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In this episode, the guys keep it simple, discussing Bari Weiss’s departure from the New York Times. She quit and wrote a scathing open letter, detailing the reasons for her resignation. Also discussed is Andrew Sullivan’s departure from New York Magazine, with both stemming from what looks like intolerance from not only readers but staff members who increasingly are hostile to points of view that do not align with their own.

It has implications for those publications but the business of journalism overall. Will the guardians of these institutions stand up and say, “That’s enough!” or will they allow a bunch of Jacobins to control the editorial content?

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A generous helping of shutdown-induced free time has allowed me to catch up on my ridiculous backlog of movies on disc.

Note “movies on disc.” I think it’s safe to say that I don’t personally know anyone who owns as many movies as I do in a physical form. I also own a healthy number of television shows on disc, as well as myriad sports-related selections. In all, I would estimate that I have something like 2,000 discs worth of content, all of which I keep in simple albums for the sake of efficient storage, allowing all of this material to occupy only two small shelves on a bookcase in my den.

Why do I own so many discs in an era in which streaming is now the preferred format?

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We know we’re in Heinlein’s crazy years. Yes, the same Andrew Sullivan who was obsessed with Sarah Palin’s pregnancy has written a remarkably insightful piece on how intersectionality is a religion that children are being indoctrinated into.  Preview Open

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Dog-in-Space--1366Remember how the guy disappeared a year ago, and we all scoffed? No way, we figured. No one really goes away from the Internet to read books, spend more time with his family, watch the sun set, smell the beagles, and hang out on the the right side of history, right? He’d be back in two weeks, live-blogging the State of the Union (either his or the nation’s) after a marathon session of ecstatic beard-brushing.

But then Caitlyn Jenner came out — on the front page of Vanity Fair — and he didn’t say a word. Bristol Palin got pregnant: Not a peep, not even to congratulate Sarah on her new niece. He’s been totally silent. These days, we don’t even have a hint what Andrew Sullivan thinks. What does he make of Donald Trump? (He probably likes him: He liked George W. Bush and Obama at first, too. He always liked a strong horse until boredom set in.) He hasn’t written one sentence about the Iran nuclear deal. Nothing about Hillary’s e-mail. Not a squeak about anything. So what happens when people send the photos for the “Look Through my Window” contest? Do they even get a thank-you note?

Since I can find him nowhere on the Internet, and since I’ve never seen independent proof that he existed before the Internet, or was was in fact anything other than an aspect of the Internet, I guess I now just assume that Andrew Sullivan has ceased to exist. Poof! Disappeared. Make sense? Do you have a better theory? Has anyone seen him anywhere? What does he do all day when he’s not being Andrew Sullivan?