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Recommended by Ricochet Members Created with Sketch. Mask Policies Handicap the Deaf


Mask policies handicap the deaf. Many deaf people read lips. You can’t read lips if they are behind a piece of cloth. I have been thinking about this lately because I had a double-ear infection. My ears were all stuffed up, and my hearing was down to less than 20% of normal. Being temporarily hearing-impaired can lead to some real adventures, but being such in the age of COVID Security Theater makes it even more interesting. I find that I can read lips. I was using that to understand what my wife was saying quite a bit while my ears were stuffed up, but when we went out somewhere, it became impossible.

I had a meeting at church dealing with the phone system. The board member I was dealing with is a woman with a very soft voice. Try to maintain six-feet of social distancing while trying to hear what such a person is saying as she is muffled behind a mask. It did not work out well.