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Join Jim and Greg as they are frustrated but not surprised that the U.S. intelligence community will not confirm or deny that COVID-19 is the result of a lab leak in Wuhan. They also blast Arnold Schwarzenegger for telling vaccine-hesitant Americans to “screw your freedom” and follow the advice of health experts. And they throw up their hands at government incompetence as just 10 percent of federal rent relief passed eight months ago has actually been handed out.

California, the land of anti-Trump “resistance”, has its own problems both irresistible and intractable – mounting public pension debt, underfunded schools, and a revenue stream too dependent upon capital gains. David Crane, a Stanford lecturer, past economic aide to Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and co-founder of Govern for California, weighs the health of the state so bitterly opposed to Trump.

ACF Middlebrow #3


This week’s podcast starts with me asking James what movies he’d like to be defined by — what he loves, what he admires, what he wants the kids to see, and how the movies affected him growing up. It’s Casablanca, Star Trek, Aliens, and Radio Days — and it’s a fun conversation. Join us, enjoy, and please share!

ACF #12: Strong Women


Folks, the show is back — this is my second podcast with my friend Pete Spiliakos and he has another great idea to explore: Movie heroines of our times. First, we’re going back a generation to ask about the origins of these characters: Whatever happened with the last of the Boomers and the first of the Gen X-ers? We’re talking about the arrival of thrillers and horrors that thematize the problem of adulthood for young women. We start with Nancy, the heroine of Wes Craven’s Nightmare on Elm Street (1984); then go on to Laurie (played by Jaime Lee Curtis), the heroine of John Carpenter’s Halloween (1978); and then Sarah Connor, the famous heroine of James Cameron’s The Terminator (1984).

Thoughts on The Terminator


Recently, director James Cameron started a public quarrel over what a strong woman looks like on screen. He’s angry that Wonder Woman, an obvious sexual objectification, should be considered a strong woman. It’s a step back for the movies! Well, you can imagine the woman who directed that movie did not take this kindly, nor decided discretion was the better part of valor… I know this is a very strange kind of controversy to come out of Hollywood, but these are strange times, and despite the silliness of it all, the question of how female protagonists face up to the world is important for American society in ways Hollywood used to reflect.

So says my friend Pete Spiliakos — we recorded a podcast on the DC movies seen through political philosophy — so we’re set to talk about strong women in film. He named his titles and, among them, The Terminator (1984). So you’re in for a treat for the next ACF movie podcast, as we see what a massive difference there is between the social situation of the earliest Boomers — see my recent movie essay on Nancy Meyers — and the very last Boomers, whose formative experiences were the late ’60s and the ’70s. Meanwhile, some thoughts you may not have encountered before on The Terminator, the movie that made Cameron and Schwarzenegger stars.

A generation later, what can we learn about the future from this story?

ACF#5 Predator


The American Cinema Foundation movie podcast is back with an anniversary piece. Back in ’87, on the same day Reagan gave his famous “Tear down this wall” speech in Berlin, June 12, John McTiernan’s Predator premiered in America. This was his first studio picture and remains a contender among the best movies about manliness. What starts as a “special forces doing foreign policy in the third world” sort of story, winning the Cold War on screen as it were, threatens to turn into horror as the jungle comes alive and begins to kill these special forces operators, just as we start to admire them.

Member Post


There are certainly times when what is needed most is a strongman. If there is someone trapped in a burning building, a firefighter who can carry a person or two should be celebrated. Audie Murphy was not a big guy, but in war he was the exemplary strongman. Strength, rightly understood and practiced, is a […]

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I’ve been thinking about time travel for a couple of reasons. One, because I understand it’s part of the plot of Interstellar which I’m planning to see this weekend. I’ve been just skimming reviews and Ricochet posts about the film until I see it myself. Preview Open

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