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Then and Now, on the Fly


A friend emailed me just the other day to ask for my prayers for his father, who is hospitalized because of a blood clot in his leg. He had gotten the Pfizer booster last Wednesday and … you can fill in the blanks.

Then … we trusted medical professionals, relied on our family doctor, and knew that all outcomes were not propitious. Being human meant death, in the long run, and sadly, sometimes not the long run. But we knew and trusted those who cared for our bodies (as we did those who cared for our souls).

Real Public Health Risks


covid versus public healthTwo people-watching episodes this past week brought into focus the real crisis in public health. WuFlu is not a public health crisis, in itself. Rather the grossly politicized exploitation of this novel respiratory disease virus, in service of the lab coat left system, advocated by Woodrow Wilson in the late 1890s and starkly warned of in President Eisenhower’s farewell address, has corrupted and effectively silenced real public health advocacy. Consider two real public health perennial campaigns, largely lost in the noise of COVID exploitation.

I was in my local veteran’s organization canteen (bar) last weekend, having counted the money and updated the bookkeeping. A woman in her 40s had a cough. Her comment: “it is just a smoker’s cough.” That statement called to mind a much younger veteran, a man in his late 20s, coming in after the previous night’s partying with a heavy cough as he went to the cigarette machine for another pack. We have known, since at least the late 1950s, that cigarette smoking causes lung cancer and a host of other very unpleasant long-term ailments. COPD, anyone? Listen to old-time radio and you will hear the cigarette companies in the late 1940s, early 1950s, assuring you that doctors attested that their customers experienced no throat irritation from smoking their product.

This brings to mind the much larger scope of 75 years or more of public health real science about heart disease, lung disease, and cancer prevention and treatment. Screening and early treatment have long been the message, grounded in real medical statistics. Yet, we saw a vile lab coat leftist bureaucrat, Anthony Fraudci, stand real public health on its head, stopping preventive care for critical months and hyping fear to his tiny bailiwick’s benefit.

Always Winter, Never Christmas in Covidland


Our house is decorated, the Christmas tree is up, and all the presents have been bought. Well, almost all; I’m sure we’ll find some last-minute must-haves. Our holiday season is normal, outside of inflated prices and a deflated Santa that blew into our yard last night.

But New York City, Washington DC, and other blue cities are observing Covidmas again this year. The dreary winter weather matches their residents’ dreary mood. “Fifteen days to slow the spread” has dragged to 21 months with no end in sight. Politicians shame the unvaccinated, teachers’ unions threaten more school closures, and progressives tut-tut Christmas revelers.

La Science, C’est Moi


“You can safely assume you’ve created God in your own image when it turns out that God hates all the same people you do.” – Anne Lamont

This quote has been one of my guide stars for decades. Watch what happens when we replace just two words:

White Coat Waste Project: Beyond the Beagles


People have been discussing the story of Fauci funding experiments on dogs, which can be rather disturbing. Dogs are wonderful animals, and people do not like to see them suffer. Cruelty toward animals always is undeserved, since animals are not moral agents like we are.

However, this is not sheer cruelty; this is animal experimentation. A massive amount of medical research relies on animal experiments because studies on cells do not capture the whole picture. I honestly do not know if we could safely test new drugs on people without animal studies — it would be much riskier. Animal models behind nearly every medical advance you hear announced in the media.

A Brief Guide to the COVID-19 Disclosures


justice and COVID-19The Intercept’s September 9 article, “NEW DETAILS EMERGE ABOUT CORONAVIRUS RESEARCH AT CHINESE LAB,” has a series of links that point to the 900 pages of official government documents they sued the U.S. government to release. Readers should treat the Intercept article as a guide to these sources.

The Intercept is making the full documents available to the public.

This link points to the complaint, the legal document initiating the civil lawsuit against the NIH.

Fauci Blinded Us with Science


covid versus public healthAnthony Fauci is a very senior federal bureaucrat who has clung to the top of one small bureaucracy for the past fifty years. He falsely poses as an objective oracle of “science.” In truth, he was far past his sell-by date when put forward as the supposed non-partisan face of federal medical authority. Anyone who had advised every president since Reagan must be safe, just like nobody was fired for buying IBM products back in the day.

Fauci knew, Fauci lied:

  • Fauci knew the scary model with millions dying was a complete fraud, generated as the latest iteration of a serial scam artist posing as a real “scientist.” He used it to deliberately deceive the president, the Congress, and the world.
  • Fauci knew the “flatten the curve” cocktail napkin graph was empty of quantitative data and entirely unsupported by any peer-reviewed scientific publication. He used it to deliberately deceive the president, the Congress, and the world.
  • Fauci knew he was entirely unqualified to speak on the whole of public health. He knew that his plandemic experimental course of treatment for the United States would have entirely predictable side effects, quantified by decades of real science in cancer, heart disease, blood clots, stroke, diabetes, suicide, drug addiction, and more. He willfully falsely held himself out at all times as speaking for all of medicine, for public health, as opposed to grubby economics and other political considerations.
  • Fauci ignored the facts of Chinese Communist Party control and distortion of science, evidenced in the early 2000’s SARS epidemic. He knew that his counterparts were not able to actually behave as he falsely claimed he trusted them to do. Here he lied to Congress, claiming it was reasonable and safe to fund research in China because the scientists could be expected to behave according to science standards.
  • Fauci went from no mask, to mask, to double mask theater, never once actually citing any controlled, quantified testing of the face coverings he first rejected and then endorsed. This one was low-hanging fruit, an obvious experiment begging to be run in, say, defense test labs. Think protective mask design testing. Fauci avoided science like the plague.
  • Fauci directly contradicted centuries of hard-won scientific knowledge about contagion containment through quarantine, both internal and external. Shutting down entry from China was what real science indicated. Fauci lied. He gave knowingly false counsel.
  • Fauci lied through his teeth about the science of the origin of COVID-19. He did so for self-serving political reasons. He was and is a butt-covering bureaucrat, not a noble scientist. Fauci lied and people died.
  • Fauci lied about COVID-19 being somehow different from all other infectious diseases, where surviving a disease leaves you with a natural immune response, which is what every vaccine ever has sought to artificially induce. That is centuries of real medical science, starting with cowpox inoculations to prevent smallpox sickness and death.
  • Fauci lied through his teeth about gain-of-function research, about funding research in China to test the behavior of viruses manipulated to more effectively attack humans. He lied to Congress. He lied.


Will Biden Pardon Fauci?


This is not a good week for Washington’s ruling class, especially its media-appointed patron saint of pandemics, Dr. Anthony Fauci.

If an organization such as the conservative-leaning Judicial Watch had requested and published Fauci’s treasure trove of 3,200 emails, the media would have ignored it. But it was the reliably left-leaning Buzzfeed, along with the Washington Post, which did their loyal Democrat best to spin it as positively as they could for Fauci. Joining them were two equally sycophantic outlets, CNN and MSNBC.

Quote of the Day: Fallen from the Pedestal


“Time makes heroes but dissolves celebrities.” — Daniel J. Boorstin

During the beginning of the pandemic, I was seriously worried.  Things were not going well, and a lot of the Democrats seemed to be more interested in virtue signaling than disease control.  As someone trained in public health, I know that epidemics need to be managed aggressively.  Contrary to what many people say, you can stop a virus from spreading with proper quarantine and infection control practices.  Trump was taking decisive action on border control  (similar measures of containment have been used throughout history), but he needed a trusted advisor who knew about fighting disease.  Then we saw the nightmare in Italy, and people really wanted to avoid it.

After a long delay for which he offers profuse apologies, Jack returns to the podcast with his National Review colleague Isaac Schorr to mock Joe Biden’s goals for a return to normal life (maybe the Fourth of July? Are you kidding?), goals that seem disconnected from reality but definitely connected to the now year-long pattern of government bureaucrats wanting to tell us what to do.

Against Returning to Normal?


Many Twitter “blue checks” are panicked over a “return to normal.” While the coronavirus pandemic was barely a month old, the Delaware County (PA) Council posted a Facebook video conference with repeated references to the well-meaning but nauseating platitudes of the day, including our “new normal” and “we’re all in this together.”

My eyes rolled so far back that I could almost see my sinuses. This was not my idea of “normal.” And if “we’re all in this together,” why were we more divided than ever?

Overton Window: You Should Wear 4 Masks


On February 27, 2020, CDC Director Robert Redfield was asked at a hearing Capitol Hill whether healthy people should wear a face covering. His answer? “No.”

Two days later, U.S. Surgeon General Jerome Adams went full Trump – never go full Trump – and tweeted “STOP BUYING MASKS!”, claiming they are “NOT effective in preventing (the) general public from catching coronavirus.”

On March 8, the government’s leading expert on infectious diseases, the un-fireable Anthony Fauci said “there’s no reason to be walking around with a mask”.