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Duderus, Brovaries, and the ERA


From Friday’s LifeNews, I learn that Democrats in the House of Representatives are taking steps to resurrect the Equal Rights Amendment, a move pushed by abortion activists on the grounds that the ERA would provide a sturdier constitutional peg upon which to hang the right to abortion. “According to an analysis from National Right to Life Committee, “Once a court adopts the understanding that a law limiting abortion is by definition a form of discrimination based on sex, and therefore impermissible under an ERA, the same doctrine would invalidate virtually any limitation on abortion,” including “restrictions on tax-funded abortions” and “any federal or state restrictions even on partial-birth abortions or third-trimester abortions.”

Here’s the thing though…according to no less an authority than Planned Parenthood,  “Some men have a uterus.” PP of Indiana and Kentucky sent out a message to that effect last year repeating, for reasons best known to themselves, this assertion 11 times in a single tweet.

The Call to ‘Codify’ Roe Shows How Shaky the Court’s Abortion Decision Is


Sacrosanct ideal. Liberty. Fundamental issue of justice.

That’s just a sampling of the words and phrases 2020 Democratic hopefuls used Tuesday night to describe the destruction of 60 million unborn American lives since Roe v. Wade struck down state-level protections in 1973.

As usual, those children and their mothers—many of whom suffer life-long regret—were notably absent from the conversation, cast aside for a mix of tried-and-true talking points and increasingly bizarre policy proposals.

Quote of the Day: Defending Margaret Sanger on Eugenics


“Framing access to reproductive health care and bodily autonomy as eugenics exposes a fundamental misunderstanding of the racialized gender oppression on which antiabortionists stand. The truth is, the anti-abortion movement was born out of racist and xenophobic concerns about the falling white birth rate—echoes of which you will hear in today’s white supremacist rhetoric.”
— Alexis McGill Johnson, President & CEO, Planned Parenthood Federation of America

This quotation came from the op-ed page of the Wall Street Journal a few weeks ago. Someone had written a piece criticizing Planned Parenthood. Not surprisingly, the president of the organization decided to respond by attacking the pro-life community with an outrageous accusation. Not only are her comments about the pro-life movement untrue, but she completely mischaracterizes the common understanding of eugenics.

To help clarify the record, here are some descriptions of Margaret Sanger’s eugenics work:

But Wait, There’s More!


You have to go looking for this kind of news. You might find it online, but won’t find it printed in the paper. If a local TV station heads out for some brief coverage, you can be certain they will heavily edit any interviews so they can maintain a sense of decorum. After all, we can’t discuss what really happens out there. Our local crime story continues:

“When I saw it on the news, I’m like, ‘If this guy’s that nuts, would he do something like that?’ And evidently, he did.”

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Today the annual Marsch fürs Leben took place in Berlin. I did not attend (still recovering from a broken leg) but have kept an eye on both media coverage and messages from friends who did attend. Quite a few people from Augsburg went this year  and our Auxiliary Bishop, Florian Wörner, organized a group from […]

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Just a Local Crime Story: Midwest Edition


Dr. Ulrich Klopfer died September 3. After his death, an attorney for his family summoned the Will County Sheriff to his rural home south of Chicago. You see, Dr. Klopfer had amassed an interesting collection: Two thousand, two hundred forty-six fetal remains.

Klopfer performed abortions in Fort Wayne, Gary, and South Bend, IN. In 2015, he was brought before the Indiana State Medical Board for violations at the Fort Wayne and South Bend clinics. During the proceedings, he admitted that he had performed an abortion on a ten-year-old girl who, he said, had been raped by her uncle. He also stated that he had performed abortions on 13- and 14-year-olds. He said he was unaware that he needed to report the incidents to police. After all, just because a girl comes in for an abortion doesn’t mean she was abused. Said Klopfer:

Maybe, Baby


If you knew you only had a 1% chance of surviving tomorrow, would you consider that a death sentence? What about 2%, 5%, 10%… at what point would your odds of survival be good enough you wouldn’t feel doomed? And what if you had to purchase your fairly slim chance at survival by risking the life of another? When would you do it? What balance of risk would just barely escape counting as doom?

What if you were the other whose life was risked on the slim hope of avoiding someone else’s death sentence? When would that hope be worth it, and when would it be a forlorn one? How effective must our efforts to lift another’s doom be in order to merit the price?

Evil in Our Midst


So today, the House Judiciary Committee heard testimony about the “Born Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act,” a piece of legislation Speaker Pelosi refuses to allow the House to vote on. Killing a child born in the course of an abortion is illegal; however, neglecting such a child until it dies remains legal. The testimony coming out of this committee is so sickening it had me seeing red:

But OBGYN Kathi Aultman, a former medical director at a Planned Parenthood abortion clinic, testified that nurse Julie Wilkinson — who assisted an abortionist with late-term abortions — told her “that the vast majority of abortions that they performed were done for convenience, not for fetal anomalies or maternal health problems.” …

Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America cheer Fox News host Neil Cavuto for rebutting President Trump’s claim that “Fox News is no longer working for us” and for reminding politicians and media outlets what the job of the press should be. They also cringe as new Pew poll numbers show 82 percent of Democrats believe abortion should be legal in most or all circumstances – a huge jump from last decade. And Jim has a lot of say after former Canadian Prime Minister Kim Campbell states that she hopes Hurricane Dorian hits Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort.

Jim Geraghty of National Review unleashes an epic rant about the re-emergence of Anthony Scaramucci – this time as an anti-Trump figure suddenly loved and respected by the press – and the Trump culture that created the Mooch. But first, he and Greg Corombos of Radio America celebrate Planned Parenthood withdrawing as an applicant for Title X funding for refusing to stop advocating for patients to get abortions – and saving taxpayers $60 million.  And they unload on sanctuary counties in North Carolina and Maryland for letting illegal immigrants go despite them being accused of heinous sexual offenses.

Alexandra DeSanctis of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America discuss the growing discord in Hong Kong, as demonstrators demand their freedom but also fear Chinese intervention. They also discuss  CNN host Chris Cuomo’s rant at a heckler for calling him “Fredo.” And Alexandra unloads on Harvard Prof. Laurence Tribe for alleging that white supremacy and the pro-life movement are intertwined. 

Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America highly enjoy the return of infighting among Democrats, as progressive House members target moderate Rep. Henry Cuellar and Cuellar slams them in return. They also unload on Yahoo! for running a story accusing actor Chris Pratt of white supremacy for wearing a t-shirt featuring the U.S. flag and the Gadsden Flag, and for labeling mainstream conservative groups as elements of the far right fringe. And they roll their eyes as Planned Parenthood removes its president after just eight months, in part because she refused to use trans-friendly language when discussing pregnancy.

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The death of a five month old fetus has made me remember why I morally approve of various forms of feticide and suicide. Recently, a pregnant lady got into physical confrontation with another woman over the infidelity of the father of her child. The non-pregnant lady took out a gun and shot the lady in […]

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The Bad Guys? Part 2


For most of my life, Johnny Lawrence was a bad guy. The student leader of the Cobra Kai dojo in 1984’s The Karate Kid was my generation’s bully prototype. But that all changed last year when YouTube produced a continuation of the franchise centered on Johnny called Cobra Kai. The show is far from great (I skim through several sections in each episode), but I keep watching because I’ve been impressed with how the writers managed to cast Johnny in an entirely different light.

The show depicts an older Johnny as he scrapes up enough cash to reopen his old dojo. Just as he begins to have some success, Daniel Larusso – now a successful business owner – becomes a bully to Johnny, using his fame and influence to smash the upstart business before it can take root in the community.

After only two episodes, I found myself rooting for Johnny and his new Cobras against Daniel, and Daniel’s thoroughly unlikable new protege.

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I was doing some Saturday errands this morning and listening to the radio.  Somehow I landed on a Sirius XM channel called Progress.  Two women were discussing the election and abortion. They aren’t too thrilled with Biden because he hasn’t “proved he’s really pro-choice” what with the whole Hyde amendment issue ya know. Then they started […]

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Alexandra DeSanctis of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America discuss female Connecticut athletes in Connecticut filing a federal discrimination complaint against their state’s policy on allowing biological males who identify as females to compete against biological females. They also talk about The New York Times excluding questions concerning abortion in favor of fluff questions for the Democratic presidential candidates. And they discuss Joe Biden boasting about his past work relationships with segregationist colleagues in the Senate.

New Abortion Laws are Splitting the Right, Too


Compared to many of you, I’m new to the abortion discussion and am self-conscious about taking positions on it. I have never been pregnant nor have I had an abortion. Until about 15 years ago, I was pro-choice. Gradually I have found myself soundly in the pro-life position. Yet the arguments that are occurring, even among those on the Right, have caused me to take a closer look at my beliefs. I thought our having that discussion here about the abortion laws might help many of us learn from each other and clarify our views.

First, there are many states that have decided, with exceptions and no exceptions, to ban abortion. There are a whole range of criteria for whether abortions should be banned and when and how abortions might be legal:

Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America discuss ongoing negotiations between the United States and Mexico concerning border security and tariffs. They also roll their eyes as Joe Biden flip-flops a third time on his longtime support for the Hyde Amendment, which bans federal funding for abortion. And they get a kick out of Alec Baldwin sounding like a politician as he steps away from his Trump impression on “Saturday Night Live” and discuss why Baldwin’s performance never matched the impressions other cast members did of previous presidents.

Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America reflect on the 75th anniversary of D-Day and applaud President Trump’s address at Normandy.  They also discuss Democratic presidential front-runner Joe Biden walking back his position change on the Hyde Amendment and facing criticism from his rivals for not backing  taxpayer-funded abortions. And they get a kick out of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi reportedly telling allies she would rather defeat President Trump and then see him prosecuted than have the House launch impeachment proceedings.

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They claim “Abortion is healthcare”. Yet they vehemently resist regulations that would hold abortion clinics to the same sanitation standards as a vet clinic.  They claim that pro-lifers don’t care about the health of women. Yet check out their reaction if you insist that abortion clinic doctors be able to admit women to a nearby […]

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