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In 2018, a retired Air Force colonel, an A-10 pilot with the usual combat experience, decided it would be easier to be elected as Senator than to earn reelection in a “purple” congressional district. Martha McSally ended up +1 in the RealClearPolitics rolling average of polls, against a movement leftist who had previously showed up […]

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If You Don’t Ask, You Must Not Want My Vote


Ballot box Dear (appointed) Senator Martha McSally,

If you do not ask, you must not want my vote. You were rejected by Arizona voters when you last ran for the U.S. Senate. Now, after being appointed to our other U.S. Senate seat by Governor Doug Ducey, you appear to be pretending that there is no primary election in this state. But, there is a primary election on August 4, 2020. I have my absentee ballot in hand. Clearly, Republicans and Arizonans who are registered Independent have a real choice. We can vote for you or for Daniel McCarthy. So, why are you hiding? Are you really running at all this year? Do you believe you are a real incumbent who can afford to play the old game of refusing to acknowledge an opponent? You are not.

Arizona Republican Senate BallotDaniel McCarthy has been serious about seeking my vote. His campaign is hitting my phone number almost daily with a short pitch by the candidate. He is asking for my vote and giving me reasons to fill in the bubble next to his name. You, on the other hand, have shown me and every other Arizona Republican and Independent voter complete contempt. How dare you presume on my support?

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Republicans and independents have the opportunity to vote for one of two candidates, Martha McSally or Daniel McCarthy, this August 4. She is repeating her failed strategy from 2018. McSally is refusing to acknowledge McCarthy and the primary voters. If Daniel McCarthy loses, it will not be for lack of trying, whereas Martha McSally seems […]

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Governors, Mayors, Congressional Republicans, and All That Jazz


Daniel Henninger in the WSJ, by way of the Dan Proft show, points to the lasting harm of our supposedly national experts’ response to the Chinese virus. The show and Henninger’s column point to a New York City jazz club owner of some renown in the jazz community. Michael “Spike” Wilner writes a weekly e-mail letter posted online from the SmallsLIVE Foundation. Reading this letter surfaces a key issue that governors and local leaders across the country are failing to address, inflicting far more harm than necessary. The massive financial fissure created by government leaders’ edicts and failure to own the consequences of their edicts is unpaid debt: rent, lease, mortgage, and property tax.

Martha McSally, the rest of the Republican Senators up for reelection, and Mitch McConnell own this as well. They have the power to drive legislation that Democrats could not oppose. They can include immediate refundable tax credits for all rent, lease, mortgage, and property tax forgiveness. Instead, they are printing money to paper around the edges of this financial fissure.

Here is the relevant portion of the SmallsLIVE Foundation newsletter [emphasis added]:

Run, Martha, Run!



Since your latest fundraising mailer invites me to first name you, and since you keep going back your retired military rank, let’s talk retired colonel to retired colonel. I wrote to you in June by your official email, USPS, and here, where your staff should certainly be scanning for mentions. Now I am writing via your campaign, and documenting the communication publicly so any real media and Republican Party staff can note the issue and engage your campaign. Time is extremely short, but a ground attack pilot should be able to get inside the DNC OODA loop.

Here is what I got and what I sent back to your campaign:

Spot the Candidate and Office


EnvelopeWhat does it say when your fundraising crew decides they need to bribe me with a dollar just to open the envelope? No, there is not one clue on the envelope, front or back, hinting at the candidate.

In the bright Arizona sun, this sign’s white and orange wash out and are barely distinguishable. The typeface makes it worse. Driving by, you will barely catch the name. Nevermind the office and the party. If you stop and walk up to the sign, you will finally find the office, but not the party.

Is this the sign of a serious, confident candidate? Does it match a campaign and candidate avoiding seriously engaging the party’s primary voters?

An Open Letter to Martha McSally


Scales of Justice and Boots of TruthSenator McSally,

I want you to win this November, just as I wanted you to win in 2018. Sadly, tragically for our nation, it appears you are on track to be a two-time state-wide loser. That will be the end of your prospects for any position of influence going forward. It may also be the end of our republic. Please help us help you by being your best legislator and candidate. Act on the sustained real courage of Major McSally, flashes of which you have shown in the United States Senate. That way lies victory, if you tell your story true and get your story out by casting aside the counsel of caution, seizing every opportunity in every forum to engage with Arizonans.

You have a great personal story to tell, but the small piece of it that you were advised to hammer on, female A-10 pilot flying in combat, was not enough last time and is obviously not enough against an astronaut. The basic problem is linking this narrative to what you will do in the Senate and why people who are not entirely committed to voting their party line should think and feel favorably about you. You have a much more relevant and relatable story in your long fight for the Constitution and for basic human decency by the Pentagon leadership towards servicewomen.

October Surprises Breaking Republicans’ Way?


It is axiomatic that, each October, the media will unveil embarrassing, negative, damaging things about Republican candidates. The timing is intended to hurt Republicans and help Democrats at the ballot box. If the media doesn’t do it, a Republican self-sabotages. 2018 is different.

Media Revelations 

In Texas, “Beto” O’Rourke, was hit with a bad DUI story, including him trying to flee the scene.