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Media Exploited Anonymous Sources to Lie About Trump’s Georgia Call


Journalists Are Duty Bound To Pursue Objective Truth, Not To Become A Tool

After a 40+ year relationship, I ended my Washington Post subscription last year. Their (and the New York Timeswholly undeserved Pulitzer Prize over breathless and largely discredited reporting of the Trump-Russia collusion hoax and overreliance on anonymous sources for an endless stream of anti-Trump stories lost me. I knew I could no longer trust the Washington Post – owned by Amazon founder Jeff Bezos – as a credible journalistic enterprise.

Trust Me.


Credible source [inside/close to/familiar with] the [White House/the President/people attending the meeting] that

  • 1/18/18 — CNN: Gen. Kelly on Way Out
  • 12/19/17 — Washington Post: Trump to Fire Mueller
  • 11/30/17 — New York Times: Tillerson On Way Out
  • 7/21/17 — Vanity Fair: Sessions is Dead Man Walking
  • 5/18/17 — Guardian: Kushner May Be Out
  • 5/9/17 — Foreign Policy: Long Knives Out for McMaster

Reality check: All still there.

From an Anonymous Source


With the news breaking of the execution of several Chinese nationals who worked for the CIA, I wanted to find out a bit more. Just how badly compromised was our intelligence network? Yes, it has been a few years since the executions that occurred between 2010 and 2012, but a roll up of a spy network like that can hurt intelligence gathering and operations for decades. It can lead to some very bad surprises for a country like the United States.

I made contact with some of my sources in the intelligence community. Most agreed that it was both bad and embarrassing. The predictions and damage assessments I was hearing had a very wide range, and I decided that it was worth the risk of contacting a source who is a bit higher up and in the know on these things.