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3D: Still Comin’ At Ya! 


Millions of people stood in line for hours to see the three-dimensional theater in the Chrysler Pavilion at the New York World’s Fair 1939-’40. Eager viewers donned cardboard glasses to see stop motion animation set to bouncy music, of real car parts magically flying around in the air, seemingly right in front of the dazzled audience, before neatly assembling themselves into a Chrysler sedan. It was one of the biggest hits of the future-oriented fair. In fact, it was so popular that unlike most other fair exhibitors, who discreetly cut back their budgets for the 1940 “repeat” edition, Chrysler more than doubled down, reshooting their short 3D film in full color.

The Fair opened before war broke out in Europe; by the time it closed, it was clear to most Americans that the magic of the future was going to have to wait a few years. But arrive it did, with highways, cars, suburbs, nylon stockings, and television. And by the dawn of the Fifties, stereoscopic movies, slides, and comic books were ready to join them, in a brief, spectacular, three-dimensional false dawn. That wave lasted only three years, 1952 through 1954, but to this day, whenever a more modern movie like Back to the Future (1985) wants to evoke the pop culture of the Fifties, the designers have someone don a pair of 3D eyeglasses.

Welcome to the Harvard Lunch Club Political Podcast for August 1, 2018 it is number 186!!! and we call it the “Illegal Printer” edition of the show. We are your 3D printed hosts – totally within the law – radio guy Todd Feinburg and A.I. guy Mike Stopa here, as every week, to read between the lines, dive into the text and explain to you the fine print of the events (some political, some not) of the day.

This week we give a brief account of California burning to the ground which, if you live here like I do, is pretty unfunny. And then we launch into our two topics. This week, we consider the Harvard-Harris poll, recently released, showing that the primary issue of concern to 38% of the electorate heading toward the 2018 midterms is illegal immigration. 51% of conservatives place it at number 1. 36% of swing voters do.