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There.  I came out and said it. It’s a crappy diagnosis.  Though it is one with increasing medical evidence to support the empirical and fMRI observable “phenomenon” associated with this “syndrome”, it’s a crappy diagnosis because it’s a non-diagnosis.  When doctors do not know what to call it, they call it fibromyalgia.  They poke you […]

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‘Evil’ Season 3 and Why I’m a Better Catholic for Watching It


I’m going to keep this short, sweet, and to the point. I’m a failed Catholic. We all are, in that none of us are perfect. I didn’t get married in the Church because the bureaucracy makes me angry. I’m frustrated by marriage preparation and timelines and insistence upon brick and mortar … unless you have enough money.

And so, I was married by a former Catholic priest with similar gripes. With my family, under the sky and a canopy of sequoias, I stated the same vows I would have in the Church but still with a man sanctified and called by God.

Join Jim and Greg as they welcome 2022 midterm assessments from two Democrats that this year is going to be very rough for their party. They also groan as Homeland Security keeps its “Disinformation Governance Board” and taps former Bush Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff as a key adviser. And they preview today’s key primaries before diving into the sheer chaos of the Pennsylvania race, where we still don’t have a GOP primary winner but we do have lawsuits. Meanwhile, medical experts are warning that the Democrat in the race had a more severe stroke than we were told in recent days and is “at risk for sudden cardiac death.”

Medical Errors: When Nurses Do Not Support Nurses


In one of the more recent medical error cases, people on various versions of social media are accusing nurses of being racist for not supporting Christiann Gainey or Angela Martinez.  They have indicated that had these nurses been white like Radonda Vaught, nurses everywhere would be screaming their support from the rooftops.

Unfortunately, it isn’t as simple as the color of one’s skin.  It’s as simple as falsifying medical documentation.

Radonda Vaught Is a Scapegoat


Radonda Vaught is a scapegoat.  Nurses everywhere are in revolt.  If you thought nursing was in trouble before (projected healthcare worker losses in the next 5 years are around 45%), nurses are choosing to quit based upon the precedent in this case.

Let us start from the beginning.

Radonda Vaught was a graduate of West Kentucky University, an experienced ICU nurse, preceptor, and leader at her hospital Vanderbilt University Medical Center.  She had been employed there since 2015 with no previous incidents. She had a clean license and practiced as most nurses do; at the bedside at a hospital. One day, she was caring for her patient Charelene Murphey who was a 75-year-old with a brain bleed (technically a subdural hematoma). The medication error occurred on Dec. 26, 2017, when she was scheduled for a PET scan but was found to be incapable of lying still long enough to endure the study.

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I’m reaching the end of my tether with my job.  It might not just be my job.  It might be my career choice.  Nursing, as it stands, is becoming a really ugly profession.  In addition to job duties (which increase endlessly), there’s the very real legal liability of not being able to perform these duties, […]

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There’s only one phrase a scriptwriter dreads more than “we love it, but we have some notes”: “we love it and have no notes.”

Join Jim and Greg as they cheer the Senate parliamentarian for correctly ruling for the third time that amnesty cannot be part of a reconciliation bill. They also get a kick out of hearing that a number of House Democrats are furious at the man charged with leading their effort to keep the majority in 2022. And they shake their heads at a story showing how even traditional, private, and religious institutions are bowing to woke indoctrination.


‘I Didn’t Pull the Trigger’


Really? That seems unlikely. I mean, that’s how guns work: it’s amazing how unlikely they are to fire if someone’s finger isn’t on the trigger. So, while it’s possible that Mr. Baldwin didn’t pull the trigger, there is about a zero percent probability that he didn’t pull the trigger.

Of course, he didn’t pull the trigger.

Join Jim and Greg as they cheer the Women’s Tennis Association for following through on its threat to take its tournaments out of China after failing to see clear evidence that Peng Shuai is not being censored, not being intimidated, and that her rape allegations are being taken seriously. They also groan as Stacey Abrams runs for governor of Georgia again and wonder how President Trump’s disdain for incumbent GOP Gov. Brian Kemp could influence the race. And they dig into why the media is paying vert limited attention to the ongoing trials of Jussie Smottlett and Ghislaine Maxwell.


Happy Thanksgiving! For your holiday feast, let’s remember our three good martinis following Election Day this year as Jim and Greg rejoice over GOP wins in Virginia, strong showing in New Jersey and other areas Republicans generally don’t do very well, and clear signs that the left didn’t learn a thing from the results.


Join Jim and Greg as they welcome the Cook Report shifting three critical 2022 Senate races from leaning towards the Democrats to being pure toss-ups…and all of them are held by Democrats. They also shudder over the horrific killing and serious injuring of people at a Christmas parade in Waukesha, Wisconsin, on Sunday. And they wonder why the suspect was even free in the first place. And they assess the significance of Chinese tennis star Peng Shuai appearing in public for the first time since her allegations that she was raped by a former high-ranking official in the Chinese Communist Party.

Join Jim and Greg as they relish a stunning Washington post poll showing Republicans with a 10-point advantage on the generic ballot and Republicans with a big edge in the suburbs.  Given those political conditions, they welcome the news that Beto O’Rourke thinks this is is the cycle that Democrats can win back the governor’s office in Texas.  And they fire back as Jen Psaki suggests rapidly rising energy prices are proof we need to move away from fossil fuels and left-leaning media suggest the real story in this economic mess is that we need to lower our expectations.

Join Jim and Greg for all good martinis today! First, they celebrate Glenn Youngkin’s win over Terry McAuliffe in the Virginia governor’s race and other good news for GOP candidates in Virginia. They’re also pleasantly surprised by the very strong showing by Jack Ciattarelli in the New Jersey governor’s race, suggesting Republicans can be competitive just about anywhere next year if they play their cards right. They react to Democrats and liberal media pundits learning nothing from the election results and preparing to double down on the same failed strategies. And they highlight more results from around the country that give conservatives reason to smile.


Join Jim and Greg as they welcome a Quinnipiac poll showing Republicans actually leading Democrats on the 2022 generic ballot. They also stunned in disbelief as Chicago prosecutor Kim Foxx refuses to press any charges in a fatal gang shootout because the deadly violence involved “mutual combatants” who willingly took part. And they shake their heads as there is considerable disagreement among government officials over whether booster shots are a needed for most people who have been vaccinated.

Jim is back! He and Greg get a kick out of Democrats already blaming voting reforms in red states for their forthcoming losses in 2022. They also groan as American optimism for the next year plummets over the past three months and President Biden seems poorly positioned to address the many concerns. And they throw up their hands as the Biden administration continues to hold the door open for COVID-positive illegal immigrants but refuses to allow vaccinated Europeans into the U.S.

Rob Long in for Jim today.  Rob and Greg get a kick out of Democrats in multiple states gearing up for 2022 by not mentioning they are Democrats or by criticizing their own party. They also shudder as economists expect this inflation to last for years and media acts like Biden policies have nothing to do with it. And they discuss how horribly wrong President Biden was in claiming the illegal immigration surge at our border would taper off when the summer heat arrived.

Blake Masters for Senate in Arizona


So here’s a young man running for an Arizona Senate seat in 2022. Were he to win, that would help get the GOP back in the majority, if nevertheless in opposition. His name is Blake Masters. He runs Thiel Capital for Peter Thiel. Masters is a populist running on two issues: The border wall and the restoration of the middle class. His idea, which has made him the enemy of all liberals, most of America’s elite, is that a family should be able to do alright on one income. I dunno the guy personally, we are no closer than what are called Twitter mutuals, but I’m writing to get you to support him. His politics is like J.D. Vance’s and I’m for that guy, too. I think with such senators, the GOP will finally treat its electorate with respect & take America’s troubles seriously. Once their fellow Americans get them elected, these men are very likely to retire after two terms or so. You will get public spirit instead of dooming the country to the incumbency of vaguely polished mediocrities. Do everything you can, friends!