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The words absolutely scream from the printed pages and the computer screens: An Act of War.

It has come from both Democrats and Republicans, including members of the current Administration. But it is especially popular with those that are consumed with hatred for Donald Trump as they wish to paint him as a traitor to his country and unwilling to confront the Russians over their activities during the 2016 Presidential election cycle.


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I admit that I am starting to lose patience with the lies. I am sick of hearing that these are “one-offs” and “lone wolves” and “sick” people. This story really drives it home. These people are willing to do literally anything to win their war with the normal world. There is just no way to […]

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Contributor Post Created with Sketch. Book Review: “Act of War”


“Act of War” by Brad ThorThis is the fourteenth in the author’s Scot Harvath series, which began with The Lions of Lucerne. In this novel, the author returns to the techno-thriller genre and places his characters, this time backed by a newly-elected U.S. president who is actually interested in defending the country, in the position of figuring out a complicated yet potentially devastating attack mounted by a nation-state adversary following the doctrine of unrestricted warfare, and covering its actions by operating through non-state parties apparently unrelated to the aggressor.

The trail goes through Pakistan, North Korea, and Nashville, Tennessee, with multiple parties trying to put together the pieces of the puzzle while the clock is ticking. Intelligence missions are launched into North Korea and the Arab Emirates to try to figure out what is going on. Finally, as the nature of the plot becomes clear, Nicholas (the Troll) brings the tools of Big Data to bear on the mystery to avert disaster.