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Coyote Songs


coyote gramophoneAre leftist “blue check” verified Twitter users really that ignorant or arrogantly gaslighting all the rest of us? I am prepared to embrace the power of “and,” but the overnight reaction to President Trump calling out Biden and the Democrats on illegal immigration reinforces the evidence of two Americas in one country. Indeed, there may be many for whom “coyote” is a wily cartoon character and maybe a hip song by Joni Mitchell, but nothing more. That divide is part of a larger global compartmentalization, written on in the late 1990s, that has been greatly reinforced and accelerated by the rise of social media platforms. As the weekend starts, I offer a few thoughts on the divide and a short playlist to entertain and perhaps enlighten.

President Trump told the hard truth that human traffickers bring children across the US-Mexico border without their parents. These children, like the women, are vulnerable to rape and sale into sex slavery, and yet some women rent their children near the border as a dodge to keep adults from being easily returned by the Border Patrol. Everyone in the American Southwest and Mexico knows the men who actually smuggle humans across the border are called “coyotes.” The pronunciation is different depending on your native tongue, but the word is the same. The term has never been a good one.

The native cultures’ oral traditions have coyote as a trickster in their tales. This image holds true for the human variant, who promise much but often underdeliver or betray those who paid them to guide and smuggle them across the border. Yes, even the New York Times recognized that in a 2018 story on illegal immigration.

Did The Debate Commission Provide the Election’s ‘Galvanizing Moment?’


If you had the so-called Commission on Presidential Debates framing the issue that voters may well take with them into the voting booth on November 3 (or before) on your 2020 election bingo card, congratulations. Who thought an obscure, 33-year-old nonprofit organization might provide the potential galvanizing moment just weeks before Election Day?

As former GOP presidential nominee and ex-Senate Republican Leader Bob Dole has confirmed, the Commission is in the tank for Joe Biden, or at least against President Trump.

Why Trump Should Rescue Biden


There is a moment in this campaign season I have been waiting to see for months now. I don’t think the President will give it to us, and for the Bidens’ sakes I probably shouldn’t hope it will happen.

I think we all expect there may come a time in the debates when Joe Biden is talking, and gets a little lost. Maybe a lot lost. One of those times when he just can’t find that word he really needs, or can’t recall what he was talking about. I won’t wish it on him, but it’s no secret he’s prone to such things. If that thing happens, President Trump can score a major victory by leaning in, and suggesting the needed word. Or by somehow helping him get back on track.

Even Softballs Are Tough for Sleepy Joe to Hit


Watching Joe Biden’s presser the other day, I was interested when he was asked a question about school reopening, and what his plan was to keep students safe and allow parents to get back to work.

Millions of parents, across the country, are facing the very impossible task of trying to work full time and help their children full time to learn virtually. What is your message to these parents, and what can you do to help them while you work to reopen schools?