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On this episode of Viewpoint, AEI president Arthur Brooks gives a presentation on “Telling the Human Story” at the AEI/Ricochet Podcast Summit in Washington, DC. The secret to stronger human connection and persuasion isn’t more data, it’s better stories. Neuroscientists and behavioral social scientists have demonstrated this. By learning to share the narratives of our own lives—and paying closer attention to those of others—we can all become more effective and more unifying leaders.

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At the Ricochet – AEI Podcast Summit last week, Bethany, Lyndsey, and Mary Katharine discuss Bethany’s crazy trip down to DC, detoxing from social media, and then empty their purses in front of the audience; you won’t want to miss what’s inside.

At the Ricochet Podcast Summit, Jay’s guest was Nury A. Turkel, who had a grim and horrifying topic to discuss: a new gulag in China, which contains up to a million Uyghurs (a Turkic minority). Turkel himself is a Uyghur American. This issue is personal, national, and international, all three. Something to know about, in a world pregnant with horrors.

Bringing the AEI/Ricochet Podcast Summit to a roaring close was a special edition of GLoP… er, GLo Culture with Jonah Goldberg and Rob Long. They touch on the arduous process of getting a book on to the shelves, the shunning of Apu Nahasapeemapetilon on The Simpsons  and Rob’s star turn as Pontius Pilate.

This week’s music includes Hanging on the Telephone  by Blondie.

For the 100th episode of the Political Economy podcast, James Pethokoukis sat down with Michael Strain and Stan Veuger during the Ricochet – AEI Podcast Summit in Washington, DC.

Though neither mountain climbers nor heads of state, Mona and Jay got a chance to do a summit – the Ricochet Podcast Summit in Washington, D.C. Before an audience, they ran through a slew of issues, including the Koreas, the Nobel Peace Prize, Rudy Giuliani, movies, and books. And music. Both of them had the temerity to suggest what was the greatest pop song ever written. This podcast ends with one of the selections (a Jackson 5 number).

It takes a special occasion to take The Big Show® to bigger things and higher heights. What’s bigger than the AEI/Ricochet Podcast Summit? Try the 400th episode of our aural extravaganza. There are ruminations on the changes in our nation’s capital since the Reagan years, presidential portraits and Korean water heaters. (Yeah, Korean water heaters.) Meanwhile, Peter attempts a variety of new Ricochet marketing slogans.

Music from this week’s show: River of Dreams by Billy Joel.

Steve Hayward and John Hinderaker interviewed Michael Anton, former senior staffer at Trump’s National Security Council and author of the controversial “Flight 93 Election” article from September 2016, at the Ricochet Podcast Summit in Washington. Anton revisited the infamous article, shared his insights about Trump’s political character, and also regaled the live audience with a great tale of what it’s like to be a chef for a White House state dinner.

Senator Marco Rubio (R – FL) joined Avik Roy Thursday morning to kick off the AEI/Ricochet Podcast Summit. Among the topics covered are the future of the economy, the future of the Republican Party, confronting China and the challenges of the 21st Century.

The brilliant Chris Caldwell of The Weekly Standard makes a reluctant-but-brilliant appearance on the podcast, live from the Ricochet Podcast Summit at AEI.

We also talk about a two-word joke told on an elevator that made international news thanks to a nutty Massachusetts feminist.