California’s Condom Conundrum


shutterstock_459629524I am on the road quite a bit now. Texas Tech, last week; West Point, on Thursday and Friday; the Hoover Institution in Silicon Valley late next week.

In anticipating the latter trip, I thought back to the year that the Rahe family spent in that neck of the woods and felt a wave of nostalgia. Where else would one stumble across the Church of Self-Realization? Where else is lunacy the norm? Where else does one find the great issues of the day debated?

You may think I jest. So I will offer you an example: the weighty question whether actors who perform in porn films should be required to wear condoms. Yes, that question is on the ballot; and, according to The Mercury News, the polling data suggests that a ban may be passed. There is already such a law in Los Angeles County, and it has caused the multibillion dollar porn industry to do its filming across the border in nearby places such as Oxnard. If Proposition 60 passes, who knows what will happen? The industry may move to Reno or Las Vegas or to, ahem, beautiful downtown Hillsdale.

Econometrics and the Human Spirit


“Thank you, but I reject the premise of this experiment.”

Here’s an EconTalk podcast you’re going to get a kick out of (or is it, “out of which you will get a kick”?). The discussion is about systemic problems with econometric studies and — by extension — studies in general. One of the examples the guest cites is a study done by the Department of Education on Head Start. The study misleadingly showed no benefit to the program. The problem wasn’t bias on the part of the researchers, but rather that human beings make poor lab rats.

Member Post


The Twitterverse, the media, and Hillary Clinton are up in arms about a new pharmaceutical start-up that bought the rights to Daraprim, a drug that helps offset the ravages of AIDS. Turing's CEO explains why the company raised the price of Daraprim from $13.50 to $750 a pill http://t.co/eJrIk01Lej pic.twitter.com/wGBLATpzlv — Bloomberg TV (@BloombergTV) September […]

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