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Join Jim and Greg as they serve up three good martinis to close out the week! First, they cheer CNN contributor Scott Jennings for calmly but firmly confronting American Federation of Teachers President Randi Weingarten over her absurd lies that she was pushing harder than anyone to reopen schools in the midst of the pandemic when she was loudly persistent in keeping them closed. They also welcome the news that West Virginia GOP Gov. Jim Justice is running for U.S. Senate in 2024, giving Republicans their best chance yet to knock off Sen. Joe Manchin or maybe even convince him not to run for re-election. Finally, they welcome the news that Silicon Valley billionaire Peter Thiel is planning to sit out the 2024 cycle after backing and bankrolling multiple weak candidates in the midterms.

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Emily Jashinsky of The Federalist is in for Jim today. Emily and Greg cheer Virginia Lt. Gov. Winsome Sears for powerfully speaking the truth on parenting, guns, and many other issues to Bill Maher on Friday and pretty much every day since she took office last year. They also groan upon hearing the very predictable news that the Chinese spy balloon was actually able to gather intelligence – including signals – despite the Biden administration insisting it prevented that from happening back in February. Finally, they scratch their heads and wonder why former Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson is running for president in 2024 when it appears he’d have little chance even if Trump and DeSantis weren’t running.

Join Jim and Greg as they welcome a new Associated Press poll showing Americans can clearly see President Biden’s weak performance on the economy and his overall job performance. They also groan as the CEO of TikTok tries to dodge questions about whether the app is spying on users and TikTok’s connection to the Chinese Communist Party. Plus, they hammer the Democrats for glibly opposing the effort to crack down on TikTok after agreeing to ban it on government devices last year. Finally, they break down Arizona Sen. Kyrsten Sinema’s strategy of cozying up to the right in advance of a likely 2024 re-election bid.

Ricochet Editor-in-Chief Jon Gabriel is in for Jim today. Jon and Greg think Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is playing it smart by laughing off the regular insults from Donald Trump instead of trying to respond in kind. They also groan as a police detective who was on scene at last year’s school shooting in Uvalde, Texas, says law enforcement took more than an hour to confront the shooter in part because he had a more powerful weapon than that first thought. Finally, they walk through the absurd reparations proposals under serious consideration by officials in San Francisco.

Join Jim and Greg as they serve up three bad martinis. First, they wince as Chinese dictator Xi Xinping visits Moscow to strengthen ties with Vladimir Putin. They also react to Mexico’s socialist president rejecting any blame for the fentanyl epidemic in the U.S. Instead, he blames American parents for not hugging their children enough. Finally, they assess the legal drama swirling around former President Trump, the far left Manhattan district attorney who may be poised to indict Trump, and how legal experts throughout the political spectrum believe the forthcoming charges are very dubious.

Join Jim and Greg as they welcome the House GOP effort to reinvigorate the American energy sector. But they know getting it into law is going to be very difficult. They also react to the Politico report alleging Marianne Williamson is a terror as a boss and routinely flew off the handle and berated staff during her 2020 campaign. Does this matter much in a Democratic primary that’s expected to be a blowout? And did this story arise organically or the Biden team decide to nuke Williamson before she even gets started? Finally, Jim explains how former Rep. Barney Frank would be the villain of the recent bank collapse scandal if he were a Republican. But he’s a Democrat so the media flogging will probably never come.

Join Jim and Greg as they welcome stronger ties among the U.S., UK, and Australia, as the U.S. promises to deliver nuclear-powered submarines to the Aussies made with Rolls Royce engines from Great Britain. How much of a check might it be on Chinese ambitions in the region. They also recoil as Moody’s downgrades confidence in our banking system from “stable” to “negative” while the Democrats try to blame the SVB collapse on GOP policies with a very weak argument. Finally, they shake their heads as President Trump asserts that Florida was already great before Gov. Ron DeSantis took office. But it’s his praise of Republican-turned-Democrat Charlie Crist that is raising the most eyebrows. We’ll examine the progress made by multiple Republican governors there and why DeSantis deserves plenty of credit for his time in office.

Join Jim and Greg as they welcome former Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan’s decision not to run for the GOP presidential nomination. They also cheer Lee Zeldin for imploring Republicans to go fight for every vote by going into every precinct (even the deep blue ones) and sharing conservative ideas on crime, education, economic growth and more. Finally, they enjoy watching Sen. Bernie Sanders sit dumbfounded as Bill Maher asks him to explain the difference between equality and equity. It’s a revealing moment because they are very different ideas that the left tries to use interchangeably to confuse people.

Join Jim and Greg as they welcome a well known woman of the left advising Democrats to take a serious approach to the House investigation of Hunter Biden and the Biden family. They also have a lot of fun with former White House Counsel Greg Craig’s suggestion that the Democrats have an open primary for vice president. It’s obviously a sign of low enthusiasm for Kamala Harris but it’s also a political free-for-all that would be very entertaining – although they know it will never happen. Finally, they roll their eyes as the late night water carriers for leftist talking points take shots at the Department of Energy over the recent COVID lab leak conclusion.

Join Jim and Greg as they appreciate the National Transportation Safety Board explanation of what really led to the train derailment in Ohio – an ignored warning on an overheated axle and not some left-wing fiction about reckless deregulation. Plus, they discuss what this means for Buttigieg’s political future and how President Biden may have stumbled into a stroke of political genius. They also wince at the latest consumer expenditure numbers suggesting inflation may be stubbornly high for quite a bit longer. And they get a kick out of the news that Marianne Williamson plans to enter the Democratic presidential field, but also wonder whether more prominent figures on the left will follow her lead.

Join Jim and Greg as they scratch their heads over the left’s own goal as the foreman of the grand jury in Atlanta does a bizarre media tour ahead of any announced indictments connected to the 2020 presidential race in Georgia. They also discuss the long shot GOP White House bid of Vivek Ramaswamy, with Jim saying this seems highly premature for a guy with no government experience. But they also discuss how presidents with decades in politics – like Joe Biden – prove that’s no guarantee of success either. Finally, they shake their heads at reports that George Santos claimed to make major donations to other Republican campaigns during the 2020 election cycle, but those other campaigns have no record of receiving that money.

Join Jim and Greg as they welcome the news that a far left House Democrat is leaving in June to take a job in the private sector, leaving Dems with one less vote for five months. They also react to Vladimir Putin announcing that Russia is suspending participation in the most recent START agreement that Biden though was such a grand achievement in 2021. They also wonder what the U.S. is really ready to do if China gets more aggressive in aiding the Russian war effort. Finally, they roll their eyes as Don Lemon is allowed to return to CNN but will be required to undergo “formal training” after his comments about women being past their prime last week. In addition, they take a deeper look into the venomous, sometimes racist comments unleashed against Haley because she happens to be on the political right.

Join Jim and Greg offer a quick update on yesterday’s Don Lemon saga before serving up their three martinis for the day. First, they welcome new studies from the Lancet and beyond showing people who developed natural immunity from a bout with COVID did just as well as the vaccinated against future cases and that natural immunity was stronger against reinfection than the jab. Those who demanded getting shots to keep your job or just be part of society will sure to file this news in the memory hole as quickly as possible. They also unload at the California school district that decided to end high school honors classes in English because they were not diverse enough. Jim explains why those school officials took exactly the wrong course of action. Finally, react to several flawed and failed GOP House and Senate candidates from last year gearing up to run again.

Join Jim and Greg as they discuss the frustrating lack of answers from Norfolk Southern railroad or the government for the residents of East Palestine, Ohio, worried about 20 rail cars filled with toxic substances spilling in their community after a derailment. They also light up CNN’s Don Lemon for suggesting that 51-year-old Nikki Haley is past her prime” and so is every woman beyond her twenties, thirties, and maybe forties. The CNN discussion followed Haley’s suggestion that every political figure over the age of 75 be required to take a mental competency test before serving, an obvious reference to President Biden and President Trump. Haley’s idea prompted Delaware Rep. Lisa Blunt Rochester to declare Biden has more energy now than he did in his forties. Jim and Greg aren’t buying it.

Join Jim and Greg as they break down terrible polling numbers for President Biden from two different sources – from approval to specific issues and more. Can the Republicans take advantage?  They also walk through Biden’s decisions on the Chinese spy balloon, with Jim laying out a very compelling case that Biden botched this challenge from beginning to end. Finally, their minds are blown at the news that people are willing to pay nearly $100,000 for a jar of sand purported to be from the spot where Tom Brady filmed his retirement announcement.

Join Jim and Greg as they discuss the FBI searching Biden’s Delaware beach house for classified documents today and reports that the Democrats on the Senate Intelligence Committee are getting increasingly frustrated at the lack of information coming from the Justice Department. They also shake their heads as the HHS inspector general concludes the National Institutes of Health failed to keep close tabs on the gain of function research done in Wuhan and elsewhere that was paid for with taxpayer-funded grants. And they sigh as former Maryland Governor Larry Hogan strongly hints that he will run for president in 2024, even though there’s very little chance he will make any ripples in the campaign at all.

Join Jim & Greg as they discuss formal research into what we’ve known for years – that Russian social media memes made virtually no impact on the outcome of the 2016 presidential election. They also react to reports that classified documents from President Biden’s days as vice president were discovered at his office at the University of Pennsylvania. And they pop some popcorn as Biden tries to pressure the Democrats to move Georgia up in the 2024 primary calendar, while New Hampshire and other states fight to stay at the front of the line.

Join Jim and Greg as they are not only glad there is a Speaker of the House but that the deal got done because Rep. Chip Roy and others demanded a more conservative rules package – that hopefully can pass. They also enjoy watching Mayors Lori Lightfoot of Chicago and Eric Adams of New York City feuding with fellow Democrat Gov. Jared Polis over Polis sending migrants to their cities. And they do a double take at the news President Biden plans to run for re-election as a moderate.

Join Jim and Greg as they weigh in the second day of House Republicans at odds over whether Kevin McCarthy should be Speaker of the House. What is the end game of the McCarthy opponents? Will they force a more conservative speaker or will we get one that’s worse? They also thank Elon Musk and Matt Taibbi for exposing more details of how the FBI and other government entities aggressively pushed Twitter to suspend many accounts from 2017 forward. Are we not at a clear First Amendment issue on this story? And they applaud Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis for his inaugural address that articulates a conservative vision on many issues quite well.