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Sarah Shahi (The L Word, Person of Interest, Reverie) actress, producer, former Dallas Cowboys cheerleader, and mother of three, talks about choosing between being an actor and a neurosurgeon, why happiness can only exist in the present moment, and how Robert Altman convinced her to move to Los Angeles. Listen as she and Bridget discuss the mentality of trust-fund babies, believing that if you leap the net will appear – even if it takes years – and how being the daughter of an Iranian immigrant helped shape her discipline, attitude and femininity. Don’t miss her stories about getting rescued from a trailer by Quentin Tarantino, getting cast on The L Word and thinking “L” stood for “Love”, and how a baby chimpanzee kick-started her biological clock.

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I guess you heard about the false missle alarm that went off in Hawaii (a wrong button pushed). The screenshot is something one of the stories showed …and notice the great response to an “expressive” post by a liberal actress. However the great answer that followed had a far lower number of comments and likes. […]

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