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Join Jim and Greg as they welcome CNN’s Wolf Blitzer getting a reality check on police work. They also shudder as the far left starts lining up for cabinet spots in a possible Biden administration. And as the Girl Scouts delete an innocuous tweet congratulating Amy Coney Barrett because of complaints from lefties, Jim implores Americans to stand up for themselves and tell the mob to go pound sand.

Join Jim and Greg as they cheer the confirmation of Justice Amy Coney Barrett. They also discuss the Philadelphia police-involved shooting of a man advancing toward officers with a knife and the resulting violence that left 30 officers injured, including 12 in the hospital. And they break down the left’s unhinged reaction to the Barrett confirmation – from immediate calls for court packing to claiming originalism is racist – while Jim points out that the left probably ought to blame Ruth Bader Ginsburg for Barrett being on the court.

Yay for Justice Barrett’s Confirmation! But It Exposed a Major Senate “Fail.”


Conservatives like me, and most notably conservative women and working moms everywhere, have every reason to cheer Judge – now Justice – Amy Coney Barrett’s confirmation to the US Supreme Court. Those of us who adhere to the traditional role of our judicial system under our brilliant Constitution cheer loudest.

But for me, as a former Senate official who loves and reveres Senate tradition, this is bittersweet.

COGIC Defends Judge Barrett


The Church of God in Christ, a Pentecostal denomination whose membership is predominantly Black, released a statement (PDF) in support of Judge Amy Coney Barrett. Here is a key passage:

We must defend the rights of our fellow Christians, of people of other faiths and of
those who hold no faith. Today we stand with, and speak in defense of, Judge Amy Coney Barrett. As black Christians we will not stand by in silence as our sister in the faith is persecuted for the “political crime” of her beliefs.

Member Post


There seems to be some misunderstanding that there will there be a 6-3 conservative majority on the Supreme Court after Amy Coney Barrett is confirmed. John Roberts is not conservative in any meaningful judicial sense, neither interpreting laws based on their original public meaning (originalism) nor through some conservative view. And so, while there will […]

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