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Scott Walker: The Left’s Keyser Söze


Conan Walker 3During the sleepy summer months other candidates have announced their runs, sometimes to acclaim and sometimes to silence, but Wisconsin’s governor has bided his time. He has plotted, planned, and stayed out of the spotlight while overseeing the approval of his state’s budget. Monday he finally announced, in a heartland-themed ceremony outside of Milwaukee.

Introduced by his wife Tonette, Walker took the stage sans teleprompter and ticked off one conservative priority after another. It was a serious, straightforward speech delivered from — and to — middle America. It wasn’t flashy, but with his record, Walker didn’t need it to be. Think Cal Coolidge if he ate brats and rooted for the Packers.

Walker has spent one-and-a-half terms tipping sacred cows and winning three elections amidst the most toxic leftist attacks imaginable. Riots in the streets, court-ordered harassment of his allies, and threats on his family weren’t enough to make him back down. This steel makes Democrats and the media (but I repeat myself) very, very nervous. The official Twitter account of the DNC has shrieked all weekend over the unassuming executive’s entry into the race.