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November 2020: First- and Second-Order Effects


Actions have consequences. Sometimes the consequences are immediate, the direct result of a primary cause. Those are the easiest consequences to anticipate. Sometimes the consequences occur much later, part of a rippling wave of alternating effects and causes that grows ever more tenuous as it recedes from the initiating event. Occasionally it works the other way around: a seemingly minor action initiates a chain of events that grows inexorably toward a dramatic conclusion, a product of positive feedback. These are relatively rare, almost always unanticipated, and occasionally catastrophic.

In November we will either re-elect the Republican candidate or we will elect the Democratic candidate and, perhaps more importantly, his running mate. It’s plausible to assume that, following the election, the Senate will be in the hands of whichever party wins the White House. The House of Representatives, currently under Democratic control, is likely to remain under Democratic control barring some unforeseen groundswell of Republican turnout.

Because we’ve had four years with this President in the White House, we can make a prediction about the immediate effects of his re-election based on his past performance. Let’s consider what those immediate effects are, and are not, likely to be.

Join Jim and Greg as they applaud former New York Times opinion writer Bari Weiss for resigning and blasting the Times for becoming a forum only for the far left. They also chronicle Joe Biden’s ongoing embrace of the Bernie Sanders agenda, which is curious since he was nominated for not being Bernie Sanders. And they dissect the ego and delusion required for New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo to create a poster to explain what a terrific job he did handling the COVID outbreak in his state.

Don’t Worry, 2020 Survivors: The Worst Is Yet to Come


We entered 2020 with fears about World War III. And that was the high-water mark.

Rewind your memories to the distant era of January when President Donald Trump killed Qasem Soleimani, the mastermind behind Iran’s deadly Quds Force. Many worried it would start a global conflagration resulting in even more deaths than the GOP tax cuts or the repeal of net neutrality.

How naive we were. Within weeks, we had a new set of crises. The US House of Representatives impeached Trump and the Senate saved his orange skin.

Join Jim and Greg for three crazy martinis today! First, they wade into the battle over how schools should open, with President Trump and teacher unions unsurprisingly on opposite sides of the debate.  Jim offers a highly entertaining theory on how a recent head injury may explain some of his troubling decisions. And they have a lot of fun dissecting the new presidential campaign of Kanye West.

The “Flight 93 Election”


Way back in 2016, before we knew for sure that the Obama administration had weaponized the Department of Justice and was using it to tamper with an election, and ultimately to undermine an incoming administration, the upcoming presidential election was described by some as a “Flight 93 election.” Flight 93, of course, is the plane that was brought down in a field on 9/11 by a group of heroic passengers who were determined not to let Islamic terrorists fly the plane into a building.

The idea is pretty simple: some believed that it was crucial that we win in 2016 because another four years of Democratic control could put the nation on an irreversible trajectory to ruin. The analogy with Flight 93 has to do both with the desperation of the situation and with the slim hope for success. In the event, the passengers of Flight 93 died as heroes but died nonetheless. America was more fortunate in 2016: we gambled on a Republican candidate about whom a great many of us were skeptical, and we won more than many of us expected or even hoped.

Join Jim and Greg as they discuss the stunning hypocrisy of Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer and her husband and other Democratic governors over Memorial Day weekend.  Greg also shares a very disturbing story about voting by mail in his home state.  They also shudder as President Trump spend time on Twitter trying to implicate MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough in the death of a congressional intern nearly 20 years ago.  And they react to economic officials from the Clinton and Obama administrations admit they are terrified that the economy could be rebounding by Election Day.

Member Post


I don’t mean to be rude to the presidents supporters but I’m not sure it has sunk in just how much trouble he is in for re-election.  Firstly Trump won the most unlikely electoral college win maybe of all time. He benefitted from Democrats overconfidence which led enough of them to stay at home in […]

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It’s all crazy martinis today! Join Jim and Greg as they respond to MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski begging Twitter to start censoring Trump’s tweets.  They also have little use for Matt Lauer re-emerging and portraying himself as a victim. And they unload on the bizarre coverage of Joe Biden’s options for a running mate, drooling over the thoroughly unqualifed Stacey Abrams while doing no work to research far more viable options.

Happy Friday!  Join Jim and Greg as they welcome moderate Democrats stiff-arming House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on her $3 trillion liberal wish list. They also defend CBS News reporter Catherine Herridge after a Biden campaign figure, other Democrats, and liberal media attack her for getting scoops on the Michael Flynn and Obama administration unmasking stories. And they shudder to think what four years of watching Joe Biden fail to complete a coherent paragraph would be like.

Join Jim and Greg as they react to Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman Richard Burr stepping down from his committee post as the FBI investigation deepens into his coronavirus-related investment decisions. They also assess why Joe Biden keeps moving far left even though he has the Democratic nomination wrapped up. And they recoil as those quick-response COVID tests used by the White House and other places are found to deliver false negatives anywhere from 33-48 percent of the time.

Hey, we actually have a good martini today! Join Jim and Greg as they welcome the apparent news that the Biden campaign is not seriously thinking about Stacey Abrams the running mate to a very wobbly nominee. They’re shocked – although in some ways pleasantly shocked – to see former longtime New York Times figure Martin Tolchin publicly admit he doesn’t want justice or an investigation of Joe Biden in the Tara Reade matter, he just wants a coronation of Biden from the media. And they cringe at the imagery of a SWAT team forcing a Texas bar to stay closed after the bar owner brought in second amendment activists to protect the reopening.

Join Jim and Greg as they break down Joe Biden’s Friday morning interview on MSNBC to discuss the Tara Reade allegations and more. They applaud Mika Brzezinski for asking some tough questions and following up when Biden failed to answer the questions. They also hammer Biden for his insistence that his records at the University of Delaware cannot be opened up and discuss why his assertions that Reade’s complaint would be in the National Archives is wrong. And they shake their heads as die hard Hillary supporters think Biden’s problems could end up with Hillary as the nominee.

Join Jim and Greg as they walk through the Texas plan to re-open the economy that’s drawing rave reviews, but they also discuss whether re-opening should be statewide policy or based on local conditions and why Democratic governors are getting far less grief for re-opening than Republicans. They also walk through Politico’s cringe-inducing apology on how badly it mangled its story on debts President Trump allegedly owed to China. And they react to the fury of the Bernie Sanders campaign over New York’s decision to cancel its presidential primary.  Is this a case of Sanders focusing on politics over the health crisis in New York or is it imperative for states to find ways to hold elections regardless of the conditions?

Join Jim and Greg as they celebrate the end of the Bernie Sanders campaign, knowing an avowed socialist will not be president. They also weigh in on the thorny debate over how much our private health data ought to be available to the government as it navigates the COVID-19 crisis. And after forgetting Lincoln Chafee was running for president as a Libertarian, Jim and Greg comment on his second straight campaign implosion.

Today, Jim and Greg applaud the practical approach of Dr. Fauci on chloroquine. They also grumble as Nancy Pelosi and Andrew Cuomo are still not sold on the COVID-19 relief bill, and Jim unloads on Bernie for still focusing on the 2020 campaign.


We have two good martinis for you today as America continues to go through the COVID-19 challenge. Join Jim and Greg as they welcome news of two different drugs that that seem to be effective in treating and even preventing coronavirus. They also wave goodbye to Republican William Weld and Democrat Tulsi Gabbard as they exit the 2020 presidential race with a whopping three delegates between them. And they have some choice words for the college kids on Spring Break showing little regard for their fellow citizens.