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Hubwonk host Joe Selvaggi talks with Boston Globe opinion writer Jeff Jacoby about the troubling increase in antisemitic incidents, including the recent attack on a Boston rabbi, and how our current political rancor fans the flames of bigotry nationwide.
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We’ve Had Worse Times


My wife became a US citizen 14 years ago.  She did it on her own hook, after being in the US for 25 years, not because she married me.  But now she tells me she’s beginning to regret becoming a citizen because of all the nonsense we are seeing now.

Yes, racial relations are getting worse and worse and the situation is being driven by race mongers and seditionist leftists.  Yes, the libs are threatening to tax us and take the money in our IRA’s and 401ks.  Yes, an increase in inflation is threatening to destroy our retirement savings.  Yes, inflation is increasing.  Yes, corporations will pay higher taxes, and we will pay more for goods and services as a result.  Yes, people are losing their jobs and status for speaking their minds.  Yes, we are set to waste trillions on the phantom of climate change.  Yes, crime is on the rise even as leftists are calling to abolish the police.  Yes, we have seen continuous rioting, vandalism, and violence in our cities.  Yes, anti-white racism in on display everywhere.  Yes, there is an open season on American Jews.  But not to worry, I say.   The US has seen worse.

Save the Jews, the Christians – Civilization?


I caught the tail end of two Wall Street Journal journalists talking about the recent attacks on Jews in New York, and since WSJ is behind a paywall, I cannot find the segment.  But what I heard burned into my memory.  One said that this is a “mirror of what is going on in European cities, and has been for some time.” They stated the Jews are the canary in the coal mine, a cliche that has been echoed over and over to deaf ears. This has religious implications, but they said the “resurgence of antisemitism is a symptom that society as a whole is breaking down,” and concluded with “when that happens on a large scale, people choose camps, and a peaceful, cohesive society erodes and falls apart and all you are left with are warring camps.”

Is that what we are witnessing, in New York and elsewhere, when moral boundaries are removed? I’m not just speaking of the decline in church attendance, in Jews becoming more secular, but in the overall protections and safety nets that we once relied on. When we had boundaries, we relied on law enforcement, respect for property, differences of opinion, lifestyles, and it went both ways, instead of hurling hate speech and condemning one idea over another. We respected boundaries, which also included protecting children from overly sexual content. Law enforcement is now spat upon, doused with water, and shouted at with vulgarity. Wearing a MAGA hat in public can get you tossed out of a restaurant or pummeled, because of political differences. We now have something called gender fluidity.

Petty crimes such as theft, drug possession, and home invasions, are now considered low priority with no consequences. More states are following lockstep, the predicted outcome of legalizing marijuana for recreational purposes. Drugged up, more brazen attacks – we’re witnessing an erosion of civilization, not like a drip, drip that eventually carves out a solid rock over decades, but a powerful wave that erodes swiftly and mercilessly.

Quote of the Day: Motive Mystery


“We may never know his motive.” “Authorities remain uncertain as to the killer’s motive.” Et cetera.

How many times do we read this, and see a very clear, very obvious motive? Seriously, if someone kills a person (particularly soldier or religious leader) while screaming Allah Akbar, you can safely say the scumbag is an Islamic Supremacist getting his jihad on. If someone is a member of an antisemitic group and kills a bunch of Jews after going to a place known to have Jews, they probably are a member of the Hitler fan club.

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I expect we will hear more from the ethnic supremacy people sooner rather than later, so I would like to get the best arguments to tear apart antisemitism & holocaust denial.  I may not want to cancel them, but I have no support for their insanity.  My preferences are for right wing critiques. I wonder […]

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The “Say Yes to Love” Garden Ornaments


After two synagogue shootings, a local Episcopalian priest joined forces with the Rabbi and other left-to-moderate clergy to encourage solidarity in spite of differences in beliefs. Soon campaign size white signs appeared upon the lawns of many in our little mountain community that say “Say No To Hate. Say Yes To Love. Love God. Love Your Neighbor.” After much thought and a couple of revisions, here are my thoughts that will likely be a letter to the editor:

The recent proliferation of the “Say Yes to Love Say No to Hate” signs are controversial because we are at a cultural moment where the various factions of our society no longer agree on what love and hate, or good and evil, consists of. A conspiratorial reading of the signs may be that love means “accept all narratives of LGBT advocacy groups without question” while hate means “voting for Donald Trump” or “robbing a woman of the same autonomy men have by advocating for the unborn.”

Such a reading might be excused due to the way political parties have historically used euphemistic phrases that obscure specifics for political gain – love wins, women’s health, build the wall. But, in fairness, the signs say nothing of the sort.

Through the Wormhole with the DNC


Prime Minister’s Questions this past week foreshadowed the American government’s future. Such a future had been seen as years, or decades, away, but events of this past week suggest the United States has entered a wormhole, as in a science fiction story. Indeed, it seems that one party has created an artificial wormhole, or hyperspace jump gate. Are we now being hurled towards convergence with British politics and society, with truth becoming stranger than fiction?

Prime Minister’s Questions, on 6 March 2019, featured questions about what Labour MPs called “knife crime.” While the Conservative PM lightly pushed back with talk of “drug gangs” as the problem, she effectively conceded the left’s position by citing an “offensive weapons” bill as a part of the government’s response. The accepted range of debate in Britain is now over how helpless the subjects of the realm should be rendered, firearms having long been restricted to near non-existence for ordinary people.

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@susanquinn recently featured a little story with a big heart, about a Methodist school teacher in Florida who took her grade school students on a walk, to commemorate the history of the Jews who wandered for 40 years in the desert, before they reached the promised land. http://ricochet.com/592875/israelite-walk-in-bartow-florida/#comment-4406495 It isn’t news that antisemitism is alive […]

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Trump: “We Will Seek [the] Destruction [of Those Who Would Destroy the Jews]”


President Trump did, indeed, double down on hating back the Jew-hating mass-murderer. I’ve gone on C-SPAN and created the relevant clip from the Illinois MAGA Event: President Trump Calls for “Destruction” of Anti-Semites, Death Penalty for “crimes like these.”

The killer was depraved on account of he’s depraved, to borrow from West Side Story.He is, on available evidence, no John Hinkley, acting on the delusion that a spectacular act of violence would endear him to a movie star. He was not bowling alone, he was marinating in an ancient hate, channeling and reinforcing his evil through an online forum, instead of ranting in a bar, or passing out pamphlets.

Rabbi Benjamin Sendrow got it right:

Democratic presidents and anti-Semites


Some on the Left are attempting to blame Trump and Republicans for the killings last Saturday in Pittsburgh. But the last two Democratic presidents have appeared with notorious anti-Semites:

1. Obama and Rev. Wright: he claimed in 2009 that “Them Jews ain’t going to let him (Obama) talk to me.” Wright then said that he meant to use Zionists not Jews. This is a distinction without a difference. One might argue that this is after Obama broke with Wright in 2008. He claimed that he’d never heard Wright make the incendiary comments which came to light in 2008. But in 2004 he stated to a local Chicago reporter that he was in Wright’s church every Sunday. His claim of ignorance about Wright’s opinions strains credulity.

Jew-Hating Mass Murderer also Hates Trump, Who Hates Him Back with Interest


United States President Donald Trump thanks Rabbi Benjamin Sendrow after he invited Sendrow and a local pastor to say prayers in light of the morning's synagogue shooting in Pittsburgh, during his speech at the annual Future Farmers of America Convention and Expo at Banker's Life Fieldhouse in Indianapolis, Saturday, Oct. 27, 2018.The President has all the more reason, today, to double down and proclaim America a land of “Ballots not Bullets / Ballots not Bioweapons / Ballots not Bombs.”

The monster who murdered Jews in their place of worship, at a baby-naming ceremony, shares in the deep hatred of President Trump. The murderer hates this President because Trump celebrates keeping his word, moving our embassy to Jerusalem, and preaches at every event:

We will never give up. We will never give in. We will never, ever back down and we will never, ever surrender.

For Whom Would You Wear a Star?


Having read this disturbing Gatestone Institute article about the increasingly dangerous situation for Jews in France, I would suggest that there is an opportunity here for European gentiles to put their money where their multicultural mouths are.

There is a story from the Second World War in which the German occupiers’ ordered Jews in Denmark to wear a yellow star. This was immediately followed by a royal order from King Christian that all Danish citizens should wear yellow stars. The story is apocryphal, but the solidarity and courage of the Danish gentiles with their Jewish countrymen were real and should be seen as exemplary.

It turns out that today, in France at least, the wearing of a kippah (also known as a yarmulke) is strongly correlated with the risk of violent attack by Muslim anti-Semites. So why doesn’t every European citizen who does not count himself antisemitic immediately begin wearing a kippah? (They can be ordered, in bulk even, from Amazon.) For that matter, American visitors to Europe should wear kippahs too. This will make it more difficult to deliberately target Jews and will demonstrate the commitment of European gentiles to money-where-your-mouth-is inclusivity, tolerance, and protection for minorities.

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Tonight’s national news segment once again, showed another bomb threat called into Jewish Centers across the United States. This has been, alarmingly, almost a nightly event.More evacuations, fear, questions with no answers, as of yet. I thought I heard this was the act of one deranged person who was apprehended, yet it continues? Christians are […]

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A lot of ink has been spilled (digital and otherwise) about the unconscionable abstention of the Obama Administration in the UN Security Council’s condemnation of Israel this past week. What I am not seeing very much of is mention of the perfidy of some of Israel’s other erstwhile “allies” specifically the United Kingdom and New […]

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Obama Kicks Israel on His Way Out the Door


Aleppo is crumbling, Libya is in ruins, Russia is threatening its neighbors, and China is militarizing the South China Sea. But the UN is taking action against Israel. And Obama let them:

The U.N. Security Council on Friday passed a resolution demanding Israel cease Jewish settlement activity on Palestinian territory in a unanimous vote that passed when the United States abstained rather than using its veto as it has reliably done in the past.

The resolution declares settlements constructed on land Israel has occupied since the 1967 war, including East Jerusalem, have “no legal validity.” It said settlements threaten the viability of the two-state solution, and it urged Israelis and Palestinians to return to negotiations that lead to two independent nations.

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A current post describes how Portland schools are being used for leftist indoctrination: http://ricochet.com/portland-public-schools-bans-dissent-climate-dogma/comment-page-2/#comment-3331739 I mean, I knew Portland had a certain weirdness to it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TZt-pOc3moc Preview Open

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