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Join Jim and Greg as they consider whether Republicans have a better shot at winning a U.S. Senate seat in Arizona now that liberal Rep. Ruben Gallego announced he is seeking the Democratic nomination in order to run against Sen. Kyrsten Sinema – who was a Democrat and is now an independent.  Can the GOP take advantage of a three-way race? They also welcome the news that White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain will be leaving soon after steering the Biden administration far to the left on many issues and then unconvincingly trying to spin us on the consequences of that approach. Finally, Jim breaks down the impasse on the Pentagon opposing sending M1A1 Abrams tanks to Ukraine and Germany refusing to send tanks unless we do.

Join Jim and Greg as they serve up three crazy martinis today. First, they roll their eyes as the Never Trump crowd who turned our to be never conservative feverishly insists other Republicans like Ron DeSantis must be opposed just as vigorously. Jim also walks through Sam Bankman-Fried’s thoroughly unbelievable explanation for the collapse of FTX. And they have no idea why Cochise County, Arizona, is refusing to submit election results when there is no controversy over the voting in that county and the holdout will potentially harm other GOP candidates.


The Final Numbers from Arizona (13 Days After Election Edition)


You guys: On Monday, November 21, all counties in the state of Arizona finally finished counting the Election Day votes. And it only took them 13 days. In fact, two of the contests were so close that automatic recounts were triggered. Those won’t begin until after December 5 … another 14 days away.

Want to restore trust in the process, Arizona? Reform the bad election laws. For the last time, let’s go to the big board…


The Latest Numbers from Arizona (Monday Edition)


As expected, the votes broke the GOP’s way in Monday’s vote counts, but not nearly enough to give Republicans the lead in the remaining races. Katie Hobbs has been projected to beat Kari Lake in the gubernatorial race. The AG and Superintendent of Public Instruction contests are still too close to call, but the latter, Tom Horne, has just taken the lead.

Onto the numbers…


Razing Arizona


Tick tock, tick tock, tick tock . . .

As we continue to wait on tenterhooks, with bated breath and dwindling confidence, for the ballots to be counted in the election for governor of Arizona, nearly a week later, we can’t help but wonder . . .  What in the blue blazes is going on in this state (and I do mean “blue”)?  How can this be happening again?

The Latest Numbers from Arizona (Sunday Edition)


Yes, Arizona is still counting. The only ballots remaining are mail-in ballots that were dropped off on election day itself, along with a minuscule number of provisional ballots. As I noted last night, from today on, these are expected to go the GOP’s way.

Sunday night’s numbers were good for the GOP, but not as great as expected. The elephants beat the donkeys by about 10 percent in this latest batch; they would have liked to see a victory closer to 15 percent.

Over the next few days, each count will favor Republicans slightly more. Onto the numbers…

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Many of us saw it coming after surprising results from “Election Day.” At this writing, another Republican lost after a painfully slow recount in an all-mail ballot election, several days after “Election Day,” a now-quaint notion. Thanks to all manner of early voting schemes, in person and via mail, we now have “Election Season.” No […]

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The Latest Numbers from Arizona (Saturday Edition)


As mentioned in last night’s post, Arizona has now counted all the mail-in ballots received before election day and the regular election-day ballots. As of tonight, we are counting mostly “late earlies” — those mail-in ballots dropped off at polling places on election day itself.

Traditionally these have swung far to the right; we’re talking 75% GOP vs. 25% Democrat. Completely lopsided. Tonight was when the count was supposed to flip into the red column.

Yep. All but guaranteed. Money in the bank. A done deal.

The Latest Numbers from Arizona


Arizona is famously slow in counting votes. And since the debacle of 2020, state election officials have changed nothing. (I wrote about it here for the Arizona Republic.)

Adding to the confusion is that votes are counted in a specific order. The ballots tabulated so far were mailed in or dropped off before election day, and the ballots filed on election day itself. These tend to support the Democratic candidates. The last returns from these two categories were announced Friday night.

As of Friday night, some in the last category are added to the mix: the so-called “late earlies.” These are mail-in ballots dropped off at polling places on election day. These tend to support the Republican candidates, and the ballots are slower to count since election officials must verify the signature on the outer envelope before opening and counting. Observers for Democrats and Republicans are present throughout this process.

Ricochet.com Editor-in-Chief Jon Gabriel is in for Jim. Jon and Greg start out with a tribute to our veterans before digging into why the vote counting in Jon’s state of Arizona is infuriatingly slow. Jon explains how conservatives should interpret this delay, why this process breeds distrust in the system, and why the solutions are obvious. They also react to President Trump slamming Ron DeSantis and Glenn Youngkin as his attention shifts to the 2024 campaign. However, they also notice that the Never Trump crowd seems curiously intent on derailing DeSantis more than Trump – almost as if their grifting depends on Trump staying in the spotlight. Finally, they some Marketing 101 tips to KFC after the most cringeworthy promo we’ve ever seen.

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Honest question–why have the vote count percentages for Arizona and Nevada not moved much at all today?  I’ve periodically been checking Fox News throughout the day, and Arizona’s been stuck around 66% and Nevada around 77%.  Is that correct?  Does anyone know whether there are still huge numbers of votes to be counted?  Thanks. **UPDATE:  […]

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Join Jim and Greg as they sit back and wait for election results tonight. First, they notice usually friendly media getting tougher on President Biden and suggesting another run in 2024 might not be a good idea. They also fume that voting in Maricopa County, Arizona, is suffering from malfunctioning tabulation machines and they find it completely unacceptable that it takes more than a couple days to count mail-in ballots regardless of how many there are. Finally, they groan as some Republicans struggle to keep their future ambitions under wraps until after the midterms – namely President Trump and Sen. Rick Scott.

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Join Jim and Greg as they process polling numbers in the Arizona governor’s race and wonder whether Democrats made bad decisions about debating in two key states. They’re also horrified as the Air Force admits its personnel records about a Republican congressional candidate and her sexual assault in Iraq were leaked to a Democratic opposition research firm and got published in Politico. And Jim has zero confidence that anyone will face consequences for such a heinous act. Finally, after years of insisting President Trump and Republicans are an existential threat to democracy, a Dem-connect PAC is spending tons of money on ads saying the GOP candidates are not loyal enough to Trump and that his voters should support Libertarian candidates.

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We’re finally in the final phases of the 2022 election. Campaigns, of course, start well before Labor Day, but it remains the traditional start of the general election campaign in most states (some, like New Hampshire, have late primaries). While roughly a third of voters typically make up their minds early, more than half often […]

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Join Jim and Greg as they eagerly welcome news that national Democrats are “retrenching” their financial strategy for keeping the House of Representatives, which is the fancy way of saying they are pulling money from races they no longer think they can win. On top of that, a major pollster says there is no doubt that Republican candidates are looking stronger and stronger over the past few weeks. They also discuss the bizarre decision by Arizona Democrat Katie Hobbs to refuse any debates with Republican Kari Lake, even as more polls show Lake winning. Finally, they defend NBC reporter Dasha Burns as Democrats and their media allies savage her for sharing her honest observations of how poorly Pennsylvania Senate candidate John Fetterman holds up in casual conversation. They also blast the Fetterman campaign for keeping his health records under lock and key and blasting any honest assessment of his health as “ableism.”

Three crazy martinis today as Rob Long fills in for Jim Geraghty. After Rob explains why he loves holidays in New York City, he and Greg discuss Pay Pal’s insane plan to secretly fine customer’s $2500 for social media posts it deems “disinformation” or “hate,” which nowadays means any statement the left doesn’t like. Rob shreds Pay Pal’s absurd statement in response to the controversy and explains how this may lead to action in Congress. They also highlight the rampant crime in New York City, and Rob shares how this era is different than the crime waves the city endured decades ago. They also point how how New York Mayor Eric Adams is too busy giving a lucrative job to a friend’s wife to match the one is own girlfriend got from that friend. Finally, they marvel at just how bad of a candidate Arizona Democrat Katie Hobbs is, butchering a simple question about Latinos during her campaign for governor.

Join Jim and Greg as they get a kick out of Arizona Sen. Mark Kelly tripping all over his words when asked whether he thinks President Biden is doing a good job. They also applaud Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis for giving some of his huge campaign funds to help elect other Republicans in his state, and they hammer Charlie Crist his for comparing DeSantis to Satan and himself to Christ. Finally, they cringe at the latest horrible inflation numbers that are getting worse in many ways, even as the Biden administration tries to convince us things are getting better.