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On this episode of The Federalist Radio Hour, Host Ben Domenech and Culture Editor Emily Jashinsky review how Hilaria Baldwin, Alec Baldwin’s wife, faked being a Spaniard for years and what it exposed about the media’s corruption.

Everything You Need to Know About the Shocking Hilaria Baldwin Scandal


El Sr. y la Sra. Baldwin son de Estados Unidos, no de España.

America has been rocked by a story about Hilaria Baldwin. “Who is Hilaria Baldwin,” you ask? I hadn’t heard of her until a couple of days ago, so I thought some explanatory journalism was in order. I can barely stay awake reading a tweet about Sra. Baldwin let alone read an article, so I’ll summarize what I gathered from scattered mentions on social media.

Hilaria Baldwin is the wife of actor/pugilist Alec Baldwin. I guess his marriage to Kim Basinger didn’t work out so now he’s with this lady. She’s pretty and a yoga teacher, which is the résumé you want to become a rich, old guy’s third or fourth wife.

ACF Middlebrow #16: Jack Ryan


This week, James Lileks and I give you a mini-episode on Jack Ryan, then (The Hunt for Red October) and now (the Amazon series), Cold War and War on Terror, Boomers and Millennials, Soviets and the absent Chinese today, silly shadowy corporate conspiracies and stories of heroism in the national security bureaucracies, the redoubtable Tom Clancy and the rather wishy-washier Amazon, as well as a hilarious fantasy ending that involves a Jeff Bezos-Mark Zuckerberg war. So a Middlebrow conversation with all the fun and insight! Listen, enjoy, share!

Shadow Cabinet Hearings


Driving my three-wheeled very Smart car to the international Mensa weightlifting and beauty contest in the exclusive Kalorama enclave in Northwest DC this week, I passed the newly-constructed 80-foot brick wall around soon-to-be-ex-President “B.O.” Obama’s nine-bedroom faux-Tudor Revival rental.

Exactly 1,100 feet beyond B.O.’s impenetrable new residence, I stopped to admire the lovely minaret atop the expansive Islamic Center of Washington DC. On the curb outside the mosque, I noticed broadcast techs scurrying around a 1967 Ford Bronco and a 1970 Jeep Wagoneer with UHF-TV 12-inch dishes bolted to their roofs.