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‘The Great Reset’ Trumps the Election


There is a lot of pressure on President Trump to win re-election. So let’s add some more. Something called “The Great Reset” is being globally staged, using the COVID-19 virus to accelerate the Reset. Conspiracy theories? Think again. Rapid draconian changes are being planned across all sectors, including financial, economic, social, and religious, with the virus restrictions giving it gas. Loss of freedom, and socialistic measures will replace our Judeo-Christian civilization, with the United States as the last big block in the way to be knocked down.

This month, Time magazine is devoting an entire issue to the global reset. Biden’s stumbling comments on phasing out oil, gas, and fracking, then retracking his statements, was no accident. He was reciting the “Green New Deal” and lest you think this is just AOC crazy talk, think again. The New Deal is a global goal. Time Magazine’s featured guest writers include Black Lives Matter, the International Monetary Fund, The World Economic Forum, and others that describe the elimination of cash and digitizing all transactions, health tracking, extreme hiring and monitoring of private companies and their business practices, and many other prospects. These measures are ready to go, and one writer even described “American life in the year 2023” starting off with a Trump defeat in 2020. They are so confident.

On October 23, Archbishop Vigano sent another letter to President Trump, on the eve of a US presidential election that will impact the entire world, and warning what is coming. You can picture a bullhorn in his hand. I can’t help but think of the passage where the world was eating and drinking as Noah and his family entered the Ark.

‘To Bear Witness to Corruption in the Hierarchy of the Catholic Church Was a Painful Decision’


So begins the third “testimony” of Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò, on the ongoing sexual abuse/coverup scandal in the Church (h/t @9thdistrictneighbor). With this latest installment of “he said”/”he said,” Archbishop Viganò restates the key points of his original testimony and also answers the rebuke he received from Marc Cardinal Ouellet.

It was good to have the key points listed succinctly and to have an answer to Cardinal Ouellet’s letter, but what touched me most were the reasons Viganò gave for writing his testimonies. He strikes me as a man of great faith (which is in direct contrast to how I view those involved in this scandal).

Prelates and Pederasts


Sixteen years ago, reporters at The Boston Globe conducted an extensive investigation of the sexual abuse of minors by priests in the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Boston. Not long thereafter, reporters elsewhere detailed similar abuse in places like Los Angeles, Chicago, New Orleans, Philadelphia, and the like. The word used in the press to describe what had been going on was pedophilia, which is a misnomer deliberately employed to cover up what journalists then considered and still consider now an inconvenient aspect of the truth.

As a report commissioned by the National Review Board of the American Catholic bishops and issued in 2004 revealed, something like 81 percent of the victims were boys, and very few of them were, in the strictest sense, children. They were nearly all what we euphemistically call young adults. They were male adolescents on the younger side – at the age when boys as they mature can briefly be downright pretty.