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Britain Leads on “Race” with a Remarkable Report


Dr Sewell PM Boris JohnsonBoris Johnson’s government has done something important for a world that would regain or retain freedom from the serfdom of the socialist left. When challenged with Black Lives Matter and other Marxist front groups posing as social justice warriors, PM Johnson had a serious commission, comprised almost entirely of ethnic/racial minority members, dig into the real facts, conducting a deep dive into extensive data. The Commission on Race and Ethnic Disparities, issued its report on March 31, 2021.* This report, at 258 pages, is written in clear English, not leftist academic jargon. You must read at least the foreword, introduction and recommendations, as they speak just as clearly to contemporary America as to the United Kingdom.

In response to the massive leftist street violence and claims of systemic white racism, the Johnson government announced the membership of a Commission on Race and Ethnic Disparities on 16 July 2020.** It is a credit to Boris Johnson, and the politically and culturally brave members of the commission, that this report has been put before the British public and the world after only 9 months. No American panel or commission could do as well in twice the time, based on our history of blue-ribbon committees, commissions, and panels. You may be sure that the U.S. Department of Defense reports from the supposed studies launched in June 2020 will be embarrassing pseudo-research by comparison.

Written in the first person, in the voice of the Commission chair, Dr. Tony Sewell, the Forward, introduction, and full recommendations are compelling. What follows is an extensive excerpt, with emphasis added [and a few parenthetical comments by me]. Note the absence of poisonous race-baiting and white-shaming. Note how Dr. Sewell and the commission speak the hard truth about poor whites, especially poor white boys, being in some of the very worst, least “privileged” or powerful positions in Britain. This is likely also true here in the United States.

Toxic Masculinity


The northern corner of New York state that I call home is famous for the rustic beauty of its lakes and mountains and forests, for its pivotal role in the underappreciated War of 1812, and for its long, snowy, and sometimes brutal winters. Being an indoorsy kind of guy with little interest in military history, it’s this last feature that bears most directly upon me.

I’ve been blessed with a robust frame and exceptional physical strength, a product (I suspect) of French peasant ancestry and hybrid vigor. Members of my extended family have tended to be healthy, long-lived, and embarrassingly fecund, which no doubt accounts for the absurdly large number of us. For all that, I’m no longer young. Recognizing this, my grown children decided, a couple of years ago, that it was time I stopped shoveling the new-fallen snow from my 300-foot driveway, a task that always left me sore and winded but that I’ve stubbornly resisted contracting out or delegating. So they gifted me a snowblower.

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When we look ahead at the next four years under a Biden Administration, it’s easy to be discouraged and angry at the prospects. We know that nearly everything that Trump has accomplished will be co-opted as a Biden victory. We understand that the economy will suffer, people will lose jobs, more businesses will close and […]

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Courtesy of the Red, White and Blue


Music isn’t important to me. I like songs that have words that I can hear and that make sense. I enjoy music well enough, but I’m almost completely ignorant of it and my interest is modest, and mostly in the lyrics. I particularly like ballads. I’ve attended five concerts in my life, and four of them were Billy Joel; that’s about my speed.

But my limited social life includes most weekends, an evening hanging out at a backyard fire pit with friends and relatives. Music and adult beverages are an essential part of that event (though I stick to seltzer since I’m the designated driver and drink only at home). Their musical tastes are fairly eclectic, including a lot of bands I’ve never heard of and songs I don’t know, but toward the end of the night we typically switch to old favorites – the nights usually end with patriotic songs, more often than not country-western, a genre I generally like.

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On Tuesday we’re going to get down to cases in America.  Everything is on the line.  And everything that you think is normal right now, today, could be fading or gone very shortly.  The Democrat Party, transmogrified into what amounts to “communism lite,” insanely wants to destroy everything that has made America great: the Founding […]

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Our Safely Circumscribed Future


I find this image peculiarly repellent. Look, I wear a mask when I go grocery shopping. I do it both as a courtesy to those who are worried about the coronavirus and to avoid causing trouble for businesses that have to comply with whatever rule-of-the-day has been handed down from our wise and gracious rulers.

And I try to pay attention to the little arrows that tell me which way I should walk down the grocery aisles. For a guy like me, who already can’t find what he’s looking for half the time, these one-way aisles make my shopping trip considerably longer. But I don’t complain. I’m a trooper. I do what it takes.

At the checkout line, I politely maintain the FDA-approved six-foot safety margin. I’m not a monster, after all. I smile at the person ahead of me, hoping that the crinkles my smile adds to the lines already around my eyes convey something of my bonhomie. We’re all in this lifeboat together, my friend. We’re going to make it.

Join Jim and Greg as they get a kick out of New York Democrat Rep. Max Rose posting a six-second ad just to bash deeply unpopular Mayor Bill de Blasio and hope it means Rep. Rose is feeling nervous. They also wade into the supposedly explosive revelations about President Trump’s coronavirus approach in Bob Woodward’s new book. And they fume as our tax dollars help pay for an event calling for an end to capitalism and even the United States itself.

Ben Shapiro (editor-in-chief for The Daily Wire, host of The Ben Shapiro Show) and Bridget discuss going viral for stupid reasons, how Republicans don’t fight on a cultural level and Democrats do, their impressions of Hamilton, why the book White Fragility is biggest load of horsesh*t in the history of the world, why you should never cross Beyoncé fans, and what led him to write his latest book How to Destroy America In Three Easy Steps. They cover who his pick for president would be if Trump wasn’t running, the dangers inherent in the fact that people think the status quo will never change, why being too secure in your career is a big mistake, Ben’s predictions for what will happen if Trump wins or loses, and his burgeoning career as rap artist B. Shap.

Karol Markowicz joined Ben Domenech to discuss her view of America, including her thoughts on patriotism and her experience as a New Yorker, after having immigrated to the US from the USSR. Markowicz is a columnist at the New York Post and a contributer at The Spectator and the Washington Examiner. 

Markowicz argued Americans should prioritize their country and its needs above political victories. True patriots will want the best outcome for the whole of the nation despite any favor it may bring to their opposing political party. In many countries, she said, leaders have ultimate authority. In the United States, however, the president only has so much power and the power of individuals shouldn’t be underestimated.

John Podhoretz


Based on years of listening to him, and on everything I’ve heard about him, John Podhoretz is a gentle, humane, and thoroughly decent man. I envy him his ability to pluck precisely the right word from his obviously vast vocabulary, and to speak, when he chooses, with extraordinary nuance and precision.

Sure, he’s prone to outrageous hyperbole (a quality hardly unique to him in this, the Age of Trump), is unduly proud of his Judaic morosity, and has a sense of humor that resonates with 12-year-old boys and Jonah Goldberg (but I repeat myself). But still, I enjoy listening to him.

Kick Her When She’s Down


The Wuhan virus was a once-in-a-century health care catastrophe. It would have been a serious problem even had numerous state governors not overreacted and exacerbated what was already a challenging situation (to say nothing of killing elderly nursing home patients by the thousands through plainly neglectful policies).

After weeks of near-panic and crushing economic loss brought about by a malignant microscopic organism (and no, I’m not talking about the Governor of Michigan… though her too), the nation faced an historical challenge: how to begin to restore the shattered dreams and hopes of millions of people whose livelihoods had been wrecked, if not by the virus, then by the policies that followed.



Eighty years and one month ago to the day, Winston Churchill delivered his famous “We shall fight on the beaches” speech to Parliament. That speech, probably Churchill’s finest, is most famous for its litany of desperate battlefields upon which England was prepared to defend herself: on the seas, the beaches, the hills and roads and fields of that tiny but then-powerful nation.

But what I find most moving about it is its conclusion:

Green Shoots in My Community


I live near Little Asia in Mesa. This commercial community has been flourishing, revitalizing a portion of a run-down part of town. The latest good sign is the opening of an H Mart. This is a Korean-American supermarket chain with everything from inexpensive to luxury items. The store opened as Arizona started recovering from the governor’s knee on disfavored businesses’ necks. The parking lot is full, every day. This entrepreneurial audacity is worth celebrating this Independence Day weekend.

H Mart entry sign You can see the lettering on the entry all the way across the parking lot. In huge block letters, this company set out its policy, before any state or local official edict:


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On Brian Kilmeade’s radio show today, he said to his guest that Trump is down in eight different polls, and they can’t all be wrong. All the talk shows have suggestions: Trump needs to call Biden out (of the basement) and ask him how he would handle……lack of law enforcement to respond to emergencies (happening […]

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We Are in Freefall


In a world gone mad, Marxist zombies riot, burn, loot and murder in every major city in America (and many European capitals) over the death of the hero/criminal George Floyd. Corporate America, Hollywood celebrities, etc., fall all over themselves to confess their white guilt. Statues and monuments are torn down and it no longer matters if what they represented was good or not because it’s total nihilism. And the people who are charged with the authority to maintain order and protect us stand by and do nothing.

Under these circumstances, it’s not hyperbole to say that our country is in moral and intellectual freefall.

From Commentary Magazine’s Editors



“We stand against the mob and all its aims. We stand against the chaos and violence, the silencing of debate, the purging of heretics, the rewriting of history, and the destruction of the greatest country in the world. We will defend the most majestic achievement of humankind, the United States of America, against the most ignoble impulse in human history, to tear down that which is good.”

Anti-Americanism Is Rampant and It’s Our Duty to Thwart It


After the deeply troubling and reprehensible killing of George Floyd — a black man at the knee of a white police officer in Minnesota — protests, and then riots, erupted across the country, and even across the globe.

A disgusting ideology is now manifesting itself as a response to this incident — Anti-Americanism. This is an ideology that has been quietly growing in our culture, and it is now out in the open. It must be addressed, condemned, and thwarted for the good of all.

The anti-American movement is now using the killing of Mr. Floyd as a political cudgel to wage war against the United States and our virtuous founding values. Mr. Floyd has unfortunately become a martyr for those who are looking at an excuse to riot, wage war against police, and write off America as inherently bad and racist. Nothing can be farther from the truth.