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The Identity Movement’s Battered Wife


Anyone familiar with the behavior of abusive husbands recognizes the signature characteristic of the breed, which is an ability to make the victim feel that she, and not her husband, is the one in the wrong — that the abuse is her fault, that she deserves it.

The nation is taking a beating today. Property, public and private, is being destroyed by a self-righteous mob that assures us that this beat-down is the fault of America — of everyone who isn’t as woke as the smashing, looting mob. People are being fired, their careers ruined, for decades-old and trivial “offenses,” fired by employers who are terrified that the mob will turn on their companies next if they don’t instantly vouchsafe their obeisance.

Kick Her When She’s Down


The Wuhan virus was a once-in-a-century health care catastrophe. It would have been a serious problem even had numerous state governors not overreacted and exacerbated what was already a challenging situation (to say nothing of killing elderly nursing home patients by the thousands through plainly neglectful policies).

After weeks of near-panic and crushing economic loss brought about by a malignant microscopic organism (and no, I’m not talking about the Governor of Michigan… though her too), the nation faced an historical challenge: how to begin to restore the shattered dreams and hopes of millions of people whose livelihoods had been wrecked, if not by the virus, then by the policies that followed.

On Independence Day, when so much seems to be going wrong, perhaps we need to take a step back, share a laugh, and then focus some attention on those whose dedication makes this and every Independence Day possible. This episode meets both of those needs as Dave sits down with comedian David Deeble to bring the blood pressure down a bit by looking at the lighter side of life. Everything is fair game, from rioters toppling garden gnomes, to the proper placement of deer crossing signs in this freewheeling and fun exchange.

Then, Dave talks with new Ricochet Member Nick Plosser, who has started his own podcast called The Half Percent. The podcast provides a needed outlet and opportunity for active duty military, veterans, guard and reserve troops to tell their story, share their experiences, and bring you into the world of that half percent of Americans who are serving their country in uniform at any given time. Nick is an inspiring gentleman, and has even persuaded Dave to be a guest on an upcoming episode of his podcast (we understand there will be humor and bourbon involved, though we’re not sure which comes first). If you’re looking for reasons to celebrate Independence Day, this episode will do the trick.

Criminal Vigilantism


Vigilantism is much in the news these days.

Depending on the definition you choose, vigilantism may or may not be inherently illegal. Concerned citizens standing in front of a jailhouse to prevent a lynching, as depicted in To Kill a Mockingbird for example, would be performing a completely legal kind of vigilantism by some definitions. Usually, however, the implication of vigilantism, and particularly of “vigilante justice,” is that citizens are taking it upon themselves to act as judge, jury, and, occasionally, executioner in order to impose their idea of justice — and doing so illegally.

Antifa Portland Zone Fails


Aborted Antifa Portland AZ

Rioters attempting to establish an AZ in Portland.

Striking a welcome contrast to the Seattle experience, Portland greeted rioting Antifa terrorists in a more appropriate manner. From the Washington Times:

Black community leaders decried Friday the protesters who wreaked havoc on a predominantly minority Portland neighborhood in an attempt to set up a Seattle-style autonomous zone, telling the rioters to “get your knee off our neck.”

Member Post


This Friday, President Trump signed an executive order on the protection of monuments and directing enforcement against criminal violence. This accords with what Attorney General Barr has described in the past few days, and President Trump’s comments Thursday. President Trump does not gin these up in the Oval Office. Consider for yourself what this latest […]

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President Trump Triple Play Thursday


AG BarrPresident Trump started Thursday, June 25, with First Lady Melania Trump at the Korean War Memorial. He then flew to Wisconsin, where he first participated in a 43-minute Fox News town hall out of an airport hanger. This was led by Sean Hannity, who was relatively subdued, mostly keeping himself out of the way. I created a partial transcript for your quick perusal. From the town hall, President Trump shifted gears and went to a shipyard, where he enjoyed praising American skilled labor. On the same day, he had his Attorney General on both leftist and conservative shows, addressing the issue of street violence and lawlessness. Taken as a whole, there are signs President Trump and his team are sorting out how to effectively respond to this June’s events. Can he get far enough ahead in the decision loop?

Listen to President Trump’s very reasonable position on protest, agitators, anarchists, and monuments. It is squarely in the heart of American public sensibility. Then hear him praise ship workers and point to a great new naval shipbuilding future in the heart of swing state country. As a side note, Vice President Pence was ranging over other battleground territory this week, praising auto workers in Ohio and dropping in on a police shift brief to praise them and their department. On the same day, Attorney General Barr seems to be moving in the correct direction on stopping left-wing domestic terrorism, as does the Freedom Caucus, but where are Senate Majority Leader McConnell and House Minority Leader McCarthy?

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This Tuesday, June 23, 2020, Joe Biden held a virtual fundraiser which featured former President Barack Obama. The event included a discussion or conversation between Biden and Obama and, in that conversation, Obama made an assertion that stunned me. Let me post a video which includes the assertion in question. The video is about 2 […]

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We Are in Freefall


In a world gone mad, Marxist zombies riot, burn, loot and murder in every major city in America (and many European capitals) over the death of the hero/criminal George Floyd. Corporate America, Hollywood celebrities, etc., fall all over themselves to confess their white guilt. Statues and monuments are torn down and it no longer matters if what they represented was good or not because it’s total nihilism. And the people who are charged with the authority to maintain order and protect us stand by and do nothing.

Under these circumstances, it’s not hyperbole to say that our country is in moral and intellectual freefall.

Floyd Protest and Riot Charges Filed; Injury and Fatality Reports


We’ve seen news outlets ignore looting and murder while reporting “mostly peaceful” demonstrations. A week ago, 60 Secret Service officers were wounded by “mostly peaceful protestors” who likely also set fire to a historical Episcopalian Church. After AG Barr reset the protest line a block away to better protect police and historical landmarks, the usual suspects accused Orange Man Bad of clearing “peaceful protestors” for a photo op. Just one of thousands of truths that don’t fit the narrative for many alleged journalists. Most importantly, there are the murdered, the wounded, and those charged with felonies in connection with this assault on our nation.

I tried searching on this topic and found next to nothing. I have seen many murders and beatings on YouTube, but the search engines that can find a gnat named Bernie in Tierra del Fuego are stumped. It is very hard not to be cynical.

There are some who would like to see that the names are not seen, the stories not known. Mike Pence as reported by Fox News:

On the BLM-Antifa Nation, Seattle


Christopher Rufo just published an excellent piece in City Paper on the failed city of Seattle’s capitulation to a thousand rioting thugs in Capitol Hill. For a little background, I will refer you to the tourism page for Capitol Hill here. The title is “The vibrant center of Seattle’s LGBTQ community offers endless entertainment, morning till night.” and, naturally, pushes the vacation destination angle with overpriced food, overpriced shops, and overpriced lodging situated in a dank and rainy climate.

By this point, I doubt many tourists were caught in the occupation. Only fools would be vacationing in Blue cities at this point. Rufo sets the stage for us:

Liquidating the ‘Hood


Stranded assets are the beached whales of capitalism. Capital invested in what looked like a good long term bet, that has now turned into an illiquid headache due to a change of circumstances. This term is often used in the context of regulation and environmentalism, but assets can become stranded in other ways:

If you keep even half an eye on the investing scene, you know that commercial real estate in general, and retail in particular, has been in trouble for some time. The advance of online shopping and networked business in general has been relentless and deadly. ‘Category killer’ store fronts and department stores alike have fallen to bankruptcy and reorganization, shopping malls have lost their anchor tenants, gone under and been rebuilt into everything from housing to entertainment centers. And that was before COVID, and before looters and arsonists showed up at the door.

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I’m trying to take a break from social media to get more work done, but I feel compelled to make the following observation. There is nothing in the Constitution that gives a pass to any particular aggrieved group when it comes to lawlessness and violent protest. There are a lot of issues about which people […]

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I don’t know why the BBC hosts such pieces without seeming to ever host a response to them, but here it goes (again) with an opinion piece posted as historic analysis (along with others about American police brutality this week). It rehashes every stage of historic racial grievances with little recognition that anything has changed […]

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History Matters: Riots on Familiar Ground


Two older veterans’ remarks pointed to the late 1960s being repeated on the same ground. The forces involved may well have changed, and that may matter a great deal. What has not changed is the physical geography, apparently. We should pay attention to both the forces and the ground if we are to begin to truly understand and so have a chance at preserving our constitutional republic. This is a national problem. It is made worse by local bad governance and leadership, but there is a much larger and persistent problem of national-level entities seeking to influence politics through violence and the threat of violence.

I had just completed reviewing the books for my local veterans’ organization post. I exchanged greetings with two older veterans sitting at the bar, with the cable news showing Saturday morning’s ugly light in Minneapolis. “Protests,” said the screen. “It is not a protest if you throw rocks or Molotov cocktails,” I remarked.

The first veteran said he grew up in that city and his father had been shot as a police officer in the 1968 riots in the same area. This time, he noted, he was hearing that the people in the streets were mostly outsiders, not from the local community or state. At that, the other veteran spoke up. His father was also a police officer, and had also been shot, but survived, in Detroit in 1969.