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We are between Armed Forces Day and Memorial Day. The first is a minor holiday intended to honor those serving in our military. The second is a major federal holiday and is intended to commemorate our honored war dead. A recent conversation with a younger veteran led to talk of his grandfathers’ service in World War II, and that in turn led to a broader reflection on a seldom remembered or only partially understood group of Americans in the two world wars.

The younger veteran’s Hopi grandfather was a tank mechanic. His Navaho grandfather was a code talker in the Marine Corps. As we talked, I mentioned recently learning of the original WWI code talkers, a small team of Choctaw Indians in the American Expeditionary Forces. The Native American veteran replied that there were Hopi and other tribes also used as code talkers in WWII. It is just that the Navajos were the largest group and became the center of historical attention.


Contributor Post Created with Sketch. The Strategika Podcast: Andrew Roberts on Cultural Decline and the Military


andrew_roberts_newLet’s be honest: I have a pretty easy job hosting these podcasts for the Hoover Institution. I get to sit down with incredibly smart people, ask them a few probing questions, and then sit back and watch them go into intellectual overdrive.

One of my favorite partners in this exercise is the great British historian Andrew Roberts, who joins me today for another in this series’ set of discussions on how political correctness affects the military. Among our topics: are members of the military, at some fundamental level, different than the rest of society? Have calls to impose the ever-changing mores of political correctness on the armed services harmed military effectiveness? And is this only one part of a bigger cultural erosion that spells the end of America’s global preeminence? Find out by subscribing to Strategika on iTunes or listening in via the embed below.


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The Pentagon is in the midst of reducing our armed forces to levels not seen since 1940. Thirty thousand active duty Army troops are to be eliminated in the next two years. The Obama Administration has since announced that they want 1,500 illegal aliens inducted into service. This is madness.

Just this year, since the beginning of the southern border crisis, at least 40,000 detained illegals have been released and vanished into the wider population. No one knows who they are, what their intentions are, or even their health status.