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Wolves. Everyone has an opinion.

In my home state of Wyoming, wolves have been a controversy since my great-grandfather was a trapper there. Yellowstone Park was created in 1872. My great-grandpa earned his money by trapping beaver, mink, and wolves, and selling the pelts. He spent his winters in the area around Yellowstone. Then, in the 1880s, Mormon families officially settled in one of the valleys south of the Park, so he married and settled there, too. My dad told me that his grandpa tried farming, but ended up selling his land, moving the family to town, and went back out in the mountains to resume his trapper life.


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Reading a well-reasoned post is consistently refreshing; particularly when it’s one that lays out compelling arguments more deftly than me [admittedly a low bar to clear, thus I lurk more than post here]. This one caught my attention and my first thought was, “Wow! I hope nobody has already posted this at Ricochet.” “He who […]

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It’s Thanksgiving season, and we’re gearing up for the holiday. Things are getting contentious around here again, and as a self-appointed pillar of both wisdom and reason, I have decided to grant you the best kind of wisdom I know: the kind I’ve shamelessly stolen from someone else. In some other post I’ll tell you about this marvelous metaphor I’ve stolen about shadows on the wall and our perception of reality.

If you care about science-fiction, guns, arguing on the Internet or combat manatees, chances are you’ve heard of the mighty and terrible International Lord of Hate Larry Correia. A former accountant turned author, Larry is for my money one of the greatest fiskers on the planet and his gun-control post is the best ever written. Really.