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Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America enjoy watching more Clinton campaign fingerpointing – this time at Huma Abedin.  They rip the intelligence community for being willing to offer anonymous stories to the press on Russian election hacking but being unwilling to brief members of Congress.  And they get a kick out of celebrities launching a new video begging GOP electors to reject Donald Trump.

The Joy of Red on Red


The saving grace of the 2016 Presidential election for conservatives is Hillary Clinton’s candidacy and subsequent nomination for the Democrats. By contrast, Donald Trump is so adept at distracting attention from his blatantly superior policy positions with (let’s call them) his personality warts that conservatives are often at each others’ throats defending and attacking him. With Hillary, at least, everyone can pile on with joy when her corruption is exposed (excepting, of course, those conservatives who have actually endorsed Clinton).

So I am hoping at least that the entire Ricochet cosmos is enjoying those zany but adorable couples, Hillary and James and Huma and Tony starring in the latest hit comedy remake of The Honeymooners (“to the moon, Hillary!”). (Perhaps there is a more current metaphor).