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On this special episode of the Resistance Library Podcast Sam Jacobs invites Pedro Gonzalez onto the the show.  Pedro Gonzalez is the assistant editor of American Greatness and what might be called a friendly critic of the Trump Administration. We discuss what went wrong and what a winning conservative movement of the future looks like. […]

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The Greatness of America, Part II: Technology, Medicine and Science


If you read my first post on The Greatness of America, you know that I am on a mission. It is multi-faceted and is designed to fight the Left’s efforts to destroy our souls, to brainwash us into false thinking, and to breed a hatred in us for America. They’ve made inroads in their efforts as they try to intimidate us on social media, destroy our confidence, and endlessly condemn this country. We must refuse to accept their efforts and powerfully push back. To follow this theme, I am going to extol the many accomplishments that America has developed and contributed to the world. This post will focus on the technological and scientific; it is only a primer. So, I ask everyone to contribute more developments to the list.

Only a partial list of medical advances by Americans is overwhelming. Just to list a few, we developed use of ether as a general anesthetic during surgery (1849); five different vaccines—cholera, anthrax, rabies, typhoid fever, and plague—were developed between 1879 and 1897; the heart-lung machine used in open-heart surgery (1935); first polio vaccine (1955); first vaccine for pneumonia (1977); a rough draft of the human genome (2000); and many other developments, all produced by scientists in America. Let’s not forget the amazing Operation Warp Speed that has created several vaccines for COVID-19 at a speed never seen before.

Most of our modern conveniences were developed in this country. Railroads, telephones, telegraph, and cars. We only need to look at the many projects of Thomas Edison, Andrew Carnegie, John Roebling, and Charles Steinmetz to see the multiple technological developments. Television, radio, and telecommunications platforms are ubiquitous in our times. And let’s not forget our labor-saving devices, many developed or improved upon by Americans: the modern washing machine, a modern sewing machine, modern vacuum cleaners.

The Greatness of America: Part I


In my lifetime, I have never experienced such deceptive, malevolent, and destructive actions and behaviors from the Progressive Left. Maybe I was just naïve. Maybe their willingness to speak openly about their own devious behavior is how I’ve become enlightened. As a result, I am making demands of the Left that my government representatives, Senators and Congressmen, have been unwilling to make up until now.

But I take these stands, not with malevolence, but firm determination. I will not let you harden me or make me bitter. I will not descend to your level.

You must stop doing the following:

David French of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America react to New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo slamming President Trump’s ‘Make America Great Again’ slogan by saying, “It was never that great.”  So what do most on the left really believe?  They also shudder at Elizabeth Warren’s plan to make any company earning more than a billion dollars in revenue each year to get permission to operate from the federal government and allow the government to dictate compensation, personnel policies, and who can be on the board of directors.  And while David remembers his own consideration of a 2016 presidential run, they marvel that people like California Rep. Eric Swalwell are seriously considering a 2020 bid.

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The subject is “What is American Greatness?”, and the speakers include Frank Luntz, Dr. Larry Arnn (President of Hillsdale), Sheryl Atkisson, and our own Mollie Hemingway.  Are any other Ricochet members planning on going?  Ray and I are going, and @westernchauvinist and her hubby are our guests.  Dates are April  10 and 11, and venue […]

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The Nation and Dissent vs. American Affairs


One of my friends showed me today one of the few left-right debates available in American political talk. It’s over on Facebook, organized by lefties — editors from The Nation and Dissent. They invited Messrs. Julius Krein and Gladden Pappin, the people who run American Affairs, a journal which many on Ricochet should like. American Affairs offers a thoughtful view of populism and how Americans could take their nationalism (as opposed to importing European ideas of nationalism). American Affairs is more partisan as nationalism against globalism — less partisan as right against left — so it’s more interesting if you think a big shift might be happening in American politics.

This is a long debate, so perhaps listen only to the 20 minutes or so of opening statements. If you’re curious to see how America’s editors can talk to each other across partisan lines, then listen to it all, as I did. I’ll tell you a few things that matter about rhetoric and politics as they show up here.