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The Date of My Last Drink


I am posting this on my 10,000th day of sobriety. My hope is that this post may shed some light on the mindset of alcoholics and addicts, that it may help in reaching desperate people, and those around them. There is a solution!

This is my experience and observations. I do not speak for A.A. as a whole, or other individual members.

A Deadly Struggle; An Implacable Enemy


There was a young woman I would like to say I was close friends with once. I suppose we both might have wanted something more than just friendship, but at the time I lived in Oregon and she in Maine. In the nineties, though the internet was booming, getting closer online was still difficult. More ways to communicate would rise in the coming years, but there was something else that interfered in our friendship. Sara was an alcoholic.

I hear a lot of comments about addiction, but in my experience, it’s a brutal master. Addiction hates you and wants to destroy you. It tells you that you don’t deserve anything better because it doesn’t want you to leave. It tells you that you can’t deal with the pain, so here’s an option that you deserve. I’m personifying it, yes, but this is a summary from Sara’s own description of her struggles. She drank to dull the pain of past abuses. She drank to dull the pain of the world around her.