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I haven’t encountered much violence in my life. But, I have seen it up close twice. As a news editor in Henryetta, Oklahoma (The Daily Free-Lance) in the mid-1970s, I used to ride along with Oklahoma Highway Patrol officers on my day off (Monday). Quite the experience. The speed traps were always fun, but that’s […]

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There has been a lot of speculation in the media about what happens if Donald Trump refuses to give up the White House in January of 2021. There seems to be much less concern about what a bunch of Democratic crybabies would do if they lost. Still, as Byron York reported in his emailed newsletter […]

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What does it mean when a group of people, ages 20-50, swarm a federal courthouse and literally throw bombs at it? It means, much as it meant on April 12, 1861, when forces fired on Ft. Sumpter. It means a revolution is already underway. As the media continues to gaslight us with the “peaceful protester” narrative, video from folks on the ground like Andy Ngo show the real effects of this mayhem.

Now, with the governor of Oregon, a Democrat, agreeing to stop the violence, VP Pence has agreed to remove Customs and Border Protection from Portland. While that seems like a win for the bad guys, this is actually pretty brilliant strategy move by Republicans. It cuts sufficient rope from the spool to allow the governor, and the rioters, to hang themselves. Because, let’s be honest: the rioting won’t stop, it will intensify. There will be a full-scale frontal attack, likely with more than fireworks, on the federal courthouse and other federal buildings. The buildings will be seized. Lives – and justice – will be put at risk. Federal judges will get to see up close and in vivid color what injunctions protecting rioters from the full force of the law really accomplish. The nation will get to see that the word of a Democrat governor has all the worth of used toilet paper without any of its utility. The property will have to be retaken at a cost in lives and dollars that should be – but likely won’t be – borne by the state of Oregon.

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Early on in my time in the military I had a senior NCO tell me never to bring him a problem unless I had an idea for a solution. As you might guess, that kept a lot of people out of his office crabbing about everything from warm egg salad to having to change the oil in the motor pool. But, it’s a useful approach to life, and more importantly, when you analyze a problem often times you see patterns and eventually, novel but simple solutions. Think of it as Occam’s Chainsaw.

Will Rogers is credited with saying that some people learn from the mistakes of others but that “other folks have to pee on the electric fence.” Shocking, I know. But the fact is if you look at the coverage of Portland on Twitter (because other than Fox and OAN, there is no coverage in the mainstream media), here’s what you learn. Every day thousands of actual protesters show up carrying signs, being peaceful. Every day a bunch of communists shows up behind them, carrying everything from explosives to loaded magazines. When the actual protesters get tired and go home, mayhem unfolds until the early morning hours when the feds break up the party with tear gas, rubber bullets, and the occasional thwack upside the head with a baton. As a parenthetical note, I would like to see more thwacks and less tolerance, but I’m just that kind of guy. The “wall of moms,” “wall of costumed vets,” and “wall of dads” (most of whom are not) act as buffers to give the real rabble the chance to engage the federal officers with violence and then whine about the arrests. The women put on an unconvincing act. Last night I saw a woman kick and hit a federal officer and then act shocked when she was arrested for assault, claiming she was a “nice girl for Wisconsin,” although the expletives that followed seemed to negate that narrative.

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To write good fiction, at least according a presentation I attended with author Lisa Scottoline, you have to get your reader to “willingly suspend disbelief,” which means your novel has to bring with it an air of credibility that derives from small facts presented correctly. A policeman loads a magazine, not a clip. A bad guy fires six shots, not ten, from a revolver. The references to laws are correct. In short, in getting the reader to suspend his right to disbelieve your narrative, you have to get the little stuff right and your narrative has to be consistent. This is why the Left is losing the fight for the soul of America.

I was reminded of this fact last night talking to a very good friend, who told me he was upset about the “secret police” in Portland. I tried to assure him that what he was seeing on television was not the entire story, and that he should read the reporting from people on the ground in Portland and watch that video if he wanted to know the truth.

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According to news reports, the mayor of Portland wants the feds to “leave.” I think the federal government should oblige him. Hear me out.

People get the government they elect. When that government fails to serve its purpose — and that’s now obvious in Portland — it must be removed. That happens through elections. But sometimes, in order to make those changes, people have to feel the pain of their prior stupidity. They have to understand that electing Democrats isn’t really a suicide pact, because the Democrats have no intention of harming themselves, but they don’t mind if you get smashed to bits in the process. If they did, they’d support their police.

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There are several YouTube channels that show police activity, and they’ve had a lot of content recently with the riots and such. I had often thought if I had not gone to law school that I might have enjoyed being a police officer, but I now know that would have been a terrible idea. I grew up in a military family and I served in the military. I have stark views of right and wrong; I believe, for example, that people who pull and point weapons at police officers earn every Darwin Award they get.

Sometimes, however, I just watch these interactions and I’m thinking “why aren’t you guys kicking the stuffing out of that creep” as they holler and scream for the camera while they are being detained. Watch the Portland riots or Baltimore, or really any of these BLM orchestrated fiascos; they’re out there. If you’ve never interacted with a police officer but feel privileged to criticize them, watch some video and learn the other side of the story.