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Quote of the Day: Calling Out Fellow Republicans


Gov. Ron DeSantis calls out his own party–

‘If they get majorities in the Congress, I’m sick of them talking,’ he said during the ‘Victory Dinner’ event as dessert was being served. ‘I’m sick of them telling us what they’re going to do. I’m sick of them going on cable and doing this, and prattling. In Florida we don’t just talk, we do,’ he added.

When you contemplate the changes that might actually happen in Congress after the November elections, do you think anything will be different? I think Gov. DeSantis is in the ideal position to lecture Republicans in Congress on actually doing something. He’s repeatedly demonstrated taking action: defying the federal government to assist Floridians regarding the pandemic, protecting our children from early gender training, to the corruption of our school curricula; preventing banks from discriminating against customers who might not fit their criteria for “woke” corporations. He doesn’t just speak out; he initiates legislation and takes the continual onslaught of criticism.