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When That Poll-taker Calls, Answer!


In the past week, I have taken at least three political polls; two online, and one over the phone.  Seeing as the upcoming midterm elections are extremely important to us, shouldn’t our opinions get registered?  But it seems like a large number of my Ricochet family members have a policy of not answering polls.  I would like to recommend that you change your policy.  How else are we going to get on the scoreboard, if our fellows don’t know that there are a large number of conservatives out there, who register their opinion?

In my retirement, I decided to sign up with a couple of websites that specialize in market research (I’ve always been a sucker for market research); they pay for your time, albeit a low amount, but it’s more than nothing.  I just last week participated in an online focus group, for which I stand to be paid $175.  Anyway, I ended up on YouGov’s panel, and they now send me regular surveys to fill out.  I get to state my political preferences directly, and I’m happy to be that kind of statistic.  I think that refusing to answer poll-takers makes it look like we aren’t there, and we need to make our opinions known.  I had a delightful half-hour conversation with a young Hispanic lady last week, and I got to register my preferences for our local candidates.  I even helped her with some name pronunciations; I think I made her day by being willing to talk to her, instead of just not answering.