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The Long March through the Ballot


Ballot boxIt is always a long march through the ballot in Arizona. This bug is the feature in a Progressive Era state, meaning a state whose constitution was ratified in the late 19th or early 20th Century. Long ballots were supposed to give more direct power over more offices by voters. In practice, we ended up with so many offices and issues that the ballot form is 19 inches long and double-sided. Therein lies a cautionary tale.

Since the ballot is so long, and because a number of the candidates fall below the national or even local political radar, I long ago registered for the Permanent Early Voting List. This means my ballot arrives in the mail approximately 30 days prior to election day. I was determined to vote for every Republican and no Democrat, so all the partisan offices, from Presidential to County Treasurer, were easy. I carefully filled in each appropriate bubble on the scan form ballot. So far, so good.

Now for the “non-partisan” offices, which are clearly nothing of the sort in this day and age. We have all experienced power plays by all manner of local officials. We know that schools have been entirely politicized. So, attention is needed.

Trump Isn’t ‘Nice?’ That’s a Dog Whistle.


Denunciations of President Trump’s public manner, of his alleged assaults on polite society’s sensibilities, of claimed boorish behavior on social media, are at best self-deceptive. They are dog whistles and signaling towards debased social virtue. In addition, President Trump’s alleged especially terrible manners may well be just as fraudulently ginned up as President Ford’s physical clumsiness, a fraud perpetrated by leftists in powerful cultural positions for political advantage. A tale of three women voting for Democrats helps us understand the deep need for these poses, these deceptions.

Three women voting for Democrats:

Every Election and Every Office Matters: Energy Edition


Solar scam corporation commissionEvery election and every office matters. Every American eligible to vote knows this now. We have all been affected by the decisions, the proclamations, of officials from city hall to federal agencies we hardly knew. Pay attention to signs and statements, from local campaign signs to the national party platforms. Consider the case of energy policy, with the examples of California, Arizona, and the Democrats’ national platform. California’s blackouts illuminate the stakes for all of us.


California is the largest and most advanced environmental leftist experiment among the fifty “laboratories of democracy.” They have starved their own residents of both water and power, steadfastly blocking new power generation and water storage, while shutting down disfavored power plants like they send millions of gallons of water flowing past parched farmland into the sea. Governor Newsom is entirely unrepentant, along with the Democrat super-majority in the state legislature, avoiding blame for California blackouts.

If You Don’t Ask, You Must Not Want My Vote


Ballot box Dear (appointed) Senator Martha McSally,

If you do not ask, you must not want my vote. You were rejected by Arizona voters when you last ran for the U.S. Senate. Now, after being appointed to our other U.S. Senate seat by Governor Doug Ducey, you appear to be pretending that there is no primary election in this state. But, there is a primary election on August 4, 2020. I have my absentee ballot in hand. Clearly, Republicans and Arizonans who are registered Independent have a real choice. We can vote for you or for Daniel McCarthy. So, why are you hiding? Are you really running at all this year? Do you believe you are a real incumbent who can afford to play the old game of refusing to acknowledge an opponent? You are not.

Arizona Republican Senate BallotDaniel McCarthy has been serious about seeking my vote. His campaign is hitting my phone number almost daily with a short pitch by the candidate. He is asking for my vote and giving me reasons to fill in the bubble next to his name. You, on the other hand, have shown me and every other Arizona Republican and Independent voter complete contempt. How dare you presume on my support?

Member Post


Republicans and independents have the opportunity to vote for one of two candidates, Martha McSally or Daniel McCarthy, this August 4. She is repeating her failed strategy from 2018. McSally is refusing to acknowledge McCarthy and the primary voters. If Daniel McCarthy loses, it will not be for lack of trying, whereas Martha McSally seems […]

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