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A Day in the Lives of Monsieur et Madame Mak Sean


They had her kneeling on the shore facing the water. “I was waiting for the blow” recounted my grandmother of that mid-December day in 1978. 

A few days before, grandma and several other women in the village were ordered to the river to make prohok, as it was prohok season. The morning of that fateful day, one of the women was granted permission to go home later in the day. Grandma stashed away three fish carcasses to send along with the woman to my mother and her siblings. Mom and her brothers could salt and grill them to eat in the morning, all in secret of course. The village official found out and the security force brought grandma to the shoreline. As recounted later by survivors, one method of single killing, if one lived near a river, was to bash the head or slash the throat of the victim and push him/her into the water (bullets were too valuable). Another method was to take the victim to the middle of the river and drown him/her (happened to the daughter of our family’s friends, her father watched quietly from the shore). 

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Maybe you saw it on a mug: “Sailing is Life” or something similar. “Sailing” conjures images of serene moments in a sunset with calm seas all around. Racing a sailboat paints a different picture, and, if we may amend the statement, I must offer “Sailboat Racing is Life.” Let’s jump in with both feet. Choosing […]

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A Day in a Life – Bomber Alert (1988)


Major T.J. Kong (actor Slim Pickens) upon learning that an unexpected “go code” had been received directing the B-52 airborne nuclear alert crew to bomb targets inside the Soviet Union.

Although Stanley Kubrick’s 1964 movie, “Dr. Strangelove”, focused on the MADness of the MAD (Mutually Assured Destruction) strategy of the Cold War, his side story depiction of a 1960s airborne B-52 aircrew bore some resemblance to people I served with many years later while flying B-52s and on bomber ground alert from 1985 to 1989.