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On the birthday of the famous children’s author, Dr. Seuss, and a national day of promoting reading, six of his books were ‘cancelled’. The story goes that a “panel of experts” were consulted and they found racial bias in these books. So after 70-plus years, these books are just now found offensive? I looked those […]

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Parler CEO John Matze joined host Ben Domenech to discuss the features of the social media app designed to promote free speech and allow for unbiased, uncensored discourse among users.

Matze said he created the app after seeing the biased algorithms by other platforms such as Instagram and Twitter, which failed to provide people honest content. Parler, he said, serves as a town square where everyone can share their ideas without fear of being removed for disagreeable content.

The Texas Two-Step


In a recent installment of @hankrhody ‘s excellent (and delicious) series on building a computer, he wrote about how to do a binary search. In the comments, I made an oblique reference to a better way to do that kind of matching, referring to something I called the Texas Two-Step.

Now don’t get me wrong; in many situations Hank’s solution is an excellent choice, particularly if you want to do a single, real-time lookup. For a single or only a few lookups, Hank’s way is hard to beat. But what if you want to shuffle the whole deck?