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How Have You Been Changed by 2020?


I realize that we are only halfway through 2020, but there has been so much disruption and confusion, it seems as if six years have passed. So, I think it’s worthwhile to see if and how we are in the process of reassessing our attitudes and beliefs following this chaotic time. First, I’m curious about the impact of the Leftist disruption and violence on you. Second, COVID-19 has had an impact with the demands made on citizens, from lockdowns to masks. I’ll share some of my own thinking and I hope it will inspire you to share yours.

Regarding the civil unrest, I am far less optimistic than I once was regarding the ability and even interest in this country to “set things right.” I once thought almost everyone believed in the rule of law; I don’t know if that’s true anymore. I also thought that in spite of the incursions of Marxist thought into our public schools, I could imagine that damage being turned around at some point; I don’t know if that’s possible anymore. I have also committed to concealed carry; a year ago, I would not have considered that possibility, and to some degree I resent feeling the need to do it now.

Regarding COVID-19, I have been bewildered and distressed at the level of fear and paranoia of people in this country; keep in mind I’m in the most vulnerable population at the age of 70. I’m also frustrated at the politicization of the virus; as a pretty optimistic person, I’m angry at how much more disillusioned I’ve become about the degree to which the media, politicians and medical experts have been busy meeting their own agendas, rather than seeking and promoting the truth. That we have become pawns in their insidious plans is so disheartening.