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Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah: Mickey Mouse Plans to Shove the 1619 Project Down America’s Collective Throat


I’m going to tip my hand here: I work for the Walt Disney Company. And the Walt Disney Company is easily the most Leftist, politically correct company on the planet. The only difference between working for Disney and the DNC is the characters at Disney are slightly less cartoonish.

Just when I thought things could not become more unbearable – and this is after nearly a year of sniveling, pandering e-mails, and virtual town halls about social justice and how the company is resolved never to give another white man another promotion ever again – today’s Zoom call began with coworkers talking about how “proud” and “emotional” they are to be a part of bringing the New York Times’ race-baiting, historically discredited 1619 Project to the masses as a series of propaganda programs across its television and online platforms.

All good martinis yesterday, and none today.  But we have three doozies for you.  First, Jim and Greg discuss the new Project Veritas expose, clearly showing reporter/anchor Amy Robach blasting her bosses off air for refusing to air her story exposing Jeffrey Epstein and his powerful connections for the past three years.  They blast ABC for engaging in the same kind of cover-up NBC did for Harvey Weinstein.  They also shudder at reports that as many as ten Americans were killed by drug cartels in Mexico, the latest evidence that cartels clearly control key parts of Mexico and may even be more powerful than the Mexican military.  And they laugh at the painfully predictable reaction from liberals on Twitter and far-left columnists like USA Today’s Christine Brennan after some of the Washington Nationals said nice things about President Trump and one even wore a MAGA hat.

Fox Doesn’t Pay Rent; NBC Pulls Hair


It’s Maria Von Trapp, Y’all. Carrie Underwood in The Sound of Music (NBC)

Back in 2013, the executives at NBC decided to hark back to an earlier time in the network’s history and stage a live musical. While the post-show reviews were mixed, The Sound of Music did well, pulling in 18.6M viewers.

Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America tackle four big stories today. First, they welcome the resignation of disgraced GOP Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens. After another Twitter slam against his attorney general, they wonder why President Trump doesn’t just fire Jeff Sessions if he hates him so much. They also discuss the massive shift in opinion on free speech on both the left and right after ABC cancels “Roseanne” after Roseanne Barr’s racist tweet. And they marvel at the fake assassination of a reporter in Ukraine to smoke out the people really trying to kill him.

ABC Cancels Roseanne After Racist Tweet


If you’ve ever encountered Roseanne Barr on Twitter, you know she is a bit … off. She regularly shares insane musings, personal attacks, and conspiracy theories that would make Alex Jones think the chemtrails finally got her. Roseanne’s always been this way, regularly attracting attacks from the left, right, and center. (Remember the conservative reaction to her ugly rendition of the National Anthem?) On Tuesday, she stepped in it big time with a tweet so bad that ABC cancelled her hit sit-com reboot hours later.

Must See TV: The Legend of Don Ohlmeyer


Don Ohlmeyer in 1998 (AP)

There are but a handful of American network executives that can rightly be called legends in the land of television. There were the founders, David Sarnoff and William Paley, the mavericks like Ted Turner and the two men that shaped what I and thousands of others do for a living — live sports production. Those men were a vibrant force at ABC and their names were Roone Arledge and Don Ohlmeyer.

Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America applaud Republicans for backing Attorney General Jeff Session even in the midst of President’s Trumps invective against him, including the warning from Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley that there is no time left in 2017 to consider another person as attorney general. They express their continuing disgust as six Senate Republicans who voted to repeal Obamacare in 2015 refused to do so now. And they fume as former House Majority Leader Eric Cantor admits Republicans never believed they could repeal Obamacare if they took back control of Congress but used voter anger and expectations to win elections. Finally, rumors are swirling that former White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer might join the cast of the ABC reality show, Dancing With the Stars.

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So, who’s watching the ABC miniseries Madoff? I happened upon the miniseries yesterday by chance and decided to watch it. I will admit that I am impressed with the show. Richard Dreyfuss does a good job of portraying Madoff. And Blythe Danner does a remarkable job as Ruth Madoff. It is indeed a good cast. Preview […]

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Live! It’s Television!


A glimpse inside the production truck during Fox’s presentation of Grease.

America seems to have a new fascination with live television. NBC has found ratings success by presenting Broadway musicals such as The Sound of Music, Peter Pan, and The Wiz.