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The Mark Steyn Show Is No More


I just came across a bit of disappointing news this evening via SteynOnline: The Mark Steyn Show, which had been broadcast on CRTV since its inception on December 21, 2016, has been cancelled. Mark Steyn writes:

In less congenial telly news, today was perhaps the most sobering and humbling day since this poor old Canadian came to the United States many years ago. I had only been doing the show for a little over a month, and had hoped to be doing it for a long time to come. There is always a story between the lines, and everyone of course is free to speculate. I hope to be able to say more in the days ahead.

The Not-So-Protestant Work Ethic


398px-Grant_Wood_-_American_Gothic_-_Google_Art_ProjectIs “the Protestant work ethic” a myth?  Isn’t it really an Anglophile work ethic? Or perhaps it’s a German work ethic (English culture originating from old Germanic / North European tribes). Is the term often applied to the growing Protestant communities in South America, Africa, and Asia?

After the many discussions on Ricochet of salvation by “faith alone” — a belief ultimately shared by Catholics, strangely enough — it seems that defining assertion would, if anything lead to lazier peoples, not more productive ones. There are other differences between Catholics and Protestants, of course. But that one has always been primary.

There have been statistics cited here before showing common incidence of poverty and corruption in Catholic nations. But, as I recall, none of those nations are derived from British culture.