Like all of us who have followed the activities of the extraordinarily competent new Attorney General, William Barr, I have heard all manner of spin put on his statements, letters, memoranda, casual meetings in hallways with various Government officials such as Nancy Pelosi, and testimony before Congress. Somewhere in that storm cloud of words, one line in his recent interview and earlier in his testimony to Congress kept coming back to me, and so I sat down and read, closely studied in this case, the actual transcript from CBS News of his interview with that network’s Legal Analyst, Jan Crawford, to be  absolutely certain I was on sound footing when I used one of the phrases I thought I had heard in that discussion. Sure enough, there it was on p. 13: