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On Tuesday, March 10, Governor Cuomo called out the Guard to combat coronavirus. He did so to provide skilled manpower to disinfect public areas and to deliver meals to people who have been quarantined in their homes in the New Rochelle hot spot.

The deployment comes as experts debate how long the virus can live on solid surfaces, Cuomo said.


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There is a large untapped pool of federal workers, highly trained and disciplined, who already know a thing or two about operating safely in a contaminated environment. These personnel may be among your neighbors, the ones who put on a military uniform at least one weekend a month. There are already contingency plans for them to respond to domestic mass casualty situations involving radiation, biological, or chemical agents. They have been training since the months after September 11, 2001. They should be alerted now, and staff should be mobilized immediately to refine contingency plans to match the worst case and most likely case scenarios for COVID-19 in the United States.

In the aftermath of the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001, Army Chemical Corps units, whose core mission had always been decontamination of U.S. military personnel and equipment from radioactive dust, biological, and chemical agents, had a new mission. They would perform the same scouting/surveillance to define a contaminated area’s boundaries and they would perform the decontamination mission, including for people who had become casualties, the end of the decon line becoming the beginning of the medical treatment line. The same mission, only different: instead of “green” equipment, they would go “white” as in medical and civilian lab white, responding to mass casualty incidents inside the United States. They do not carry weapons, because it is not a military threat environment.


Aaron Schmidt grew up a military brat and met his wife, Kara Dawn, freshman year of high school when they were assigned to be lab partners. He talks wanting to be a college football coach but being the student manager of the UVA football team cured him of that desire, being raised Catholic, becoming a 7th grade English teacher, and then getting married, selling everything and hightailing it to LA because he and Kara could see the next 10 years of their lives mapped out before them. A series of odd jobs and a series of personal losses left him at loose ends until he found a passion to pursue in Gorucks that ultimately led him to join the Army Reserves as a psychological operations specialist two years before the cutoff for enlistment. He and Bridget have an honest and revealing discussion about being mission-oriented, the hard work of a successful marriage, overcoming loss and aimlessness, and the 4 tenets of his personal ethos.


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What unexpected gifts could we celebrate on the Ides of March? The day is best known for the assassination of Julius Caesar in the Roman Senate by other Roman leaders. One of the leaders, Brutus, commemorated the assassination two years later with a coin remembering the Ides of March with two daggers and a common cap, a pileus.

The cap had become associated with the emancipation of slaves. It is still featured in some images of Lady Liberty. So, we could celebrate the unexpected gift of liberty, liberty won by literally striking down the tyrant. However, none of the conspirators covered themselves in glory as republican heroes, let along Heroes of the Roman Republic.


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More U.S. National Guard and Reserve units will be deployed in Europe in 2016 than last year, thanks in part to Russia’s intervention into Ukraine. However, an up-tick in military presence overseas, also equals an increased number of military kids left behind. More

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