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RepubliCAN’T Willful Failure: Juneteenth Holiday


Juneteenth started as an informal Texas holiday.* Last year, at the height of street violence in the name of racial justice for Blacks, the Republican-controlled Senate could not be bothered to push through federal legislation, sponsored by the senior senator from Texas, John Cornyn. This was the sort of legislation that President Trump loved to sign, and would have played right into the heart of his political strategy to make every ethnic and racial group electorally competitive, not the taken-for-granted electoral “property” of Democrats or Republicans. Now Chuck Schumer showed exactly what Mitch McConnell could have done, but chose not to do, out of contempt for Black Americans, or cluelessness, or a burning desire to tank the 2020 election.

Senator Chuck Schumer, acting like a real Senate Majority Leader, put forward a motion for unanimous consent on Senator Cornyn’s legislation making Juneteenth a federal holiday. This led to immediate passage after RepubliCAN’T Ron Johnson finally abandoned his “principled” opposition, used by McConnell last year to tank the bill put forward by Republican Senator Cornyn before Juneteenth. Ron Johnson’s laughable objection was the supposed $400 million dollar “cost” of one less workday, converted into a paid federal holiday. Johnson even tried killing the Republican bill last year by proposing an amendment eliminating Columbus Day in the trade-off. In an era of multi-trillion spending bills and annual budgets, $400 million is a rounding error. It is a joke, an insincere objection.

Last year, President Trump followed the long tradition of issuing a Presidential Message for Juneteenth from the White House [emphasis added]:

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Clever minds have been at work amidst Democratic circles in the US Senate to find a way to circumvent the filibuster – that pesky Senate Rule 22 provision that requires a three-fifths supermajority to end debate and bring a matter to a final vote. But the Democratic caucus isn’t unified, at least yet. Senators Joe Manchin (D-WV) […]

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The Latest Woke Boycott – Against Coca-Cola


Welcome to our world of wokeness. It is not a nice, tolerant, or intelligent place. But it does spark a sense of humor, at least among normal Americans, at least until they find themselves in the sights of our aspiring overlords.

Cancel culture, as many of you should know, is not without funding and organizational support. I’ve seen and experienced it first hand. So have many corporate executives, who find themselves inundated with a sudden barrage of simple, scripted bot emails and phone calls from what seems like an “organic” movement (hint: it’s not). Boards of Directors seem to get them as well.

The Carrion Class


The coalition now aligned against Trump shares something. Many, if not most, profit from human misery. At the same time they are isolated from the effects of human misery themselves. This is doubly true for the most vocal among them.

They are rarely individuals who produce things. They are not those who raise crops, fish, ranch, extract minerals, work in factories, or engage in construction. In large numbers those folks support Trump. Those who oppose Trump are not the men and women who repair machinery or maintain our infrastructure, haul goods, collect the trash, or clean our streets. Again, the folks with dirty jobs largely support Trump.

They are not those who protect others at peril of their own lives: the military, firefighters, or police. Some of those running those institutions – the ones with desk jobs safe from the consequences of being on the sharp end – oppose Trump. Most of those who actually risk their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor, each day to perform their jobs will likely vote for Trump.

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The debate over voter fraud, or the potential for it from increasing reliance on “vote by mail” (where you’re mailed a ballot you didn’t ask for) and “absentee ballots” (where you requested a ballot to be mailed to your home, work, or elsewhere), is highly relevant for the Nov. 3rd election. A couple of reasons […]

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It’s Just Biden Being Biden


If you had your money on “A Former Canadian Politician” in the “Who Is Biden Going to Plagiarize In His Acceptance Speech?” office pool, cash in your chit and collect your winnings.

At a speech at the Democratic National Convention on Thursday, Biden’s final address included the lines, “For love is more powerful than hate. Hope is more powerful than fear. And light is more powerful than dark.”

Republicans Out Registering Democrats in Pennsylvania – By a Lot


Well, this is a surprise. Here in Pennsylvania, Republicans are out-registering Democrats. By a lot. At least recently.

Since the 2016 primary elections, Republicans have added at net 165,000 voters their rolls, while Democrats have added 30,000. Democrats still have an 800,000-voter lead over Republicans in the state, but that number is down from 936,000 just four years ago when President Trump won the state by roughly 44,000 votes or less than 1%.

This is quite a switch from recent years when the GOP was being consistently out registered by Democrats (and even somewhat more so by people moving their registrations to Independent, or non-affiliated). While larger counties (like mine, Delaware County in suburban Philly) continue to veer left, PA’s voluminous smaller counties are becoming increasingly Republican.

Winning in November by Burning Jobs Down


We are witnessing a coordinated campaign of domestic political violence intended to impose governing results that the leftist controlled Democrat Party fear they cannot get by the ballot box. We know, it is a matter of public record, that Democrat insiders were fearful that the economy would recover enough to yield President Trump’s reelection. If he is reelected, the Republicans likely hold the Senate and have a shot at the House. The Democrats will do whatever they think might stop that outcome. Period.

We have actual coordinated Black Shirts conducting devastating and destructive violence across the nation. The states have been given the chance to take the measure of their local elected leaders. Some have been weighed in the balance and found doubly wanting, by the pandemic response, and by the response to the oldest imperative of any government: providing basic security where its writ runs.

Now it is time for President Trump to vigorously exercise his full constitutional authority. We need street-level security and a large series of lightning pre-dawn raids executing federal warrants on the command and control and logistics/finance centers behind this insurrection. We need Lindsey Graham to shut up and focus on the deep state coup members, not serve as a useful idiot or fellow traveler by giving legitimacy to the lie of systemic police violence and racial injustice. Attorney General Barr seems quite capable of keeping all the balls in the air.

Elections Have Consequences: A Tale in Two Tweets


From the local executive and judges to the presidency of the United States, all offices matter. People who have long been complacent, accepting of local officials, have had their eyes opened by public officials’ responses to COVID-19. Those offices and names way down the long ballot are suddenly obviously affecting peoples’ lives. Now, We the People are without excuse this election year and in the off-year elections ahead. Elections have consequences for you and me. Consider the local office of an elected judge.

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Former Vice President Joe Biden and presumptive nominee for the Democratic nomination is close to naming the members of his Vice Presidential search panel this week, with the goal of naming two to three potential running mates for final vetting. Earlier this year, Biden decided to play gender politics and made the public commitment to […]

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White House Press Corps to American People: Hold My Corona


On Leap Year Day, President Trump made a second appearance in the vipers’ pit that is the White House Press Briefing Room. The lying media lived down to their nature, proving once again why they should only be engaged under the roar of Marine One’s engines. These creatures are salivating at the thought of you or your loved ones dying or losing your job or nest egg, and are desperately beating the drums for a catastrophe that will sweep them and their politicians into permanent power.

Happiness For You is A Horror For Them


Happy days are here again. John Hinderaker shared a chart showing Americans of all demographics are optimistic about their future, a chart that must have killed the Bloomberg enterprise to publish. The White House just keeps rolling out the barrel of new good news. What is a leftist to do? Why, mash the old “ism” buttons harder!

Give the Bloomberg crew credit. They make the worst of the good news about American optimism that they can:

Important, Timely (nod to Speaker Pelosi) Questions


It’s “time,” as Speaker Pelosi might prayerfully suggest, to get answers to these perplexing questions.

On Joe Biden and the impeachment:

Question 1: How, in an extended Senate impeachment trial, will continued daylight directed at the various Biden family entrepreneurial activities help ol’ Joe politically?

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Jesse Watters of Watters World just did a segment on people asking him what is going on with Drudge, and why his headlines have turned negative towards President Trump. I noticed the same thing for some time. I used to start my day on line for news updates as follows: Drudge Report, Watch.org and Ricochet […]

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Number one and Number two gone! This actually described President Trump’s announcement that our Special Forces nailed the No. 1 and No. 2 leadership of ISIS this week – huge news and accomplishment! The leadership behind mass murder, terror, beheadings, rape, kidnappings and torture has gone to meet his 64 virgins in paradise, and his […]

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The Rime of the Ancient Libertarian


“I used to be a registered Libertarian and I have the Gary Johnson yard signs to prove it.” 

Think back into the past with me, back to the dark days of April, 2016. Bernie Sanders has become the first (and I believe only) American Presidential candidate to receive an invitation to meet with the Roman Pope, Hillary Clinton is lapping up primary elections like an old dog about to die, and that joke candidate from the 2012 Presidential election, Donald J. Trump, just won’t stop winning.

Kevin Williamson of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America applaud Texas Rep.Elect Dan Crenshaw for forgiving Saturday Night Live’s mocking of his war injury and using the opportunity to explain how all of us can best honor veterans.  They also shudder as more Hillary Clinton acolytes insist she is planning to run for president in 2020 and will once again try to reinvent herself.  And they discuss the avalanche of Democrats planning to run for the White House in 2020, including many obscure figures who have virtually no chance of winning the nomination.