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Join Jim and Greg as they assess the news that another classified document was discovered at Biden’s Wilmington, Delaware, home. They also groan as New York Gov. Kathy Hochul plows forward with plans to ban gas appliances or gas hookups in construction in the coming years – even in the face of massive public backlash to the Biden administration’s agenda on gas stoves. Finally, Jim comes ready to mock the latest lefty speech banning into oblivion as the University of Southern California and the State of Michigan decide that “field” – as in “field work” – is racist and offensive to people of color. And just when we thought today’s podcast was over…it wasn’t.

Join Greg and Emily Jashinsky of The Federalist as they welcome signs from Sen. Susan Collins that she has no intention of ending the filibuster to pass abortion legislation but they also note how abortion could cause tension inside a GOP coalition that now includes a lot of people who don’t consider themselves social conservatives. They also wonder why U.S. officials would publicly confirm that American intelligence has been directly involved in tracking and targeting Russian generals killed by Ukraine. And they fire back as Biden climate adviser Gina McCarthy vows an aggressive green agenda – including more than a hundred regulations on appliances and severe demands for “sustainable airlines.”


The Hottest Kitchen Tool at a Price You Can Afford


In Northeast Thailand, a small clay stove was the answer to all your cooking needs, the back porch kitchen appliance everyone had to have. About the size of a large stock pot, it offered everything in one–an upper stove section to nurse a blaze in cheap charcoal until it was red hot, and a lower oven deck where embers dropping from the inferno above could roast such gastronomic delights as sweet potatoes or edible seeds.  A trivet molded into the top and an opening for the oven came standard with all models.

A gas stove and electric fridge staffed our indoor kitchen, while the clay stove hunkered alone on the back patio unless it was cranking its heat for the daytime tasks assigned to it.  Our house helper would squat next to it, applying flaming, shriveling wispy sticks to the mound of charcoal and blowing until the fire caught and held.