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(Un)broken Movies


With the notable exception of Chappaquidick, the post-Vietnam movie industry, including the later original content cable television business, has relentlessly bent history and even powerful works of fiction, imposing narratives designed to immunize younger viewers against ever discovering inconvenient truths and other voices. I started mulling this over with Angelina Jolie’s shocking betrayal of a man she claimed to deeply respect, in her deeply biased big-screen rendition of Laura Hillenbrand’s profound Unbroken. I saw both Jolie’s Hollywood production and a small budget Christian production of the rest of the story. I’ve cogitated over this and found more and more productions attaching to the idea which formed: this is all quite deliberate propaganda.

Unbroken broken as told in two movies:

Does Religion Need Special Protection in the US?


The idea of special protections in this country has always been objectionable to me; it requires another reason for government intrusion into our lives. We take pride in extending the Bill of Rights to everyone, and equal opportunity transcends special classes.

Enforcement has previously fallen under the jurisdiction of the Justice Department, but now the new Assistant Secretary of Education for Civil Rights, Ken Marcus, has decided to add a new protected group: religion. In particular, he is concerned about anti-Semitism.

Mr. Marcus is motivated by a childhood incident that took place in the predominantly Jewish Sharon, Mass, where a group of children saw him: