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Anecdotes Are Not Facts: Tell That to the Left


Recently I had a conversation with a friend with whom I rarely have political conversations. They generally don’t end well. In this situation, I was able to make my point without ripping out my hair, but I’m sure my friend found our discussion deeply unsatisfying. I found, however, that I became much clearer about the mindset of the Left, to which she belongs, and although it was discouraging, it was revealing. What was that clarity?

The Left believes that anecdotes, particularly their personal experiences, can be generalized to life. And I don’t think there’s a way to talk them out of that belief, because it is central to their worldview.

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Things I notice about kids sometimes strike me as revealing, so without further ado, here’s the first in what is inevitably going to be a series: Little girl prattles on about her diamonds.Little boy answers, they’re not diamonds! Diamonds cost a fortune! That’s just glass!A quarrel ensues; the old woman reasonably attempts reconciliation: It’s her game, so let […]

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