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Air Combat Over the Solomons


Bill Yenne has been writing aviation history for half a century. Sometimes groundbreaking, his books is always informative and entertaining

“America’s Few: Marine Aces of the South Pacific,” by Bill Yenne is his latest. It tells the story of the two dozen US Marine Corps aviators who achieved double digit ace status: ten or more kills.

All spent time in the South Pacific Theater in World War II, fighting in or from the Solomon Islands between October 1942 and May 1944. A few scored kills outside that period (including one who shot down two aircraft during the Korean War). All achieved double-ace status as a result of their exploits in the Solomons or over Rabaul.

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There is an interesting piece up on NRO today, What If the World’s Most Expensive Fighter Planes Can’t Defeat Our Enemies, by Michael Fredenburg.  His thesis, neatly summed up, is: Despite lavish spending on our air forces; flawed procurement priorities and strategic doctrine, driven by contractors, has put the future of U.S. air power at […]

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