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Three C-SPAN Videos Relevant to 2016



The C-SPAN Video Library includes a unique archive of conversation about politics and policy. Here are three author interviews with particular relevance to the 2016 campaign, each in a different way.

Ann Coulter’s interview summarizes her new book, Adios America, which has already impacted the race, and not just by influencing Donald Trump’s campaign. Coulter delves into the sensitive subject of exactly who the “undocumented” are, and whence they came. Her claim is that while past generations arrived legally with ambition and a taste for freedom, we are now being deluged with less productive peasants with an appetite for government benefits.

Andy Ferguson Narrows the Field


In all the hoo-hah about them over the last 10 or so days, one of the things I found most annoying was that Brian Williams and Jon Stewart kept being described as journalists. Performers, yes, but journalists? Either of them? Not even close.

That was my reaction, anyway, but then I got to wondering: Does journalism, real journalism, even exist anymore? Original research and reporting, good, accessible writing, all presented with freshness and energy and intelligence? Is it still around? Or has journalism become so debased that we might as well concede the collapse of another corner of what used to be called Western Civilization and go ahead and grant that, by current standards, Williams and Stewart really sort of were journalists?