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Trump vs. Biden: A Character Study


I’m going to ignore policies in this post. By now, I think we know where each candidate stands on particular issues. I want to focus on their character. The media constantly tells me how Trump is an awful, malignant human being, and that alone should disqualify him for office. I’m then told that Biden is the polar opposite of Trump, and would return prestige and decency to the Oval Office. I don’t agree with this at all. Here’s why:

Work ethic: Donald Trump was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. Point against him, but that’s out of his control. He could have lived off of his inheritance for the rest of his life, but he chose to work in a highly competitive industry. I think that says something about character. Joe Biden has been in politics for his entire life. He dabbled in law briefly but otherwise doesn’t have any private sector experience. Thirty years old and he’s going to tell the rest of the world what to do.

Inappropriateness: There are several videos and images of Biden acting strange around women, sometimes underage women. He has been quite liberal with his hands and you can see how uncomfortable these women (and girls) are in the various Biden memes that are out there. Trump almost had his 2016 campaign tanked when the tape came out of him stating that women liked when he “grabbed them by the p***y.” He was making a crude statement, in private, about hypergamy. That’s not the same thing as rape. I do not think Biden is a rapist. But I’ve heard excuses for the way he gropes women such as “that’s just the way men of his generation act.” I ‘ve never seen Trump do anything like that and Trump is almost the same age as Biden.

David French (The Dispatch, Time) stops in to talk about his latest book Divided We Fall: America’s Secession Threat and How to Restore Our Nation. He and Bridget cover how he sources his news, the liberation of shedding the partisan mindset and meeting in the wasteland of the center, the rise of journavism, being expelled from your tribe, taking precautions against being “swatted” by online trolls, and the times they wonder if it’s worth it. They discuss the differences between this election and 2016, take issue with the idea of voting for “the lesser of two evils” when the response should be “don’t vote for evil,” examine how our rage and hatred are what will destroy our country, and ask the question, what kind of country do we aspire to and how should I behave as a human being to try and reach this aspiration?

Joe Biden Says He’s Not a Catholic


The term “Catholic” is in countless opinion column titles as we look to this year’s election. A short discourse about what a “Catholic” is may be helpful. It’s actually quite simple, but to understand it requires one to know a bit of history.

Two thousand years ago a Jewish rabbi named Jesus was crucified outside the walls of Jerusalem for claiming that he was the Son of God. His 11 closest followers, called apostles, claimed he rose from the dead and continued to teach them for 40 days before he ascended into Heaven. They then went throughout the known world, Rome and elsewhere, telling people about this man and what he had taught them about who God is. They appointed successors to carry on their mission. Those successors are today’s bishops of the Catholic Church. For 2,000 years, the teachings of that Jewish rabbi have been handed down, illuminated, and protected by those bishops who, with the Bishop of Rome (a.k.a., the Pope) preeminent, are in communion with one another about what the Church “binds on earth” (Matthew 16:19).

Trump Needs to Fill the Court Before the Contested Election


I don’t do a lot of social media, other than R> and Instagram (I joined so I could videochat with my daughter traveling in Japan; I stayed because I love posting), but what little I do has been filled for the past day and a half with anguished commentary about RBG and the need to preserve her legacy and burn down Congress and rise up etc etc.

It occurred to me that Susan Collins and her ilk might be persuaded that filling the seat is important if they remembered the 2000 election and the necessity of the SCOTUS to decide the winner. We all know that 2020 is going to be one of the craziest elections of American history, and having a SCOTUS ready to decide may be very very important for the future of the Republic.

The Anti-American Violence Plaguing the US and How to Solve It


The United States of America is increasingly under assault from an anti-American mob that has gained mainstream prominence across the country. This mob has ravaged major US cities for weeks on end, torn down historical monuments, and murdered innocent citizens.

At a recent Oakland “Black Lives Matter” event, “protestors” chanted “death to America” — an anti-American death threat used by Iranian government officials. These same “protestors” hurled projectiles at police officers, set trucks on fire, and vandalized buildings.

In some sense the United States was an innovation, a bold experiment that turned into a spectacular success. According to Bret Weinstein, this success is proof of concept, and the system devised has been wildly successful at producing well-being, though unfairly distributed to certain population groups. The solution is not to un-invent the system, it’s to figure out how to correct the unfairness. The system needs an adjustment. Bret believes that Unity 2020 is our way to break the corrupt duopoly holding this country in gridlock and sowing division between Democrats and Republicans. A biologist and evolutionary theorist, Bret’s background is in studying complex systems and the evolution of humans in particular. He outlines his innovative and bold plan to galvanize disaffected voters, force both parties to meet in the middle and affect a lasting change in the way this country is governed. Will it work in 2020? Is there time? If not, what can we hope for in the future?

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I received a video recording of a mama and three bears at a neighbor’s, located across the street from a beach house that I manage. The mama bear was huge, straddling the back fence, with her snout facing a delicious bird feeder. The family who spotted her grabbed the camera. The audio says “there’s at […]

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Praise Where Praise Is Due, Care Where Care Is Due


President TrumpPresident Trump started September on his feet, on the road, and fully coherent, doing what presidents are expected to do in Wisconsin and North Carolina. This is in marked contrast to Joe Biden, whose words briefly became more of a tossed salad than Trump’s supposed ramblings, when he belatedly reacted to DNC prompts after bad polling on the Democrat’s street violence campaign. Biden’s reaction was to avoid any mention of leftist forces of intimidation and destruction, see the Biden Pittsburgh transcript for yourself. President Trump called him and the rest of the Democrats on this immediately in the Monday press briefing.

America saw President Trump on the ground in Kenosha, praising law enforcement, promising millions of dollars to rebuild the area destroyed by leftist black bloc militia before the Democrat governor finally relented and accepted federal assistance in the form of federal dollars and National Guard troops from more than one state. He then appeared on a stormy day in North Carolina to praise the state, the people, and our nation’s history of doing great good in the world.

Monday, August 31, President Trump started the week standing in front of hostile reporters, in stark contrast to Joe Biden. Here are his press briefing remarks, in part [official video here]:

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Today’s “racial justice” icons are markedly different from early civil rights icons. Few of the black men held up as martyrs of alleged institutional racism over the past decade measure up to Rosa Parks. The four innocents murdered in a 1963 KKK bombing of a black church, and the terribly disfigured body of Emmitt Till, […]

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In 2018, a retired Air Force colonel, an A-10 pilot with the usual combat experience, decided it would be easier to be elected as Senator than to earn reelection in a “purple” congressional district. Martha McSally ended up +1 in the RealClearPolitics rolling average of polls, against a movement leftist who had previously showed up […]

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President Trump has been all around the country this summer, talking to audiences of various sizes, talking face to face with officials and members of the public. He has tightened his stand up news conferences to about a half hour and keeps talking to the press scrum on his way to Marine One. By contrast, […]

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The Great Liberator


President TrumpDonald J. Trump is poised to become the Great Liberator for black folk. This Republican Convention is the Trump Party Convention, thanks be to God. Starting on the very first evening, President Trump’s list of speakers* began to make the case based on candidate Donald J. Trump’s fulfilling his 2016 New Deal for Black America** to the limit of Article II powers, (as unconstitutionally expanded by a corrupt Congress and Supreme Court). President Trump has faithfully acted within the limits of the Constitution as written until the other two branches did the two-step of breaching their own duties and claiming the presidency, just not Donald Trump, had expanded authority to act. If Lincoln was the Great Emancipator, then President Trump is poised to become the Great Liberator, freeing Americans of every shade of melanin from the Administrative State and the unholy alliance of Bushie Chamber of Commerce Republicans and Marxist Democrats.

The Bushie Chamber of Commerce Republican’ts have had since January 21, 2001, to fix federal election fraud. They have willfully failed and obstructed real defense of our republican form of government. The Democrats are who they have been since repeater gangs stuffed ballot boxes along the eastern shore of the Mississippi before the Civil War, defending slavery. The current Congressional Republican’ts are the morally corrupt crew who used the cover of the Sacrament of the Filibuster to preserve Democrats’ racial terrorism, blocking every attempt to stop white supremacist states with anti-“lynching” legislation.

“Lynching” was a deceptive term for ritual public torture-murder. Think the charred remnants of American contractors suspended from a bridge in Iraq. That is what good old all-American boys did with southern belles looking on. And bits and pieces were displayed in shop windows in jars of preservative on main street.

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An interesting perspective from an editorial in the New York Sun about the prospect of a . . . wait for it. . . President Nancy Pelosi. Theoretically, it could happen, especially if one or both parties are successful in their efforts to undermine the election, which is on clear display from efforts to promote […]

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Slim topic on this podcast. Seth, Park, Grant, and Jay mostly discuss the speeches given by Kamala Harris and Joe Biden as well as what their campaign will look like coming out of the convention and if Biden will maintain his center-left posture or fall to the very online mindset.

The guys also offer up a preview of what they think Trump will talk about in his speech next week.

Joe Can’t Do That


President TrumpOn Tuesday, President Trump flew from the White House, where he celebrated women’s right to vote and their participation in our nation’s politics. He flew to Yuma, Arizona to celebrate the men and women securing our border. He was drawing eyes to the border to show he was using every bit of presidential authority to fulfill his campaign promises, despite the worst efforts of the Congressional Democrats and Republican’ts. He flew into 120-degree heat and spoke outdoors, pointing out that Joe Biden was likely incapable of doing so.

Remarks by President Trump During Border Wall Construction and Operational Update | Yuma, AZ
IMMIGRATION Issued on: August 18, 2020
Yuma, Arizona

1:34 P.M. MST

Joe Biden made his choice for a running mate and it’s Kamala Harris. There wasn’t much surprise behind the pick as Biden said he’d choose a woman and after the George Floyd protests, Biden had pressure to choose a woman of color. Seth, Jay, Park, and Grant discuss the following:

  • What does it do for Biden’s campaign?
  • How will Trump go after them and since he can’t control his worst impulses, will it screw things up?
  • How will Biden and Harris deflect away from the move the Democratic Party made to the left in the last 5-6 years?
  • What will the focus of the Democratic national convention be?

Finally, the guys offer up their picks of the week from the latest issue of the magazine!

The Biden Conspiracy


Let us begin with the now-common conclusion that US presidential candidate Joe Biden is, to one degree or another, senile; and thus physically incapable of acting as President of the United States of America, the most powerful and influential office on the planet.

It has come to my attention that some Republican voters believe the worst possible outcome of this fraud would be for the Democratic candidate for Vice President to immediately take Biden’s place after his election to President. If only that were so. In that case, most voters would know who they were truly voting for or against: the VP candidate versus Donald Trump.

Rep. Ken Buck (R-Colo.) joined host Ben Domenech to discuss the danger of big tech censorship for the American public. Rep. Buck’s new book, “Capitol Freedom: Restoring American Greatness,” is out now.

Many Republicans argue all private companies ought to remain unfettered by government intervention, but Buck argues that big tech companies such as Google don’t use the extreme level of power they wield over free speech fairly. He debunked the idea that there’s no relationship between privacy and size, saying that if these companies didn’t have a monopoly on free speech, they couldn’t get away with their actions.