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One of the more distasteful aspects of the 2020 election was local election boards accepting substantial private donations for “official” election operations. My now-former home of Delaware County, Pennsylvania, was one, accepting a $2.2 million private donation to fund the placement of 32 dropboxes and to promote voting by mail, on a narrow 2-1 vote by […]

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Arizonans Are Revolting


Filling the restaurants and small venues in the beautiful outdoor weather. While Lord Governor Ducey talked out both sides of his mouth*, desperately trying to split the difference between Abbott/Desantis and Cuomo/Newsom, the bikers rolled back into downtown Mesa for bike night without permission or Mesa city hall control. Live music from an earlier rebellious era filled Main Street, punctuated by the sound of more Harleys rolling in. It was the sound of freedom.

Beyond the biker crowd, people jammed into every surviving eatery and watering hole, including new ones optimistically opened by small, true entrepreneurs. For the first time in nearly a year, you had to search for parking on a Friday night.

We Are in a War for our Constitutional Republic in Every State


Red Green AZ Jump PointArizona is a swing state that has swung hard left in key offices and will likely go entirely woke if Arizonans do not fully mobilize the working class against the real upper class. We must do so in every state for the sake of ourselves, the rising generations, and our constitutional republic. We are late in the game, as the Arizona Department of Education has already shown.

Before you reflexively roll out the usual line about “conservative” and how “class” is a leftist concept, read this excerpt from “A Modest Proposal for Republicans,” then go read the whole article after this post.

Yeah, yeah, “class” sounds Marxist, class warfare and all that, you’re supposed to be against that kind of thing, right? Wrong. Economic class warfare is Marxist, but here in the US class isn’t a purely economic concept. Class is also about culture. You’re already doing class warfare, you’re just doing it blindly and confusedly. Instead, do it openly, while using the words “class” and “classism”.

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2021 marks the 150th anniversary of the Congressional Medal of Honor (MOH). Over time, the Medal of Honor changed in its meaning, moving from the only United States military award to America’s most prestigious military award. To accommodate degrees of recognition, for accomplishment or merit, Congress and the military services added a variety of medals, […]

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It has been a wonderfully grey winter week in Arizona. We have been waiting for rain for the better part of a year this time, with almost no summer rains. True the rains have been relatively light in the valleys, but several inches of snow have fallen in the Arizona high country. A few nights […]

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Two disclaimers; first of all, I am not a lawyer. Second is that I have learned to never assume that any politician is some super-genius executing a plan above my capacity to discern or comprehend. I watched too many people fool themselves with the idea that George W. Bush’s politically disastrous silences were part of […]

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Arizona Voters Pass Billion-Dollar Tax Hike; Lawyers Say ‘Not so Fast’


Arizona has been a welcoming environment for voter-led initiatives. If you produced enough signatures, you could get damn near anything on the ballot. The statehouse tightened up the requirements after 2006, which featured 19 propositions — some of which contradicted each other.

This year, there were only two: legalizing weed and hiking taxes on the wealthy for education. (This, after the state increased teacher pay by a whopping 20 percent.) Both measures passed but in Arizona, that just means the lawsuits begin.

First out of the gate is the Goldwater Institute, a limited-government nonprofit with a strong track record of holding tax-and-spenders’ feet to the fire. They’re taking on the education tax hikes … because they are utterly unconstitutional.

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Dear National Review Editors, Please cancel my subscription. I can’t believe I have been a supporter, reader and now buyer of your product when you conduct such shoddy, incompetent and disgusting reporting as you have done since the USA election of November 3rd, 2020. Do you not know who your customers are?!?! Preview Open

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Arizona Voters Foolishly Choose New Taxes


Arizona voters have some serious ‘splaining to do about the passage of Prop. 208, which raised education funds by boosting income tax rates up to 98% for high-income filers. How could this have happened?

Arizona schools have already received over $1 billion in new sustainable monies over recent years, with more coming. More importantly, Arizona public schools, without receiving much credit, have become a remarkable success story.

Academic achievement gains for minority students are among the highest in the nation.  Arizona charter schools excel in competitive rankings.

Arizona’s Secret Green New Deal


The Solana Arizona thermal collection plant, near Gila Bend, AZ.

On October 29, almost out of the public eye, the Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC) gave final approval to a dreadful regulation, mandating all energy in the state be produced with zero carbon emissions by 2050. Arizona has its own mini-Green New Deal!

The consequences will be devastating to Arizona’s economic competitiveness. A mere 15% mandate imposed in 2007 had a $1 billion impact on ratepayers and that was low-hanging fruit. Voters in 2018 soundly defeated a proposal similar to the Commission’s.

Media Lies about Chinese Virus, Round 2


Arizona network news are lying about the Chinese virus, hoping to flip the state to their party this election. They are willfully deceiving their viewers, so yes, they are lying. The same almost certainly holds true for every other battleground state, as a minimum. There is absolutely no dispute about the facts, which are clearly displayed on the Arizona Department of Public Health Services website, as they have been for the past half year. Arizona has never been in real danger, and is not now in any coronavirus crisis. Who are you going to believe, the lying media or your own eyes?

The answer to lies is truth. The answer to fear is a combination of reassurance and counter-fear. Fear, a feeling, cannot be effectively answered with mere facts. As human beings, we are not logic machines, we are wonderfully made with both reason and emotion, with sense and sensitivity. The public health bureaucracy in Arizona, a political battleground state, has done a very fair job of presenting the facts about hospital capacity and COVID-19 versus other ailments driving hospital occupancy. At the same time, the worthless head of the AZDHS has mouthed the lab coat left’s lines, playing with the facts she must present to hurt President Trump and Arizona as much as possible in the service of Democrats. Pathetically, even conservative talk-radio has failed to show up and defeat her with real substantive questions at press conferences. Nor has Lord Governor Ducey faced any real, sustained challenges on the reality of the medical and life damage he has imposed with his dictates. Yet, from ICU beds, to respirator use, to overall occupancy, the pictures are very reassuring. That is precisely why local broadcast media avoid these graphics.

The Long March through the Ballot


Ballot boxIt is always a long march through the ballot in Arizona. This bug is the feature in a Progressive Era state, meaning a state whose constitution was ratified in the late 19th or early 20th Century. Long ballots were supposed to give more direct power over more offices by voters. In practice, we ended up with so many offices and issues that the ballot form is 19 inches long and double-sided. Therein lies a cautionary tale.

Since the ballot is so long, and because a number of the candidates fall below the national or even local political radar, I long ago registered for the Permanent Early Voting List. This means my ballot arrives in the mail approximately 30 days prior to election day. I was determined to vote for every Republican and no Democrat, so all the partisan offices, from Presidential to County Treasurer, were easy. I carefully filled in each appropriate bubble on the scan form ballot. So far, so good.

Now for the “non-partisan” offices, which are clearly nothing of the sort in this day and age. We have all experienced power plays by all manner of local officials. We know that schools have been entirely politicized. So, attention is needed.

Trump Isn’t ‘Nice?’ That’s a Dog Whistle.


Denunciations of President Trump’s public manner, of his alleged assaults on polite society’s sensibilities, of claimed boorish behavior on social media, are at best self-deceptive. They are dog whistles and signaling towards debased social virtue. In addition, President Trump’s alleged especially terrible manners may well be just as fraudulently ginned up as President Ford’s physical clumsiness, a fraud perpetrated by leftists in powerful cultural positions for political advantage. A tale of three women voting for Democrats helps us understand the deep need for these poses, these deceptions.

Three women voting for Democrats:

Ep. 257 – This week’s episode feature Dave’s interviews at The Real Side Radio; Movie Critic Christian Toto, purveyor at HollywoodInToto.com discusses the controversial Netflix film “Cuties”, Sam Elliott, Burt Reynolds, and the Oscars. At @22:43 Jon Gabriel, Editor in Chief at Ricochet.com discusses the “Harris-Biden Administration” and why Arizona may be big trouble for both President Trump and Senator Martha McSally. At @42:22 Billboard’s Top 40 pop recording artist Ricky Rebel discusses his viral video MAGA (YMCA parody played in full at the end of the interview), and his thoughts on the Lefts’ identity politics.

Joe Can’t Do That


President TrumpOn Tuesday, President Trump flew from the White House, where he celebrated women’s right to vote and their participation in our nation’s politics. He flew to Yuma, Arizona to celebrate the men and women securing our border. He was drawing eyes to the border to show he was using every bit of presidential authority to fulfill his campaign promises, despite the worst efforts of the Congressional Democrats and Republican’ts. He flew into 120-degree heat and spoke outdoors, pointing out that Joe Biden was likely incapable of doing so.

Remarks by President Trump During Border Wall Construction and Operational Update | Yuma, AZ
IMMIGRATION Issued on: August 18, 2020
Yuma, Arizona

1:34 P.M. MST

Every Election and Office Matters: Arizona Schools Edition


Election and education Who we elect, through our actions and inaction, matters. This old truth has been brought to mind by government officials’ use of the latest Chinese virus. The most recent example of this is the top elected Arizona official in charge of K-12 education trying to stop schools from opening, but in reality until after the election.

We Arizona voters made the terrible mistake of electing a Democrat Superintendent of Education in 2018. Naturally, Kathy Hoffman is acting on befall of her party and the leftist teacher’s unions. While mouthing perfunctory pieties about special needs children and nutrition programs, she is firmly on the side of keeping children and parents tied down at home until after the election, all in the false name of safety.

Our Republican governor and his top doctor, a sad reflection of the national failure of supposed public health leaders, have much work to do in informing the public of real medical data, quantifying the harm inflicted on school children’s brain development and general health from the school closures. Indeed, President Trump needs to force that public discussion with a serious expansion of the medical experts advising and briefing him and the nation. He must get out of his self-justification for being deceived at the beginning by the most senior federal health officials. After all, he has already pointed to making good decisions that went against early “medical expert” advice. Now he needs to make terribly clear the carnage of the Fauci Fraud while noting Tony is limited by his narrow specialty and just could not see all the rest of medical science affecting his recommendations.

Union Pacific RR Derailment: Tempe AZ [Update: July 30]


A Union Pacific Railroad mixed freight train derailed, caught fire, and caused the collapse of the heavy rail bridge over Tempe Town Lake. That bridge reportedly was the site of another derailment in June. The location is a low speed section. with an area light rail bridge next to the heavy rail bridge. Just on the north side of the bridge is a major highway loop, Loop 202, carrying people in and out of Phoenix. The smoke could be rising into one of the Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport landing flight paths, and they were be keeping an eye on the potential explosion of tanker cars. Reportedly, the FAA redirected flight traffic onto the north runways, to keep further low flying traffic out of the area. Thankfully, no lives have been lost so far in this derailment.

A stretch of Loop 202 was closed for several hours, but ADOT reported Loop 202 reopened in time for afternoon commuter traffic. A traffic camera image from 5 pm showed no sign of smoke left at the west end of the railroad bridge.

Spot the Candidate and Office


EnvelopeWhat does it say when your fundraising crew decides they need to bribe me with a dollar just to open the envelope? No, there is not one clue on the envelope, front or back, hinting at the candidate.

In the bright Arizona sun, this sign’s white and orange wash out and are barely distinguishable. The typeface makes it worse. Driving by, you will barely catch the name. Nevermind the office and the party. If you stop and walk up to the sign, you will finally find the office, but not the party.

Is this the sign of a serious, confident candidate? Does it match a campaign and candidate avoiding seriously engaging the party’s primary voters?