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Join Jim and Greg as they cheer new Texas Rep. Wesley Hunt for blasting the left’s narrative that conservative outrage over Biden border policies is rooted in racism rather than national security and trying to protect our communities from drug traffickers and human smugglers. They also respond to Hunter Biden imploring state and federal officials to prosecute people for accessing and disseminating his personal materials – a move which also admits once and for all that it was his laptop that President Biden and dozens of partisan intelligence operatives assured us was Russian disinformation. Finally, they wonder why California Sen. Dianne Feinstein insists on delaying the inevitable announcement that she will not seek re-election next year. They also assess Nancy Pelosi formally endorsing Adam Schiff in the Senate race.

Join Jim and Greg as they cheer Iowa becoming the latest state to pass sweeping school choice legislation which gives parents more options on where and how to educate their kids and creates more competition for our schools. They also groan as New York City Mayor Eric Adams complains about the burden placed on his city to deal with the flood of people who entered the nation illegally. The buses from red state governors are a drop in the bucket compared to the numbers of migrants being shuttled all over the nation by the federal government. They also react to Rep. Adam Schiff’s TikTok video complaining about his ouster from the House Intelligence Committee, which he immediately turned into a fundraising pitch just in time for his new campaign for the U.S. Senate.  And Jim reacts to the speculation that Aaron Rodgers could be headed to the New York Jets.

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If Kevin McCarthy is looking for musical inspiration in his battle to become Speaker of the House on January 3rd, he might turn to fellow Bakersfield native, the late Merle Haggard. The country music icon and son of Depression-era dust bowl immigrants from Oklahoma was born near McCarthy’s hometown, a farming and food production mecca […]

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What Happens Now (With Congress)?


Russian revolutionary Vladimir Lenin famously said, “There are decades where nothing happens, and there are weeks where decades happen.” They often qualify as fulfilling the ancient Chinese curse, “May you live in interesting times.”

We’re about to learn whether one or both fits the present. In the meantime, much drama awaits as the 118th Congress, probably the most narrowly divided Congress in American history, begins on January 3rd.



The Right Reverend Adam Schiff and his assorted Elders came to the well of the Senate to save the soul of America. That salvation it seems was in the hands of the pagan Senators who needed Righteousness to be adopted into their hearts. And so Rev. Schiff and the Elders, sent out by Her Holiness Nancy Pelosi, came to convert the Senators. They railed against the iniquity that was keeping Sinner Trump in the Holiest Shrine. They denounced the apostasy that was the questioning of the Holy Resistance and the gossip surrounding those earlier Holy Men who were exacting tithes and offerings from extending beneficences. They enlisted the aid of the Righteous Senator from New York to promote the message and advance the mission whenever possible. They reminded their fellow believers amongst the Senate as to what their religious obligations were.

For 11 days, the Rev. Schiff did direct battle with the unangelic hordes and girded his loins against the sinful depredations of the unholy. He spoke of the Testimony that brought him forth to the Senate and imprecated the Senate to seek their own Testimony if they were as yet unpersuaded. For only through the constant pressure of the realization of evil can the Nation be cleansed. So many have been lured into folly and are enjoying what they falsely believe is “the American Dream” — a world of industry and compensation, of family and community and well-being. They know not what danger their souls are in, denying the One True God of Progressivism. Only by giving Power to the Righteous Progressive Leadership can the people abjure their sinning and carefully, prayerfully, and solemnly come into righteousness and take their assigned position in society. “Embrace your grievances!” “Heal the Earth!” “Make way the Triumph of globalism!” cries the Elect. “Deny individuality!” “Turn away from self-reliance!” “Confess your sin of claiming ‘natural rights’!”

Democrat Concern About Election Fraud


The behavior of Democrats over the past few years has grown more and more difficult to discern from satire. So, whenever I read something ridiculous, I think, “I wonder if this is a spoof?  Hard to say.” But this quote from Adam Schiff during the impeachment trial is genuine. (If it’s not, please let me know, and I’ll edit my post accordingly.)

Apparently Mr. Schiff said the following, without giggling: “The president’s misconduct cannot be decided at the ballot box. For we cannot be assured that the vote will be fairly won.” A Democrat accusing a Republican of possible future voter fraud is too absurd to warrant a serious response.  But several possible responses leap to mind, which would be more appropriately absurd.

For example, Donald Trump could say:

Lies, Cockroaches, and Adam Schiff


“Lies are like cockroaches: For every one you discover, there are many more that are hidden.” – Gary Hopkins

Wednesday night, Adam Schiff claimed that Donald Trump was responsible for the deaths of thousands of Ukrainians by withholding military aid to pursue Hunter Biden, and to interfere with Joe Biden’s run for the presidency of the United States. This is a lie, a very big lie, from someone who has told many lies in the Democrats’ psychotic obsession with removing President Trump from office.

Adam Schiff and Missing Mental States


I am still confused by Rep. Schiff’s repeated claim that Trump must be impeached for attempting to interfere in the 2020 election. I know that Jen Rubin, Bill Kristol, and the wider NeverTrump universe are in near-orgasmic agreement with whatever Schiff says in his anointed role as Trump-Slayer-in-Chief (a title formerly held by Robert Mueller) but I find the logic of this particular charge convoluted. I don’t get it.

Let’s assume that the leadership of Ukraine capitulated to the pressure they did not know was being applied and began the investigations that Trump had requested (which have not yet begun and for which inaction there was never a consequence as would be expected in a quid pro quo— but never mind that now). [Note: See Comment #4 from @kozak below Turns out they were already investigating prior to the Trump request.]

If the investigation were to find nothing, then Mr. Biden not only suffers zero adverse political consequences but could then argue that he and his family were unfairly targeted—a political plus for being a victim. The only way Trump gains an advantage is if the Bidens are in fact dirty, i.e., the absurdly exorbitant payments to Biden the younger did, in fact, purchase the desired influence and protection from Biden the Elder in his role as point man for the US on Ukraine policy. Given the broad, detailed involvement of the Obama administration in the selection of investigative targets subject to Ukrainian anti-corruption law enforcement, it is entirely reasonable to believe that such an investigation is warranted and would be fruitful.

Adam Schiff Subpoenas Phone Records of His Political Rivals


Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA)

There’s a lot of attention being paid to this impeachment theater, but why isn’t there more outrage about Adam Schiff’s subpoena of the phone records? I know Congress has the power of subpoena, but a conventional subpoena has to go through a court where probable cause must be demonstrated. Is there no restriction if Congress does it?

The Democrats Need a Bigger Boat


Pollsters want to know: is America ready for a gay president? Personally, I’m not even ready for the New Deal, so what do I know? I do know that one can no longer marvel in polite company that a dude is married to another dude. Like you, I’ve been informed that Buttigieg’s marriage doesn’t impact my marriage so long as I submit to baking the cake, as it were.

Then again, what is left to marvel at in this primary, other than the fact that Bernie Sanders is not, apparently, donning a sandwich board and channeling Lyndon Larouche? Take the issue of gender. (Please!) The candidates in this race were literally beyond parody even before Warren felt compelled to say that “trans,” “nonconforming,” and “non-binary” women of color are the “backbone” of American democracy. Such posturing is actually funny in Biden owing to his “yeah, whatever” cynicism regarding all things woke. The former Vice President will one moment be praising women for being the only ones who know the pain of childbirth and the next minute acknowledging that yes, men can get pregnant, too.

Meanwhile, in the eleventh ring of the ten-ring circus that is the Democratic primary, the party’s establishment has recruited something called Deval Patrick. Get excited, America! Granted, Patrick doesn’t have the energized and broad-based support of, say, Lincoln Chaffee, but still. Clearly the party elders are concerned that Biden can’t close the deal against Trump and that the party needs a centrist candidate who can also win over African Americans. The establishment’s aim is clearly akin to that of Conservative, Inc.’s desire in 2016 for a Latinx savior to win over Hispanics while putting a nice sheen on amnesty (Marco Rubio). In that sense, the Democratic establishment’s reading of the American pulse is no better than that of their counterparts in the GOP in their 2016 primary.

It’s a no-filter Friday on the Three Martini Lunch.  Jim and Greg start by reacting to the Roger Stone convictions before even starting their martinis.  Then they shake their heads as President Trump goes on a Twitter rant against former U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovonovitch while she’s testifying on Capitol Hill and Adam Schiff immediately overplays his hand by calling it witness intimidation.  Then Jim details the disturbing backgrounds of new Democratic presidential candidates Michael Bloomberg and Deval Patrick, including Bloomberg’s mistreatment of women and Patrick abusing his office to help a relative avoid registering as a sex offender.  And they get some satisfaction knowing that even the finalists in the “Jeopardy! Tournament of Champions” have already forgotten who Michael Avenatti is.

6 Reasons a Senate Trial Would Be a Nightmare for Democrats


Kudos to The Federalist’s David Marcus for an excellent post on the 5 Reasons A Senate Trial Would Be A Nightmare for Democrats. As a former Secretary of the US Senate who is pretty familiar with Senate procedure, I’d like to add a possible sixth: Blocking a “unanimous consent request” or “motion to proceed” to a Senate trial, if permitted under a more expert reading of the rules.

A procedure crafted in the 1950s and first used by the legendary former Senate Majority Leader (and US President) Lyndon Johnson, it always takes unanimous consent – or at least 60 votes to end debate in the 100-member chamber – to proceed to legislation. Thanks to the infamous “Reid Rule,” the 60-vote threshold has been removed for presidential nominations. Any Senator’s power to object to a UC is one very big difference between the House and Senate and gives individual Senators great power.

But for the Senate to proceed to an impeachment trial, the Majority Leader may ask for unanimous consent or could propound a “motion to proceed” to the Senate trial. Most recently, then-Majority Leader Trent Lott did that on the first day of a new Congress in Jan. 6, 1999, for the impeachment trial of one William Jefferson Clinton. No one objected. Obviously, Lott and his Democratic counterpart, Sen. Tom Daschle (D-SD), along with their colleagues, had worked out the procedure in advance, greatly assisted by Senate rules adopted 13 years earlier. Those rules detail the procedure for a trial, and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is highly unlikely to deviate from them without strong bipartisan support. And to be clear, some experts believe those 1986 rules require that the Senate must go to trial upon receipt of the House’s impeachment resolution with no intervening mischief.

Turkish Trick or Treat?


A young veteran reminded me of the truly ancient roots of conflict in the Middle East, pointing to lines we do not even see on the sand and soil. This prompted me to return to a summary sketch I laid aside months ago, after fleshing out an account of what we now call Iran. Then the House of Representatives passed a non-binding resolution condemning the Ottoman Empire for committing the first genocide of the 20th Century…and 12 Republicans joined Rep. Ilhan Omar in opposing the resolution! What? Why? What follows is a single summary of the other three big players, historically, now known as Turkey, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia.

Iran and Egypt can point to the most ancient civilizations, as their progenitors were contemporary regional powers. The clash between them was captured in the ancient Hebrew texts, as the Jewish people were caught in the middle. Saudi Arabia comes next, with claims to punching far above their weight with armies fired by the fervor of a new faith, and more recently of being the secular and religious guardians of the faith. Finally, the Turks can claim to have been the most successful and latest power to rule the region for centuries after imposing final defeat on the (Christian) Eastern Roman empire.

Saudi Arabia:

Adam Schiff Ties the Hands of Republicans on the Intel Committee


When it comes to the Intel Committee, most people are expressing their dislike and disdain for Adam Schiff, who appears to have no intention of following precedent regarding the committee he rules . . . er, leads. We could spend much time parsing the meaning of the telephone transcript, or Adam Schiff’s inability to tell the truth, but I was glad to see the Republicans call out Schiff’s ignoring the rules of the Intel Committee. He’s been busy ignoring or revising the rules to suit his agenda.

Kevin McCarthy finally called for Nancy Pelosi to stop the impeachment inquiry “until transparent and equitable rules and procedures are established to govern the inquiry as is customary.”

From all appearances, the House Intel Committee and Adam Schiff appear to want to control and dominate proceedings and shut out the Republicans as much as possible. I doubt that the Republicans will be able to have him removed. They do, however, have ways to make his rogue activities more difficult.

Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America look forward to Clint Eastwood’s new film about how the FBI and media convinced America Richard Jewell was the Olympic Park bomber back in 1996, ruined the man’s life, and obviously learned very little from this debacle.  They’re hopeful the movie will tell the truth about an ugly chapter in American history.  They also unload on House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff, who was caught lying about his office having contact with the whistleblower before the complaint was filed.  And they react to President Trump not only doubling down on his urging of Ukraine to investigates Joe and Hunter Biden but for China to start investigating them as well.

Schiff Knew of Ukraine Whistleblower’s Complaint Before It Was Filed


The New York Times has reported that Trump bête noire Rep. Adam Schiff (D–CA) knew about the Ukraine whistleblower’s complaint before it was filed. This revelation gives the president’s supporters more evidence that the anonymous CIA officer’s filing is a partisan effort.

Two weeks ago, Schiff claimed on MSNBC that he hadn’t spoken with the whistleblower. Well, his phrasing was a bit more lawyerly than that:

We’re off to an all-crazy start in what promises to be a crazy week!  Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America throw up their hands as President Trump goes on a Twitter rant demanding House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff be investigated for treason and quoting allies suggesting that impeachment could lead to another civil war.  They also unload on Joe Biden and his campaign for demanding that the media stop interviewing Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani.  And they almost start to feel sorry for Hillary Clinton as she keeps talking about winning the popular vote and accusing Trump of being “an illegitimate president” almost three years after the election.

Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America take note of how it took less than 48 hours for Democrats to turn the impeachment process into a farce as House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff opened Thursday’s hearing with a stunningly twisted version of the transcript documenting the Trump-Zelensky phone call in July.  They also walk through the declassified whistleblower report and point out what is likely to matter most as this process moves along.  And they get a kick out of Elizabeth Warren changing her mind on whether it’s OK for the children of vice presidents to sit on the boards of foreign companies.

Could Adam Schiff Lose his Next Election?


Adam Schiff just got some serious competition for his 2020 reelection campaign.

Eric Early is a high powered Beverly Hills Attorney who ran for California Attorney General in 2018 and received almost a million votes, which for a Republican in CA is very good. Now he’s set his sites on beating shifty Schiff in CA-28. We interviewed Eric last month (see below) and when I asked if would run against Schiff (his Congressman) he gave me a wry smile. Watch this race and get more details here: https://ericearly.com/.