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Print the Legend


My movie-obsessed daughter recently went on a Western kick. It does the heart good that a 25 year old gal, uprooted from solid Appalachian soil and replanted in the urban wilds of Brooklyn, finds a fascination with authentic American cinema. Hannah has that innate ability to see beyond the entertainment purposes of film, to the underlying messages and themes the director intends.

So great westerns were a natural fit. Big vistas and big ideas. Americans literally forging out a civilization from the wilderness – struggling with ideas of justice and duty. Westerns provided a perfect backdrop to write these truths across the wide open sky.  Men entering their houses justified.  We could use more of that sentiment today.

Why Progressives Will Always Fail


As I was working on another post, I had the realization that the Progressives will never be successful in transforming our country into a Leftist state. Their goals are to create a perfect country run by perfect people to create a perfect future. What they never seem to understand is how deeply flawed their aspirations—and they—are.

First, they are the most naïve people among us. No matter how intelligent they are, they have no wisdom. No matter how educated they are, they don’t understand human nature. Regardless of their passion for changing the country and everyone else, they are the ones who are incapable of learning deeply and understanding (as James Madison did) the vulnerabilities and weaknesses of human beings.